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Dharma & Greg

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Dharma & Greg tv seriesThere could hardly be an odder match, but love knows no reason- assistant DA Greg Montgomery, the golden spoon son of successful businessman Edward Montgomery and his bossy spouse Kitty, the queen of socialite snob-ism, falls madly in love with the utterly unconventional free spirit Dharma Finkelstein, truly the daughter of hippie couple Larry Finkelstein and Abby O'Neil, who never fail to go against whatever even smells like convention.

Even if they can't break the couple up, both in-law families -who never agree on anything else- never cease to stir as much as they are shocked by these incompatible lifestyles. Neither do the best friends help, Greg's lazy and incompetent, parasitic 'colleague' Pete Cavanaugh and Dharma's even more bizarre, bossy Jane, between which two another improbable hate-love chemistry develops.

When Greg, a young attorney from a wealthy family, meets Dharma, a free-spirited young woman, they get married in Reno on their first date. Their love is growing everyday as they get to know each other but their families, hers is a bunch of hippies and his is composed of snob Republicans, despise each other.

Dharma & Greg - tv series

(1997 - 2002) - Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson, Susan Sullivan

Genre: Comedy


Jenna Elfman ... Dharma Finklestein Montgomery
Thomas Gibson ... Greg Montgomery
Mimi Kennedy ... Abby O'Neil
Mitch Ryan ... Edward Montgomery
Susan Sullivan ... Kitty Montgomery
Joel Murray ... Pete Cavanaugh
Alan Rachins ... Larry Finkelstein
Shae D'Lyn ... Jane Cavanaugh
Lillian Hurst ... Celia
Helen Greenberg ... Marcie
Yeardley Smith ... Marlene
Susan Chuang ... Susan
Don Cummings ... Waiter
Nick Toth ... Announcer
Kathryn Joosten ... Claire
J.D. Walsh ... Donald
Shirley Prestia ... Janet
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman ... George Littlefox
Kevin Sorbo ... Charlie
Billy West ... Captain
Anne Ramsay ... Nancy
Terry Rhoads ... Howard
Daniel Escobar ... Lorenzo
Dick Clark ... Himself
Stuart Pankin ... Mr. Gottlieb
Christopher Michael ... Man #1
Eliza Coyle ... Barbara
Lucille Soong ... Chinese Grandmother
Brooks Almy ... Lily
Claudia Schiffer ... Gretchen
Travis Wester ... Brandon Gullicksen
Victor Raider-Wexler ... Leo
Kevin Cooney ... Archbishop Livingston
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ... Simone
Andy Milder ... Russell Gotleib
Erik Stabenau ... Student Dharma
Keary Jenkins ... Victor
Mario Roccuzzo ... Man #1
John Mendoza ... Doorman
Bodhi Elfman ... Ted
Robin Strasser ... Teensy
Tony Ervolina ... Man #2
T.J. Thyne ... Jerry
Jonathan Slavin ... Sean
James Avery ... Walter
Bob Morrisey ... Dr. Coleman
Alison England ... Margeurite
Raymond Ma ... Mr. Wong
Toshi Toda ... Mr. Tanaka
Gwen McGee ... Nurse
Scott Haven ... Karl
Joel McCrary ... Customer
Jennifer Darling ... Suzanne
Virginia Hamilton ... Marcy
Kevin Nealon ... Mr. Clayborn
Holmes Osborne ... Rev. Blanchard
Mary Schmidtberger ... Linda
Brigid Brannagh ... Donna
Diana C. Weng ... Chinese Teen Girl
Marissa Jaret Winokur ... Anita
Lillian Adams ... Mrs. Spinoza
Nancy Lenehan ... Karen Love
Anne Haney ... Ellen Danby
Sharon Madden ... Joyce
k.d. lang ... Herself
Gabriella Bern ... Magda
Daphne Duplaix ... Laura

Created by:
Dottie Dartland
Chuck Lorre

Writing credits:
Chuck Lorre
Dottie Dartland
Bill Prady
Don Foster
Sid Youngers
Susan Beavers
Rachel Sweet
Jenna Bruce
Eddie Gorodetsky
Regina Stewart
Julie Ann Larson
David Babcock
Jamie Gorenberg
Maxine Lapiduss
Del Shores
Ed Yeager
Fred Greenlee
Jonathan Schmock
Dava Savel
Michelle Nader
Susannah Hardaway
Charles Harper Yates

Opening theme: "Dharma & Greg"
Written by: Dennis C. Brown

Original music by:
Dennis C. Brown

Cinematography by:
Steven V. Silver

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Gail Mancuso
J.D. Lobue
Asaad Kelada
Robert Berlinger
Amanda Bearse
Will Mackenzie
Joel Murray
Chuck Lorre
Jonathan Schmock
Ken Levine
Gil Junger
Thomas Gibson
Ted Lange
Eddie Gorodetsky

Produced by:
Brian Medavoy
Erwin More
Sid Youngers
Don Foster
Bill Prady
Randy Cordray
Chuck Lorre
Michael Collier
Dottie Dartland
Eddie Gorodetsky
Rachel Sweet
Susan Beavers
Gregg Moscot
Del Shores
David Babcock
Ben Bosse
Jenna Bruce
Ed Yeager
Regina Stewart
Jenna Elfman
Maxine Lapiduss
Michelle Nader
Jonathan Schmock
Dava Savel
Kevin Berg
Daniella Eisman

Number of seasons: 5

Original channel:

20th Century Fox Television
4 to 6 Foot Productions
Chuck Lorre Productions
More-Medavoy Productions

1999 Nominated American Comedy Award Funniest Female Performer in a TV Series (Leading Role) Network, Cable or Syndication
2000 Won BMI TV Music Award
1999 Won BMI TV Music Award
1998 Won BMI TV Music Award
1998 Won Artios Best Casting for TV, Comedy Pilot
1998 Nominated DGA Award Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series'
2000 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
1999 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
1998 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Art Direction for a Series
2002 Won Genesis Award Television - Comedy Series
2000 Nominated Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical
1999 Won Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical
1998 Nominated Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical
1998 Won People's Choice Award Favorite Television New Comedy Series
2002 Nominated Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actress in a Series, Comedy or Musical
2001 Nominated Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actress in a Series, Comedy or Musical
2000 Nominated Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical
2001 Nominated TV Guide Award Actress of the Year in a Comedy Series
2000 Won TV Guide Award Favorite Actress in a Comedy
1999 Won TV Guide Award Favorite Actress in a Comedy

Also Known As:
Dharma & Greg
Dama ando gureggu
Dharma es Greg, avagy ketton all a vasar
Dharma et Greg
Dharma ja Greg
Et umage par
Futari ha saiko! Dama ando gureggu
Ola tou gamou dyskola


The Vanity Card at the end of the first episode (the producer has added a long text, visible for only a second, at the end of every episode, called a "vanity card") starts with "Thank you for videotaping "Dharma & Greg" and freeze-framing on my vanity card." Near the end, it says "I believe that when ABC reads this, I'm gonna be in biiiig trouble."

Not only did the producer add a vanity card at the end of episode one, but at the end of every episode (visible for about 2 seconds, readable when freeze-framed). The main tests included various "beliefs" of the producer, as well as various outlooks on life. One in particular simply read "All work and no play makes Chuck a dull boy" over and over, except for the very middle of the screen, where it says "If you have stuck with this and read this far you are an exceptional person". Another said "the meaning of life might be "Sit, UBU, sit"".

Jenna Elfman's real-life husband Bodhi Elfman appeared as performance artist "Terry" in episode 5.8, "Home Is Where the Art Is".

Producer Chuck Lorre ends each episode with what he calls a "vanity card" - At the top of the screen you see "Chuck Lorre Productions" and a different number followed by a big paragraph of quirky remarks. The card appears onscreen for less than 2 seconds, not enough time to read it. Each episode has a different card.

The end of the opening montage for the series has several pairings of word expressing opposites, such as: sun and moon, yin and yang, sugar and spice.

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