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Friends tv seriesWhen we start the show, Rachel Green comes in wearing a wedding dress after leaving her fiancee at the altar. Rachel worked at Central Perk for a while and finally gets a job at Bloomingdale's and later Ralph Lauren. She has a baby with Ross Geller and they decide to keep the baby. Ross Geller is a paleontologist, and has had three wives. His first wife, Carol, finds out she is a lesbian and is pregnant with his baby. His second wife, Emily, is crushed when he calls this new wife Rachel instead of Emily.

His third wife, Rachel, happens when they get drunk and decide to get married. Ross's sister, and Rachel's best friend, Monica Geller-Bing is a chef, and finally marries Chandler Bing. Chandler Bing is Ross's best friend, and secretly dated his sister for about 6-7 months. Monica and Chandler want to have a baby after Rachel has hers, but they can't have any. They decide to adopt a baby. They are shocked to find out that the pregnant mother is having twins. Chandler's former roommate, Joey Tribbiani, is a not so bright, but sweet actor. We played on Days of Our Lives has Dr. Drake Ramoray. Monica's other former roommate, Phoebe Buffay, is a masseuse, and a singer. Her most famous song is "Smelly Cat." Phoebe at the end marries a guy named Mike Hannigan. Phoebe was also was a surrogate mother for her brother's triplets. Ross and Rachel find out that they love each other when Rachel is assigned to live in Paris for a job that pays a lot. Monica and Chandler decide to move to a suburban house to raise the babies. The show ends when Monica and Chandler are moving to their new house, Ross and Rachel are living together again,and Phoebe is married to Mike.

Six young people, on their own and struggling to survive in the real world, find the companionship, comfort and support they get from each other to be the perfect antidote to the pressures of life.

Rachel Green, a former popular girl in high school living off of daddy's money, is independant now with a baby of her own that she had with Ross Gellar, a former flame that was temporarily rekindled after a drunken night which resulted in the baby. Ross is a paleontologist, he now lives in an apartment with Rachel, across the way from his sister, Monica Geller-Bing, a chef, and her new husband, Chandler Bing. Monica is a clean freak and very neurotic about it! and Chandler is laid back and uses humor as a defense mechanism. Across the hall from Monica and Chandler is Joey Tribiani, who now lives alone after Rachel moved out to move in with Ross because of the baby. Joey is a not-so-bright but sweet actor who recently made a big war movie and is on Days Of Our Lives. Another friend who we can't forget about is Pheobe Buffay, who is now engaged and soon to be married to Mike. She is a free spirited masseuse who sings crazy songs like "Smelly Cat". Their relationships with each other: Rachel Green and Monica Gellar were best friends in high school, and after Rachel ran out on her wedding with Barry, she moved in with Monica, this was in the first season.

Monica Gellar and Ross Gellar are brother and sister. So Ross knew Rachel also from high school, when he had a crush on her. Ross Gellar and Chandler Bing met in college and became best friends, Chandler met Rachel and Monica when Ross brought him home on Thanksgiving. Pheobe Buffay was Monica's old roomate before the show started and Joey Tribiani came into the picture when he moved in with Chandler, also before the show started. It's complicated, but one thing is for sure, they are all best "Friends."

Friends - tv series

(1994 - 2004) - Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow

Genre: Comedy


Jennifer Aniston ... Rachel Green
Courteney Cox ... Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow ... Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc ... Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry ... Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer ... Dr. Ross Geller
James Michael Tyler ... Gunther
Elliott Gould ... Jack Geller
Maggie Wheeler ... Janice Litman
Christina Pickles ... Judy Geller
Paul Rudd ... Mike Hannigan
Jane Sibbett ... Carol Willick
Helen Baxendale ... Emily Waltham
Jessica Hecht ... Susan Bunch
June Gable ... Estelle Leonard
Tom Selleck ... Dr. Richard Burke
Aisha Tyler ... Charlie Wheeler
Giovanni Ribisi ... Frank Buffay Jr.
Lauren Tom ... Julie
Eddie Cahill ... Tag Jones
Bonnie Somerville ... Mona
Jon Favreau ... Pete Becker
Paget Brewster ... Kathy
Debra Jo Rupp ... Alice Knight Buffay
Hank Azaria ... David
Mitchell Whitfield ... Barry Farber
Steven Eckholdt ... Mark Robinson
Steve Ireland ... Mr. Zelner
Amanda Carlin ... Dr. Long
Tate Donovan ... Joshua Burgin
Alexandra Holden ... Elizabeth Stevens
Larry Hankin ... Mr. Heckles
Elle Macpherson ... Janine Lecroix
Mike Hagerty ... Mr. Treeger
Cole Sprouse ... Ben Geller
Morgan Fairchild ... Nora Tyler Bing
Anna Faris ... Erica
Cynthia Mann ... Jasmine
Cali Sheldon ... Emma Geller-Green
Noelle Sheldon ... Emma Geller-Green
Michael Rapaport ... Gary
Laura Dean ... Sophie
Ron Leibman ... Dr. Leonard Green
Cosimo Fusco ... Paolo
Joe Everett Michaels ... Bakersfield Guy
Marlo Thomas ... Sandra Green
Alison La Placa ... Joanna, Rachel's Boss
Bruce Willis ... Paul Stevens
Adam Goldberg ... Eddie Menuek
Christine Taylor ... Bonnie
Kathleen Turner ... Charles Bing
Dermot Mulroney ... Gavin
Teri Garr ... Phoebe Abbott Sr.
Dina Meyer ... Kate Miller
Rick Pasqualone ... The Croupier
George Newbern ... Danny
Reg Rogers ... The Director
Charles Thomas Allen ... Ben Geller
Kim Harris ... Casting Director #1
Fritzi Burr ... Mrs. Tedlock
John Christopher Allen ... Ben Geller
Jeff Brooks ... Stage Manager
Lisa Calderon ... Erin
Matthew Mullany ... Stage Manager
Alexandra Margulies ... Female Extra #1
Steven Harad ... Acting Student #2
Phill Lewis ... Steve
Sam McMurray ... Doug
Douglas Looper ... Fireman
Katie ... Marcel the Monkey
Tony Sagastizado I ... Airplane Passenger
Michael Ensign ... Dr. Ledbetter
Thomas Lennon ... Randall
Reese Witherspoon ... Jill Green
Gary Oldman ... Richard Crosby
Ron Glass ... Russell
Vincent Ventresca ... Fun Bobby
Max Wright ... Terry
Angela Featherstone ... Chloe
Tom Conti ... Stephen Waltham
Michele Maika ... Kiki
Paxton Whitehead ... Mr. Waltham
Melissa George ... Molly
John Rubinstein ... The Doctor
Barry Heins ... 'Pie in the Hood' Man
Troy Norton ... Jake
Jennifer Saunders ... Andrea Waltham
Christopher Miranda ... Bobby
Maury Ginsberg ... Isaac
Jennifer Milmore ... Lauren
Nina Mann ... Attendant
Alexis Arquette ... The Customer
Jim Rash ... Nervous Male Passenger
Mark Roberts ... the Director
Shane Nickerson ... Guy #1
Carole Gutierrez ... Nurse
Jackie Bright ... Mr. Weinberg
Jim Bentley ... Another Tour Guide
Jason Kravits ... Man in Cab
Anthony Cistaro ... Gate Attendant
Peter James Smith ... the Assistant Director
Peter Eyre ... The Registrar
Hunter Cochran ... Guy #1
Manao DeMuth ... Ticket Agent
Brian Palermo ... Airline Representative
Michelle Pereira ... Female Passenger
Vincent Boyle ... Another Passenger
Dorien Wilson ... Mr. Douglas
Fred Stoller ... Stu
Joanna Gleason ... Kim
Sean Penn ... Eric
Christina Applegate ... Amy Green
Alec Baldwin ... Parker
Jon Lovitz ... Steve
Julie Lauren ... Krista
Roark Critchlow ... Dr. Mike Horton
Gregory Itzin ... Theodore Hannigan
Baillie Gerstein ... Customer
Mary Gallagher ... Tilly
Paul Gleason ... Jack
Evie Peck ... The Nurse
Cristine Rose ... Bitsy Hannigan
Robert Alan Beuth ... Professor Klarik
Steve Park ... Phil
Pat Finn ... Dr. Roger
Alison Shanks ... Nancy Oberblau
Ashley Clark ... Roger
Kevin Bright ... Casting Director
David Crane ... Casting Director
Marta Kauffman ... Casting Director
Anthony Backman ... Coffee Shop Patron
Shelley Berman ... Mr. Kaplan Jr.
Thomas James Kepner ... Concerned Parent
E.J. Callahan ... Al Zebooker
Joel Heyman ... Guy on Plane
Heather Sims ... Emily
Roger Hamilton ... Wedding Guest
Sam Pancake ... The Waiter
Monique Edwards ... Claudia
Eddie McClintock ... Cliff
J Graigory ... Coffee Shop Patron
Angelica Roberts ... Coffee Shop Patron

Created by:
David Crane
Marta Kauffman

Writing credits:
David Crane
Marta Kauffman
Ted Cohen
Andrew Reich
Scott Silveri
Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Greg Malins
Sherry Bilsing
Ellen Plummer
Adam Chase
Brian Buckner
Sebastian Jones
Seth Kurland
Alexa Junge
Michael Curtis
Mark J. Kunerth
Ira Ungerleider
Doty Abrams
Dana Klein
Jeff Astrof
Mike Sikowitz
Michael Borkow
Robert Carlock
Gigi McCreery
Perry M. Rein
Brian Boyle
Jeff Greenstein
Jeff Strauss
Jill Condon
Amy Toomin
Zachary Rosenblatt
Chris Brown
Alicia Sky Varinaitis
Peter Tibbals
Betsy Borns
Brown Mandell
Pang-Ni Landrum
Patty Lin
R. Lee Fleming Jr.
Vanessa McCarthy
Steven Rosenhaus

Opening theme: "I'll Be There for You"
Written by: Michael Skloff
Singing: The Rembrandts

Original music by:
Michael Skloff
Allee Willis

Cinematography by:
Mikel Neiers
Nick McLean
Richard Hissong

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Gary Halvorson
Kevin Bright
Michael Lembeck
James Burrows
Peter Bonerz
David Schwimmer
Ben Weiss
Robby Benson
Shelley Jensen
Terry Hughes
Dana De Vally Piazza
Sheldon Epps
Pamela Fryman
Alan Myerson
Thomas Schlamme
Steve Zuckerman
Roger Christiansen

Produced by:
Kevin Bright
Marta Kauffman
Todd Stevens
Wendy Knoller
Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Scott Silveri
Ted Cohen
Andrew Reich
Greg Malins
Adam Chase
Sherry Bilsing
Ellen Plummer
Richard Allen
Brian Buckner
Sebastian Jones
Mary Rodriquez
Seth Kurland
Michael Borkow
Michael Curtis
Wil Calhoun
Alexa Junge
Jamie O'Connor
Dana Klein
Noel Bright
Mark J. Kunerth
Robert Carlock
Ira Ungerleider
Richard Choi
David Helfand
Betsy Borns
Jill Condon
Gigi McCreery
Perry M. Rein
Amy Toomin
Jeff Greenstein
Jeff Strauss
Andy Zall
Mary Rodriguez
Nicholas Caprio

Number of seasons: 10

Original channel:

Warner Bros. Television
Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

2005 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2004 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2003 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2002 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2001 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2000 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
1999 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
1998 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
1997 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
1996 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
1995 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2004 Won TV Prize Best Foreign TV Program (Basta utlandska program)
2003 Won TV Prize Best Foreign TV Program (Basta utlandska program)
2002 Won TV Prize Best Foreign TV Program (Basta utlandska program)
2000 Won American Comedy Award Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a TV Series
2004 Won BMI TV Music Award
2003 Won Emmy Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
2000 Won Emmy Outstanding Comedy Series
1998 Won Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
1996 Won Emmy Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series Michael Lembeck

Also Known As:

Across the Hall
Filarakia, Ta
Friends Like These
Friends Like Us
Insomnia Cafe
Six of One
Venner for livet


Courteney Cox was originally asked to play Rachel, but she asked to play Monica instead after reading the parts.

The golden frame around the peephole was originally a mirror which one of the crew accidentally smashed. But because it still looked good they decided to leave it there.

Ursula Buffay, Phoebe's twin sister, is a waitress in the TV show "Mad About You" (1992). Fran (Leila Kenzle) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) visit the coffee shop and mistake Phoebe for Ursula in one episode of Friends.

Three cast members from "The Simpsons" (1989) make guest appearances in the series: Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

Emma was played by twins - Cali Sheldon and Noelle Sheldon.

Because of a bet between Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis on the set of The Whole Nine Yards (2000) (which Perry won), Willis appeared in his two-episode guest role for free.

Joey's pick-up line, "How *you* doin'?" was ranked #4 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 20 Top Catchphrases" (21-27 August 2005 issue).

Rachel had a nose job during her time at college.

James Michael Tyler was actually working in Bourgeois Pig, a coffee shop in Hollywood, when he got the part of Gunther. He kept his coffee gig for the first four seasons of Friends.

Gunther was not originally a speaking part.

Courteney Cox added Arquette to the end of her name after her marriage to David Arquette between seasons five and six. Her father, Richard L. Cox, died in 2001 and during the midst of the ninth season, she dropped the Arquette in her father's memory.

As with most sitcoms, episode titles are not shown. As a joking reference to this, the official names of Friends episodes take the form "The One where... (or similar).

Before the show was cast, the main love interest was intended to be Monica and Joey.

Jennifer Aniston agreed to return for the series' 2003-04 season, which was the series' 10th and final season, only if production on the show would be finished by January, 2004, so she could focus on her film career.

The opening credits sequence in which the stars dance in a fountain was shot in Warner Bros LA lot at 4am. The water was kept heated through a pump. The group was given the words to the Rembrandts song but it was not playing in the background because the song had not been recorded. Jennifer Aniston is the only cast member seen lip syncing in the opening credits, and this can only be see on the opening credits of 'The Pilot'.

First choice for Rachel was Tea Leoni.

The orange couch used in Central Perk was found in the basement of the Warner Bros. studio.

Chandler's father's gay Las Vegas burlesque show is named Viva Las Gaygas.

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babsie  - friends   |2011-05-05 18:52:48
hey!hola! I just LOVE friends. Especially monica, chandler,joey and's such a nice comedy.kudos to ". THE . SIX FRIENDS". Congratulations to all of you
Comfort  - My favorite   |2011-12-06 17:33:49
I can watch friends a thousand times and will never tire of it. It's the best. Kudos to all the six friends. And to Matt ' HOW U DOIN'
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