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Monk tv seriesFormer police detective Adrian Monk has suffered from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder and a variety of phobias since the murder of his wife, Trudy, in 1997. Despite his photographic memory and his amazing ability to piece tiny clues together, he is now on psychiatric leave from the San Francisco Police Department.

Aided by his friend and practical nurse, Sharona Fleming, Monk works as a freelance detective/consultant, hoping to convince his former boss, Captain Stottlemeyer, to allow him to return to the force. Stottlemeyer wavers between admiration for Monk and annoyance at his eccentricities. Moreover, he harbors serious doubts about the wisdom of allowing Monk to carry a gun. Stottlemeyer's second-in-command, Lieutenant Disher, also has his doubts about Monk but seems to be developing a reluctant admiration for the "defective detective.

Detective Adrian Monk used to have a minor case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Then, the murder of his wife and his inability to solve the case exacerbated his condition to the point where he finds it impossible to function in society without assistance. He hires Sharona Fleming, a nurse and single mother, as his personal assistant, as well as his Watson for when he investigates cases the police can't solve to pay the bills. After three seasons Sharona got tired of the frustrating job and remarried her husband. Monk's new assistant is Natalie Teeger, whose loss of her own partner allows her a deeper bond with him than Sharona could ever have.

Monk - tv series

(2002 - till now) - Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford

Genre: Comedy / Drama


Tony Shalhoub ... Adrian Monk
Jason Gray-Stanford ... Lt. Randall Disher
Ted Levine ... Captain Leland Stottlemeyer
Traylor Howard ... Natalie Teeger
Stanley Kamel ... Dr. Charles Kroger
Bitty Schram ... Sharona Fleming
Emmy Clarke ... Julie Teeger
Kane Ritchotte ... Benjy Fleming
Hector Elizondo ... Dr. Neven Bell
Melora Hardin ... Trudy
Tim Bagley ... Harold Krenshaw
Max Morrow ... Benjy Fleming
Jarrad Paul ... Kevin Dorfman
David Stanford ... Uniform Cop
Brooke Adams ... Leigh
Glenne Headly ... Karen Stottlemeyer
Sharon Lawrence ... Linda Fusco
Chet Grissom ... 1st Cop
Stellina Rusich ... Trudy Anne Monk
David Sparrow ... Sgt. Cargill
J.C. Kenny ... Reporter
Hawk Younkins ... Det. Hiller
John Turturro ... Ambrose Monk
Dan McNeill ... Bartender
Sarah Silverman ... Marci Maven
Kathleen Mary Carthy ... CSI Tech
Ed Fusco ... First Detective
Hira Ambrosino ... Reporter
Tom Ohmer ... Second Uniform Cop
Gail O'Grady ... Lovely Rita
Steve Monroe ... Chet Walsh
Audrey Wasilewski ... Caucasian Nurse
Tom Kiesche ... Annoyed Mover
Cameron Meyer ... Script Supervisor
Janet Wright ... Bonnie
Mary Black ... Mrs. Street
Mills Pierre ... Officer Landay
David Hodges ... Arthur Beren Patron
Scott Glenn ... Sheriff Rollins
Eve Gordon ... Janie
Josh Stamberg ... Agent Grooms
Cody McMains ... Troy Kroger
Ricardo Chavira ... Jimmy Belmont
Erica Yoder ... Beth Landow
Jimmy Palumbo ... Mr. Gorman
Holland Taylor ... Peggy Davenport
Lawrence O'Donnell ... Judge Barr
Scott Adsit ... Gordo
Courtney Gains ... Six Fingered Man
Michael Shalhoub ... Ned the Beekeeper
Marc Vann ... Curator Miles Franklin
Howie Mandel ... Ralph Roberts
Larry Miller ... Garrett Price
Andy Richter ... Hal
Kathryn Joosten ... Neysa Gordon - Former Babysitter
Eileen Grubba ... Jack's Mother
Jayden Lund ... Morris
David Koechner ... Cousin Joey
Dan Arnold ... Detective Kramer
Lonnie Colon ... Ronnie
Karl T. Wright ... Monk's Lawyer
Darlene Kegan ... Reporter #1
Jane Galloway Heitz ... Essie
Dean McKenzie ... Lawyer #1
Hrant Alianak ... Judge Hackman
Timothy Davis-Reed ... Commentator #1
Lance Krall ... Floppy the Clown
Sean Foley ... First Cop
James Logan ... Ben
Rob Swanson ... Desk Sergeant
Jonathan Chase ... College Boy #1
Christopher Goodman ... CSI Tech
Beau Dremann ... Second Cop
Terry Fradet ... Stork
Eric Gelman ... 1st Paparazzi
Michael Coleman ... 2nd Patrolman
Roger Peterson ... First Reporter
Shane Elliott ... First Fan
Michael A. Shepperd ... 1st Cook
Sy Richardson ... Janitor
Michael Gossack ... Reporter
Wanda Acuna ... Cleaning Lady
Michael Hogan ... Warren St. Claire
Ben Bass ... Gavin Lloyd
Janine Theriault ... Christine Rutherford
Svetlana Efremova ... Nurse
Ryan Alosio ... Landis
Elena Evangelo ... Linda Kloster
Rob LaBelle ... Sheldon Burger
Frankie Ingrassia ... Dr. Kroegers secretary
Brendan Connor ... Reporter
Vincent Gale ... Jesse Goodman
Sung Kang ... Disciple
Nicola St. John ... Annoyed Woman
Shawn Reis ... Ian Sykes
Brian Hatton ... Detective Roberts
Kiernan Shipka ... Girl Customer
Dion Johnstone ... Lieutenant Gitomer
Carissa Kosta ... Cashier
Christopher Shyer ... Carl
Jon Crowley ... First Rowdy Fan
Darlene Kardon ... Elderly Zemenian Woman
Stuart Abramson ... Cabbie
William Woff ... Banker
Marc De'Antone ... Mobster
Adam Maker ... Hostage
Alex Czuleger ... Mall Rat
Todd Williams ... Mitch Teeger
Aaron Wayne Hill ... Young Monk
Max McLaughlin ... Second Bully

Created by:
Andy Breckman

Writing credits:
Andy Breckman
Hy Conrad
Tom Scharpling
David Breckman
Joe Toplyn
Daniel Dratch
Dylan Morgan
Josh Siegal
Peter Wolk
Jack Bernstein
Lee Goldberg
William Rabkin
Nell Scovell
Jonathan Collier
Daniel Gaeta
James Krieg
Tom Gammill
Max Pross
Salvatore Savo

Opening theme: Instrumental theme
Written by: Jeff Beal

Original music by:
Jeff Beal
Patrick Williams

Cinematography by:
Anthony R. Palmieri
Joe Pennella
Hugo Cortina
Jim Westenbrink
Marshall Adams
Jerzy Zielinski
Tom Priestley Jr.

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Randall Zisk
Jerry Levine
Andre Belgrader
Anton Cropper
Michael W. Watkins
Anthony R. Palmieri
David Breckman
Eric Laneuville
Kevin Inch
Dean Parisot
Rob Thompson
Ron Underwood
Philip Casnoff
Stephen Surjik
Paris Barclay
Wendey Stanzler
Michael Nankin

Produced by:
Andy Breckman
David Hoberman
Tony Shalhoub
Randall Zisk
Scott Collins
Tom Scharpling
Anthony Santa Croce
Fern Field
David Breckman
Douglas Nabors
Shana Stein
Daniel Dratch
Hy Conrad
Joe Toplyn
Sheridan Thayer
Jonathan Collier
Hayley Helmreich
Jack Bernstein
Salvatore Savo
Phillip M. Goldfarb
Brian Gibson
Nancy E. Mullins
David M. Stern
Dylan Morgan
Nathan Perkins
Josh Siegal
Judith Craig Marlin
Jane Bartelme
Sheridan MacMillan-Thayer

Number of seasons: 7

Original channel:
USA Network

Mandeville Films ABC Studios
Moratim Produktions
NBC Universal Television
Touchstone Television
USA Cable Entertainment
Universal Media Studios (UMS)

2005 Won ASCAP Award Top TV Series
2003 Nominated Edgar Best Television Episode
2008 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
2007 Won Emmy Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
2006 Won Emmy Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
2005 Won Emmy Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
2004 Won Emmy Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
2003 Won Emmy Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
2006 Won Family Television Award Best Actor
2009 Nominated Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical
2004 Nominated Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
2003 Won Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
2007 Nominated Prism Award Performance in a Comedy Series
2005 Nominated Satellite Award Outstanding Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical
2004 Nominated Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical
2005 Won Actor Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series
2004 Won Actor Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

Also Known As:
Detective Monk
Detektiv Monk
Monk - Flugos nyomozo


The show was originally to be made for ABC (the American one) with Michael Richards starring. When he pulled out, so did ABC. However, when the show was successful on the USA network, ABC agreed to carry second-run episodes (much in the same way that USA carries second-run episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)). This only lasted for a year.

In France, the first episode (in 2 parts) was re-edited into a single 44 minute episode, so half the minutes were cut and are still unpublished in France.

All episode titles begin with "Mr. Monk..."

The characters of Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randall Disher (named Randall Deacon in the pilot) serve much the same function in Monk as did Inspector Lestrade in the Sherlock Holmes stories. This relationship may have inspired these characters' names: taking the first two letters of each name in order - LE from "Leland", ST from "Stottlemeyer", RA from "Randall" and DE from "Deacon" - spells out "Lestrade". (However, after the show's pilot episode, Randy Deacon's last name was changed to Disher.)

The show's writers occasionally satirize Monk's near-perfect memory. For example, in "Mr. Monk Goes Back to School" he can't remember if a crime scene on a roof is his 4th or 5th worst nightmare, since he "didn't bring the list".

The sponsoring network used the term "Monkish" to publicize the series. The word describes Adrian's odd behavior but also is a play-on-words that relates to his monk-like isolation.

The characters and basic structure of the series were inspired by the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The character name "Adrian Monk" was intended to be unusual like that of Sherlock Holmes. Other characters correspond to Holmes characters: Sharona Fleming (a nurse) and Dr. Watson; Capt. Stottlemeyer and Inspector Lestrade; and Monk's brother Ambrose and Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock's brother).

Mr. Monk's favorite number is 10.

In Germany, the series is presented by a well-known brand of consumer tissue (as of April 2008), playing with Monk's obsessive-compulsive behavior.

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