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Close to Home

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Close to Home tv seriesAnnabeth Chase is a young, aggressive prosecutor with a near perfect conviction record who tries the cases that take place in her own backyard. Returning to work four months after her husband was killed by a drunk driver, Annabeth is ready to take on the most difficult cases, fueled by her passion to protect her community and infant daughter.

Working with Annabeth is her boss, Maureen Scofield, a no-nonsense lawyer who's not afraid to push her hard. Their new boss, Assistant District Attorney James Conlon, handsome, self-assured and ambitious, is just in from New York City and ready to make his mark. Tough, straight-forward investigator Ed Williams and Ray Blackwell, Conlon's edgy, smart guy from New York, round out the team.

Close to Home - tv series

(2005 - 2007) - Jennifer Finnigan, Kimberly Elise, David James Elliott, Cress Williams

Genre: Drama


Jennifer Finnigan ... Annabeth Chase
Kimberly Elise ... Maureen Scofield
David James Elliott ... James Conlon
John Carroll Lynch ... Steve Sharpe
Jon Liggett ... Deputy DA Sheriff
Cress Williams ... Ed Williams
Jon Seda ... Ray Blackwell
Christian Kane ... Jack Chase
Bruce Davison ... Doug Hellman
Conor Dubin ... Danny Robel
Barry Shabaka Henley ... Detective Drummer
Traber Burns ... Judge Dauer
Carlos Lacamara ... Dr. Schmidt
James McMann ... Detective
Tom Wright ... Judge Jenkins
Nick Toren ... Randall Cutler
Sumalee Montano ... C.S.I.
Evan Arnold ... Jeffrey Ambor
Christina Chang ... Becky
Freda Foh Shen ... Dr. Perrin
Erich Anderson ... Detective George Branch
Sharon Johnston ... Judge Graves
Thomas Kopache ... Judge Salter
Troy Evans ... Detective Mike Pitts
Thom Gossom Jr. ... Judge Hanophy
Rob Adams ... Dr. Charles Branson
Tyrees Allen ... Defense Attorney Patrick Liman
Paul Ben-Victor ... Paul Bosco
Anne Ramsay ... Roberta Richter
Jeffrey Pierce ... Matt Ewing
Richard McGonagle ... Judge Lathrop
John Cothran Jr. ... Judge Horton
Jonathan Silverman ... Pete Durkin
Joseph Lyle Taylor ... D.A. Investigator
Joanna Going ... Samantha Veeder
Todd Waring ... Attorney George Hart
Eric Stoltz ... Det. Chris Veeder
Tim Snay ... Arraignment Judge
Christina Ogunade ... Denise
Dale E. Turner ... Judge E. Sanders
Greg Zola ... Oscar Hobbs
Robert Dolan ... Al
Steve Stapenhorst ... Troy Milken
Dennis Boutsikaris ... Paul Ramont
Deirdre Lovejoy ... Ellen Porter
Jordan Belfi ... John Marinelli
Patrick Fabian ... Mike Bachner
Bruce MacVittie ... Judge Michaels
Yorgo Constantine ... Phil Deshayes
Maury Sterling ... Brian Flynn
Nigel Gibbs ... Judge Crenshaw
Nicholas Gonzalez ... Detective Jonathan Ortiz
D.W. Moffett ... Joseph Wright
Michael Rodrick ... Paul Randall
Keith Sellon-Wright ... Psychiatrist
Caroline Duncan ... Reporter
Leith M. Burke ... Ron Deleon
Daniel Kirschner ... CSI Tech
Patricia Belcher ... Judge Riker
Nancy Lenehan ... Patty
Dom Magwili ... Judge
Audrey Wasilewski ... Pam
Alan Woolf ... Judge Hillyard
Stacie Davis ... Janet Davis
Greg Callahan ... Judge
Dylan Edrington ... Josh Cooper
Bill Lawrence ... Elevator Security Guard
Josh Murphy ... Timothy Reed
Jill Remez ... Medical Examiner
Pat Caldwell ... Reporter
Millie Huckabee ... Kellie
Jill Lover ... Assistant

Created by:
Jim Leonard

Writing credits:
Jim Leonard
Leo Geter
Lindsay Sturman
Antoinette Stella
Tom Smuts
Lukas Reiter
Erica Shelton
William N. Fordes
John E. Pogue
Alison McDonald
Carol Barbee
Alfredo Barrios Jr.
Elwood Reid

Opening theme: "Close to Home"
Written by: Michael A. Levine

Original music by:
Michael A. Levine

Cinematography by:
Marvin V. Rush
Rick Bota
Cynthia Pusheck
Michael Barrett
Dennis Hall

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Kevin Dowling
Lewis Gould
Charles Beeson
Matt Earl Beesley
Jeffrey G. Hunt
Martha Mitchell
John Peters

Produced by:
Joseph Berger-Davis
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jonathan Littman
Jill Lopez Danton
Antoinette Stella
Kevin Dowling
Tom Smuts
Lindsay Sturman
Alfredo Barrios Jr.
Matt Earl Beesley
Mark Rosner
William N. Fordes
Carol Barbee
Jim Leonard
John E. Pogue
Elwood Reid
Simon West

Number of seasons: 2

Original channel:

Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Warner Bros. Television

2007 Won Image Award Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
2006 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
2006 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Television Series (Comedy or Drama) - Guest Starring Young Actor

Also Known As:
American Crime
Anazitontas tin alitheia
Close to Home
Close to home - Giustizia ad ogni costo
Fiscal Chase
Juste cause
Justicia cerrada


Finnigan also starred in the television movie "The Stalking of Laurie Show."

Finnigan was born in Montreal and lives in Los Angeles. Her birth date is Aug. 22.

Kimberly Elise is best known for her role in the films "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and "Beloved."

At the beginning of the episode Annabeth is writing invitations to Haley’s baptism, and we learn that she and her husband are Protestants.

About 45 minutes into the episode (including commercial time) when the camera looks at the white board and later in the scene when it cuts back to Annabeth, you can clearly see what looks like a hair on the camera lens at the bottom of the screen on the left side.

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