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Commander in Chief

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Commander in Chief tv seriesMackenzie Allen is the politically unaffiliated vice president of popular conservative chief executive Teddy Bridges. When Bridges fell mortally ill, his party did everything it could to persuade Mackenzie to step down and allow powerful Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton to assume the Presidency. But our heroine was not about to place the country in the hands of a vengeful, duplicitous sexist like Templeton, and thus upon Bridges' death she dutifully took charge of the Oval Office - even though she had never had any burning political ambitions at any time of her life.

Working hand in glove with her chief of staff (and also her husband!), Rod Allen Allen's second in command, Jim Gardner and Press Secretary Kelly Ludlow, the plucky Mackenzie managed to navigate the treacherous waters of the Potomac - and along the way, she continually surprised both sides of the political spectrum by relying upon her own judgment, rather than pay homage to party pressure, polls, or political correctness. Also in the cast were Jasmine Anthony as Mackenzie's six-year-old daughter, Amy, and Matt Lanter and Caitlin Wachs as her teenaged twin offspring, Horace and Rebecca.

Commander in Chief - tv series

(2005 - 2006) - Geena Davis, Kyle Secor, Donald Sutherland, Harry J. Lennix

Genre: Drama


Geena Davis ... President Mackenzie Allen
Harry Lennix ... Jim Gardner
Kyle Secor ... Rod Calloway
Ever Carradine ... Kelly Ludlow
Caitlin Wachs ... Rebecca Calloway
Donald Sutherland ... Nathan Templeton
Jasmine Jessica Anthony ... Amy Calloway
Anthony Azizi ... Vince Taylor
Matt Lanter ... Horace Calloway
Natasha Henstridge ... Jayne Murray
Mark-Paul Gosselaar ... Richard 'Dickie' McDonald
Polly Bergen ... Kate Allen
Samantha Eggar ... Sara Templeton
Pamela Dunlap ... Gilda Rockwell
Hira Ambrosino ... Laura
Peter Coyote ... Warren Keaton
Kristen Shaw ... Norah Woodruff
Ned Vaughn ... Reporter Charlie
Eyal Podell ... Eli
Donzaleigh Abernathy ... Reporter #1
Steve Tom ... Reporter Roger
Mary Page Keller ... Grace Bridges
Alex Fernandez ... Anthony Prado
Julie Ann Emery ... Joan Greer
Matt Barr ... Mike Fleming
Leslie Hope ... Melanie Blackston
Jenna Gavigan ... Jenny
Rey Herrera ... Reporter Luis
Ted Porter ... Agent Elderson
John Sloan ... Reporter Barry
Larry Sullivan ... Dan Pierce
Jason Wiles ... Alex Williams
Mark Thompson ... Gordon Blake
Gina St. John ... Local News Anchor
Dale Dye ... General Peter Allyson
Phil Reeves ... General Krieger
Scott Atkinson ... Reporter Steve
Tony Colitti ... Reporter Oliver
Christopher Allport ... Secretary Francis
Will Lyman ... Teddy Bridges
Kate Jennings Grant ... Reporter Samantha
David Wells ... Usher Waverly
Chris Ufland ... Thad Thibideau
Angela Martinez ... Newscaster
Kent Shocknek ... Anchor
Felix J. Boyle ... White House Staff
Carmen Nicole ... Reporter Jill
Mike D James ... Cameraman
Brion Rose ... Butler Sam
Victor Harris ... Major Wesley
Errik Tustenuggee ... Secret Service Agent
Adam Arkin ... Carl Brantley
Lisa Waltz ... Alison Remarque
Barbara Eve Harris ... Lynn
Rick Hoffman ... Lance Addison
Tony Plana ... Pete Ragone
Mary-Joan Negro ... Margaret Shoop
Tzi Ma ... Chinese Ambassador
Michael O'Neill ... Congressman Wilcox
Patrick J. Adams ... Colin
Jamie McShane ... Captain Andrew Dugan
Stan Kelly ... Roman Wolfe
Michael Trevino ... Kevin
Guy Anthony Margo ... Reporter Jim
Lisa Ross ... Reporter Connie
Ted Garcia ... Stand Up Reporter Ned
Angela Gardner ... Reporter Terry
Libertad Green ... Baseball Fan
Sky McDougall ... Senior White House Reporter
William Rogers ... Andy Noonan
Hunter Allan ... Tommy Bridges
Al Brown ... General Pollack
Thomas Joe Craig ... Chairman - Joint Chiefs of Staff
Marc Gomes ... Ken Iacampo
Kimberly Hawthorne ... Agent Powers
Fred Ortiz ... President's Secret Service Agent
Dean Shelton ... Ricky
Dave Allen Clark ... Cable News Anchor
Sandi Craig ... FBI Agent
Julie Dickens ... Julie Horton
Amy French ... Reporter Pam
Rueben Grundy ... Reporter #2

Created by:
Rod Lurie

Writing credits:
Dee Johnson
Rod Lurie
Steven Bochco
Steven A. Cohen
Joel Fields
Alison Cross
Stuart Stevens
Cynthia Cohen
Tom Szentgyorgyi

Opening theme: "Commander in Chief"
Written by: Larry Groupe

Original music by:
Larry Groupe

Cinematography by:
Christopher Faloona
David J. Miller

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Rod Lurie
Vince Misiano
Jesse Bochco
Bobby Roth

Produced by:
Rod Lurie
Geena Davis
Marc Frydman
Dee Johnson
Steven A. Cohen
Joel Fields
Alison Cross
Tom Szentgyorgyi
Rick Wallace
Dayna Kalins
Jeffrey Downer
James Spies
Allison Adler
Anya Epstein
Crystal Nix Hines
Sascha Schneider
Steven Bochco
Alex Shevchenko
Kenneth J. Silverstein

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:

Battleplan Productions
Touchstone Television

2006 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
2006 Nominated GLAAD Media Award Outstanding Drama Series
2005 Nominated GLAAD Media Award Outstanding Drama Series
2006 Won Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama
2006 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Drama Series
2006 Nominated Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement
2006 Nominated People's Choice Award Favorite New Television Drama
2005 Nominated Satellite Award Outstanding Actress in a Series, Drama
2006 Nominated Actor Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series
2007 Nominated VES Award Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Broadcast Program
2006 Won Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Young Actress Age Ten or Younger

Also Known As:
Rouva presidentti
Senora presidenta
Untitled Geena Davis Project
Welcome Mrs. President


The characters of the President and Vice President were named after the two actors who played those roles in Lurie's previous political thriller, The Contender. Teddy Bridges, named for Jeff Bridges who played President Jackson Evans, and MacKenzie Allen, named for Joan Allen who played Laine Hanson, his vice presidential nominee.

The scenes of Air Force two in flight during the pilot episode are from Air Force One (1997).

Kristin Scott Thomas and Joan Allen were amongst the actresses approached to play Mackenzie Allen. Rod Lurie first planned the series as a sequel to The Contender (2000) where Joan Allen would reprise her role as Laine Hanson.

The character Gilda Rockwell is loosely based on former White House Bureau Chief Helen Thomas

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