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CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York)

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CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) tv seriesMac Taylor is leader of the CSI team. He was born in Chicago and even considered working for the Chicago Police Department. The death of his wife, Claire Conrad Taylor, in the 9/11 attacks troubles him to this day, causing chronic insomnia. It was also noted in the first season that he kept a beach ball in his closet that once belonged to his wife; he stated he was unable to throw it away because it contained some of her breath. He served as a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, once saying that he had wanted to serve the country more than anything else in the world.

Stella Bonasera is devoted to her job due to her strong personality, determination, and intelligence. She is a half-Greek, half-Italian orphan, who grew up moving throughout foster homes. Since they co-head the lab, she is very close to Mac, and constantly worries about his physical and mental well-being. In episode 221 ("All Access"), Stella was held captive in her own home by her unstable boyfriend, Frankie Mala, and was forced to kill him. Because of her close relationship with Mac, she was mistakenly thought to be Mac's late wife, Claire, by Reed Garrett, a child that Claire had given birth to and put up for adoption before she had met Mac. In season three Stella comes in contact with HIV positive blood.

CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York)- tv series

(2004 - till now) - Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo

Genre: Drama


Gary Sinise ... Detective Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes ... Detective Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo ... Detective Danny Messer
Hill Harper ... Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Eddie Cahill ... Detective Don Flack
Anna Belknap ... Detective Lindsay Monroe
Robert Joy ... Dr. Sid Hammerback
A.J. Buckley ... Adam Ross
Vanessa Ferlito ... Detective Aiden Burn
Emmanuelle Vaugier ... Det. Jennifer Angell
Claire Forlani ... Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Sonya Walger ... Jane Parsons
Kyle Gallner ... Reed Garrett
Carmen Argenziano ... Insp. Stanton Gerrard
Chad Lindberg ... Chad Willingham
Mykelti Williamson ... Chief Brigham Sinclair
J. Grant Albrecht ... Dr. Leonard Giles
Kelly Hu ... Detective Kaile Maka
Ron Yuan ... Dr. Evan Zao
Kerr Smith ... Drew Bedford
Jacqueline Pinol ... Rikki Sandoval
Bess Wohl ... Kendall Novak
Ed Quinn ... Frankie Mala
Jonah Lotan ... Dr. Marty Pino
Jessalyn Gilsig ... Jordan Gates
David Julian Hirsh ... Zack Shannon
Joseph Lawrence ... Clay Dobson
John Dove ... Det. John Scagnetti
Denice Sealy ... Raquel Trinidad
Casey LaBow ... Ella McBride
Julia Ormond ... Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford
Skoti Collins ... N.Y.P.D. Cop
Joe Morton ... Chief Dwight Hillborne
Raphael Sbarge ... District Attorney Latham
Elias Koteas ... 'Joe'
Kristen Dalton ... Quinn Shelby
Alanna Ubach ... Constance Briell
Kam Heskin ... Suspect X
Dayo Ade ... Derrick James
Edward Furlong ... Shane Casey
Al Santos ... Ollie Barnes
Michael McLafferty ... Reporter #1
Paul Carafotes ... Detective Thacker
Terry Kinney ... Tom Mitford
Michael King ... Detective Dean Truby
Chad Williams ... D.J. Pratt
Bryan Becker ... Bobby Toole
Gina St. John ... Reporter #1
Mark Simich ... Essex Palmer
Kanin Howell ... Lenny Starks
Michael DeLuise ... Sonny Sassone
Kathleen Munroe ... Samantha Flack
Heather Mazur ... ADA Natalie Greer
Elizabeth Ann Bennett ... Regina Bowen
Jaclyn Kerhulas ... Mrs. Marber
Scott Richards ... Attorney
Christopher Place ... Businessman
Olga Karavaeva ... Juggler #2
James McMann ... Club Patron
Scott Alan Smith ... Marshall Palmer
Greg D'Agostino ... Uniformed Cop
Natalina Maggio ... Tennis Star
Kevin Derr ... Carter England
Suzy Brack ... Office Executive
Don Kress ... Actor
Dan Latham ... Chicago Pedestrian
Ray Reynolds ... Arrest Scene Witness
Giota Trakas ... Detective
Ethan Erickson ... Brendon Walsh
Jack McGee ... Marks
Katie Cleary ... Jessica Redi
Nelly ... Terrence Davis
Paul Papadakis ... George Kolovos
Christopher Villar

Created by:
Anthony E. Zuiker
Carol Mendelsohn
Ann Donahue

Writing credits:
Ann Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Anthony E. Zuiker
Pam Veasey
Zachary Reiter
Peter M. Lenkov
Timothy J. Lea
Andrew Lipsitz
Eli Talbert
John Dove
Sam Humphrey
Daniele Nathanson
Bill Haynes
Wendy Battles
Trey Callaway
Barbie Kligman
Noah Nelson
David T. Catapano
Anne McGrail
Erica Shelton
Gary Sinise
Ken Solarz
Jill Abbinanti
Jeremy R. Littman

Opening theme: The Who: "Baba O'Riley"
Written by: Pete Townshend
Singing: The Who

Original music by:
Bill Brown

Cinematography by:
Feliks Parnell
Marshall Adams
Chris Manley
Dermott Downs
Frank Byers

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Rob Bailey
Oz Scott
Christine Moore
David Von Ancken
Norberto Barba
Anthony Hemingway
Deran Sarafian
Jonathan Glassner
Duane Clark
Steven DePaul
Jeffrey G. Hunt
Alex Zakrzewski
Scott Lautanen
Marshall Adams
David Grossman
Nelson McCormick
Emilio Estevez
Jeff T. Thomas
David Jackson

Produced by:
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jonathan Littman
Anthony E. Zuiker
Pam Veasey
Danny Cannon
Peter M. Lenkov
Ann Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Gary Sinise
Timothy J. Lea
Wendy Battles
Corinne Marrinan
Vikki Williams
Trey Callaway
Andrew Lipsitz
Eli Talbert
Geoffrey Hemwall
Sarah A. Barkley
Deb Cole
Nicole Daddio
P. Todd Coe
Barbie Kligman
David Yoneshige
Deran Sarafian
Zachary Reiter
Bruce Zimmerman
Robert D. Simon
Janet Tamaro
Bruce Golin
Anne McGrail
Sam Humphrey
Tim Lea
Ethan Smith

Original channel:

Alliance Atlantis Communications
Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Production
Jerry Bruckheimer Television
CBS Productions (2004-2006)
Alliance Atlantis Productions
Clayton Entertainment

2008 Won BMI TV Music Award, BMI Film & TV Awards
2005 Won BMI TV Music Award, BMI Film & TV Awards
2008 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Stunt Coordination, Emmy Awards
2007 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Stunt Coordination, Emmy Awards
2006 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Makeup for a Series (Non-Prosthetic), Emmy Awards
2008 Won Image Award Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series

Also Known As:
CSI: New York
CSI: NY: New York-i helyszinelok
CSI: Nea Yorki
CSI: New York 2
CSI: Nova Iorque
CSI: Nueva York
Experts: Manhattan, Les Switzerland
New York-i helyszinelok


Andy Garcia was originally offered the lead role, a character who would have been named Det. Rick Calucci. He declined the role, as did Ray Liotta.

Anthony E. Zuiker wanted The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" ("Blue" being a figurative term for a police officer) to be the show's theme song. However, CBS president Leslie Moonves turned it down in favour of "Baba O'Riley" (also by The Who).

Stella's name was derived from Stella Kowalski from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Salvatore Corsitto's character Amerigo Bonasera from The Godfather (1972).

The only one of the C.S.I. shows to not win an Emmy.

The cell phones that are used are Palm Treo 650's. Beginning season 3 they use Nokia E62's. By the third show of season four, Detective Mac Taylor now has the newest Treo -- a blue 755p, which is also available in burgundy.

The numbered yellow evidence markers are labeled "Arrowhead Forensic Products 800-953-3274" in small text below the large number.

Danny Messer claims that he had a short-lived career in the music business, and that he quit baseball when he broke his wrist in a fight. Carmine Giovinazzo, the actor who plays Danny, admits that he quit baseball because of a back injury, and that he often brings his guitar to the set and plays for his co-stars.

While filming on location in downtown Los Angeles, an actual dead body was found in an apartment building, several floors down from the film crew's location. The body turned out to be the mummified remains of a long-dead tenant. The main cast was not on set at the time. In an ironic twist, one of the cases in episode 302, "Not What It Looks Like," involves a missing woman whose mummified body is found in an abandoned apartment.

While often the science and technology portrayed in the series (as well as the other CSI series) is accurate or mirrors sound scientific principle, there have been times when methods have led to results that are simply not possible in the real world.



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