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Dirt tv seriesThe ruthless tabloid editor Lucy Spiller, who's masterful at using threats and manipulation to dig up dirt, aided by resourceful paparazzo Don Konkey. Lucy zeroes in on struggling actor Holt McLaren, who needs favorable publicity and whose rising-star girlfriend, Julia Mallory, is well-connected.

Lucy sends Don to shoot Kira Klay's corpse, but Kira looks all too lively to him. Don also gets a visit from Prince Tyreese, but it's not exactly a courtesy call. Meanwhile, Holt looks for ways to help Julia, and Willa shows journalistic spunk in tracking down dirt on a Hollywood power couple known as "Blogan".

"Dirt Now" is about to launch, and Lucy needs a cover story. Lucy suspects that drugs made an ailing Christian-pop star sick and dispatches Don to get the dirt. Meanwhile, Holt is courted by a major producer while Julia has a hard time back on the set of her sitcom. Lucy blackmails basketball star Prince Tyreese into helping her track down a missing rap star; Lucy and Leo's mother announces her plans to re-marry on the anniversary of their father's suicide.

Dirt - tv series

(2007 - 2008) - Courteney Cox, Ian Hart, Josh Stewart, Alexandra Breckenridge

Genre: Drama


Courteney Cox ... Lucy Spiller
Ian Hart ... Don Konkey
Josh Stewart ... Holt McLaren
Alexandra Breckenridge ... Willa McPherson
Jeffrey Nordling ... Brent Barrow
Will McCormack ... Leo Spiller
Laura Allen ... Julia Mallory
Shauna Stoddart ... Terry
Alexi Wasser ... Naomi
Johnny Drocco ... Paparazzi
Ryan Eggold ... Farber Kauffman
Ankur Bhatt ... Kenny
Kevin Wheatley ... Kenny
Rick Fox ... Prince Tyreese
Carly Pope ... Garbo
Julie Claire ... Cheryl Steen
Glen Badyna ... Elliot
Anil Raman ... Anil
Shannyn Sossamon ... Kira Klay
Johann Urb ... Johnny Gage
Richmond Arquette ... Colin De Quisto
Eric Reinholt ... Bartender
Julian Acosta ... Adam Proteau
Ashley Johnson ... Sharlee Cates
Grant Show ... Jack Dawson
Owiso Odera ... Gareth Dasilva
Danielle Sapia ... Danielle
David Batiste ... Adam
Danny Comden ... Ted Rothman
Pablo Schreiber ... Jason Konkey
Randy Oglesby ... Reverend Thomas Sweet
Paul Reubens ... Chuck Lafoon
Billy Brown ... Tweety McDaniel
Channon Roe ... Jeff Stagliano
Kendahl King ... Tami G
Tara Summers ... Abby
Shi Ne Nielson ... Emma
Nancy O'Dell ... Herself
Shaun Robinson ... Herself
Brandon DeShazer ... British Intern
Andrew Leeds ... Alan
Mariette Hartley ... Dorothy Spiller
Timothy Bottoms ... Gibson Horne
Mia Cottet ... Lynette Ogilvy
Lukas Haas ... Marqui Jackson
Bret Roberts ... Cal
Mini Anden ... Holt's Co-star
Stephanie Turner ... Maddy Sweet
Demetrius Grosse ... Assistant
Rochelle Aytes ... Jasmine Ford
Travis Wester ... Employment Agent
Charles Howerton ... Paul Weston
Traber Burns ... Reginald
Sean Squire ... Mauric
Anne L. Nathan ... Dr. Shalba
Stormy Daniels ... Stormy
Joeanna Sayler ... Lumina
Tony Potts ... Himself
Cynthia Addai-Robinson ... Michelle
Bubba Lewis ... Chad Linn
Tim Halpin ... Arresting Officer Tim 'Bob' Mercer

Created by:
Matthew Carnahan

Writing credits:
Matthew Carnahan
Joel Fields
Albert Kim

Opening theme: "Dig Deep"
Written by: Debby Holiday

Original music by:
Richard Ziegler

Cinematography by:
Geary McLeod

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Chris Long
Matthew Carnahan
Paris Barclay

Produced by:
Thea Mann
Joel Fields
Sally Robinson
Chris Long
Jeff Luini
David Arquette
Matthew Carnahan
Stewart Lyons

Number of seasons: 2

Original channel:
FX Networks

Coquette Productions
Matthew Carnahan Circus Products
Touchstone Television
ABC Studios

Also Known As:
"Dirt - A hetilap"
"Komulehe raisakotkad"


Dirt was the ninth drama series pilot shot for FX. Matthew Carnahan, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette served as the show's executive producers, with Thea Mann producing for Cox and Arquette's Coquette Productions, and Touchstone Television and FX co-producing the series.

As Holt takes off his shirt the Virescit Vulnere Virtus "tattoo" is clearly seen as 3 seperate lines of text. A couple of seconds later, when he lays his shirt down and is dragging Julia out, the tattoo looks more like a set of scrolls around a pole with a line of text below it. A second later after the camera cuts to the woman bystander leaving her car & then cuts back to Holt it reverts back to the 3 line Virescit Vulnere Virtus "tattoo."

Although Dirt is set in Los Angeles, Prince Tyreese doesn't play for the Lakers or the Clippers. Instead he plays for the the Los Angeles Rock.

Holt McLaren has a tattoo on his right arm that says "Virescit Vulnere Virtus", which is Latin for "Courage grows strong at the wound."

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