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Dragnet 2003

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Dragnet 2003 tv seriesDragnet will draw storylines from L.A.'s rich crime history, as well as today's headlines. Against the backdrop of economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods, the detectives come up against a group fo criminals who are just as diverse, from diamond thieves and Hollywood movie moguls to street gangs, copycat serial killers, international terrorists and kidnappers.

Adding a contemporary look to the show is the introduction of a radio-controlled miniature helicopter known as the Flying-Cam, which will provide panoramic views from never-before-seen angles of L.A.'s many neighborhoods. In addition, video technology will also feature prominently in a number of episodes, reflecting society's obsession with the "big brother" world of present day security.

Dragnet 2003 - tv series

(2003 - 2004) - Ed O'Neill, Ethan Embry, Christina Chang

Genre: Drama


Ed O'Neill ... Lt. Joe Friday
Ethan Embry ... Det. Frank Smith
Christina Chang ... ADA Sandy Chang
Desmond Harrington ... Det. Jimmy McCarron
Eva Longoria Parker ... Det. Gloria Duran
Evan Parke ... Det. Raymond Cooper
Erick Avari ... Sanjay Ramachandran
Steven Zirnkilton ... Narrator
Katherine Kamhi ... Detective Hubbel
Lindsay Crouse ... Capt. Ruth Hagermann
Robin Bartlett ... Donna Bostick
Mark Lewis ... S.I.D. Tech Lewis
Mr. Tony B. King ... Det Kirkland
Roselyn Sanchez ... Det. Elana Macias
Denise Dowse ... Juanita Hendrucks
David Andrews ... Capt. Silva
Todd Felix ... Waring
Larry Braman ... Det. Greggor
Marc Brown ... Newscaster
Alex Esta ... SID Investigator Ortiz
Morocco Omari ... Detective Latrell
Pete Pastore ... Sgt. Roselli
Chris Ufland ... Richard Wilkins
Lee Ann Powers ... Detective
Anna Gunn ... Dr. Louise Nottingham
Nicki Micheaux ... Emma Guzman
Daniel Zacapa ... Detective
Lauren Velez ... Det. Denise Beltran
Robert Baker ... Bob Payne
Ken Choi ... C.I. Burrell
Kendall Clement ... Detective Sandy Keens
Kim Evey ... Jill Soames
Fernando Jimenez ... Uniform #1
Shireen Kadivar ... Iranian Aunt
Peter James Smith ... SID Tech Stoneman
K.T. Thangavelu ... Griff
Derek Basco ... Detective
Peggy Dunne ... Terry - Coronor's Investigator
Kent Faulcon ... Det. Kevin Tolan
Britt George ... Officer Bell
Christopher Goodman ... Officer Neimeyer
Javier Grajeda ... Detective Mayberg
Christopher Grey ... LAPD Sergeant
David Kagen ... Turner
Liz Laird ... RhD Dectective
Tony Lee ... Detective Lee
Lawrence LeJohn ... Uniformed Cop
Tomiko Martinez ... Officer Tyrell
Herb Mendelsohn ... Leo Kass
Jason Peirce ... Detective Sid Pearce
Stacey Silverman ... Sandy Goodman
Peter Trencher ... Chavez
Michelle Tuzee ... Newscaster
Biff Wiff ... Evidence Clerk
Joseph Bolz ... Martin

Created by:
Jack Webb
Dick Wolf

Writing credits:
Jack Webb
Dick Wolf
Jay Beattie
Dan Dworkin
Tyler Bensinger
Josh Pate
Robert Nathan
David Wilcox
Elizabeth Cosin
Dick Wolf
Jay Beattie
Dan Dworkin
Tyler Bensinger
Josh Pate
Robert Nathan
David Wilcox
Elizabeth Cosin

Opening theme: "Danger Ahead"
Written by: Walter Schumann

Original music by:
Mike Post
Atli Orvarsson

Cinematography by:
Russ T. Alsobrook
Johnny E. Jensen
Bing Sokolsky

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Kevin Dowling
Steve Shill
Guy Norman Bee
Jean de Segonzac
Darnell Martin

Produced by:
Barry M. Berg
Arthur W. Forney
Walon Green
Peter Jankowski
Dick Wolf
Tyler Bensinger
Billy Fox
Roz Weinman
Robert Nathan
Tim Deluca
Jonas Pate
Josh Pate
Jeffrey Reiner
Kevin Hooks
Gary M. Strangis

Original channel:

Wolf Films
Universal Network Television

2004 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Young Actor Age Ten or Younger

Also Known As:
L.A. Dragnet
Dragnet - Gyilkossagi aktak
Murder Investigation
Polizeibericht Los Angeles


Danny Huston was originally cast in the lead role of Joe Friday but was replaced by Ed O'Neill after completing the first episode, entitled "Three Blondes", and his scenes were re-shot.

Ed O'Neill and Ethan Embry first starred together in the film Dutch (1991) when Embry was only 13 years old.

Ethan Embry had to temporarily bow out of filming for a few episodes, due to a sports injury. His character (Frank Smith) was said to be away caring for his ailing father.

The original Dragnet theme, titled "Danger Ahead", actually predated Dragnet. It is the score of The Killers (1946).

After the show was cancelled by ABC in 2003, three of the remaining five unaired episodes premiered on USA Network in 2004.

In the pilot episode for the series Married With Children, starring Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy the theme song from Dragnet is heard 'honked' by Kelly Bundy's boyfriends van.

Jack Webb, creator of the series, does not receive screen credit.



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