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ER tv seriesMichael Crichton has created a medical drama that chronicles life and death in a Chicago hospital emergency room. Each episode tells the tale of another day in the ER, from the exciting to the mundane, and the joyous to the heart-rending. Frenetic pacing, interwoven plot lines, and emotional rollercoastering is used to attempt to accurately depict the stressful environment found there. This show even portrays the plight of medical students in their quest to become physicians.


(1994 - till now) - Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Anthony Edwards, Julianna Margulies, George Clooney

Genre: Drama

Created by
Michael Crichton


Noah Wyle ... Dr. John Carter
Laura Innes ... Dr. Kerry Weaver
Laura Cero'n ... Nurse Chuny Marquez
Deezer D ... Nurse Malik McGrath
Maura Tierney ... Nurse Abby Lockhart
Goran Visnjic ... Dr. Luka Kovac
Yvette Freeman ... Nurse Haleh Adams
Anthony Edwards ... Dr. Mark Greene
Eriq La Salle ... Dr. Peter Benton
Alex Kingston ... Dr. Elizabeth Corday
Emily Wagner ... Pickman
Lynn A. Henderson ... Olbes
Sherry Stringfield ... Dr. Susan Lewis
Mekhi Phifer ... Dr. Gregory Pratt
Abraham Benrubi ... Jerry Markovic
Julianna Margulies ... Nurse Carol Hathaway
Paul McCrane ... Dr. Robert Romano
Lily Mariye ... Nurse Lily Jarvik
Ming-Na ... Dr. Jing-Mei Chen
Conni Marie Brazelton ... Nurse Connie Oligario
Montae Russell ... Zadro
Ellen Crawford ... Nurse Lydia Wright
Troy Evans ... Frank Martin
George Clooney ... Dr. Doug Ross
Parminder Nagra ... Dr. Neela Rasgotra
Linda Cardellini ... Nurse Samantha Taggart
Gloria Reuben ... Jeanie Boulet
Scott Grimes ... Dr. Archie Morris
Brian Lester ... Dumar
John Aylward ... Dr. Donald Anspaugh
Dinah Lenney ... Nurse Shirley
Kristin Minter ... Randi Fronczak
Shane West ... Dr. Ray Barnett
Sharif Atkins ... Michael Gallant
Gedde Watanabe ... Nurse Yosh Takata
Michelle Bonilla ... Harms
Michael Michele ... Dr. Cleo Finch
Demetrius Navarro ... Morales
Leland Orser ... Dr. Lucien Dubenko
Erik Palladino ... Dr. Dave Malucci
John Stamos ... Dr. Tony Gates
Kellie Martin ... Lucy Knight
Jorja Fox ... Dr. Maggie Doyle
Louie Liberti ... Paramedic Bardelli
William H. Macy ... Dr. David Morgenstern
Khandi Alexander ... Jackie Robbins
Lisa Nicole Carson ... Carla Reece
Christine Harnos ... Jennifer Greene
Vanessa Marquez ... Nurse Wendy Goldman
Bellina Logan ... Nurse Kit
Maria Bello ... Dr. Anna Del Amico
Matthew Watkins ... Reese Benton
CCH Pounder ... Dr. Angela Hicks
Amy Aquino ... Dr. Janet Coburn
J.P. Manoux ... Dr. Dustin Crenshaw
Angel Laketa Moore ... Nurse Dawn Archer
Kyle Richards ... Nurse Dori
Oliver Davis ... Alex Taggart
Yvonne Zima ... Rachel Greene
Chloe Greenfield ... Sarah Riley
Erica Gimpel ... Adele Newman
and others



The novel ER was originally slated to be a , directed by Steven Spielberg

Michael Crichton wrote the script that became the pilot episode of the show in the early 1970s. It was based on some of his experiences working in an ER

The series has earned 123 Emmy Award nominations, making it the most Emmy-nominated show in history

Carol Hathaway was supposed to be brain-dead from a suicide attempt in the first episode, but the character was revived for the series. For the first episode, Margulies was credited as a guest star

The helicopter used for ER actually belongs to the University of Chicago Hospital

Number of seasons: 14
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : NBC
Company :
Constant c Productions
John Wells Productions

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Guest  - Great but   |2008-06-21 18:33:13
I remember the first 3 seasons of this medical series fondly. The acting was outstanding and the action was intense. Excellent scripts kept the viewer rivited to the screen. The episode "Love's Labor Lost" from the first season ranks among the greatest hours of ANY television series. However, in season 3, the show lost the valuable Sherry Stringfield. After that, the show's chemistry and heart have slowly been unwinding. Don't get me wrong...the show still is above average and has added some great characters over the years: Carey Weaver, Elizabeth Corday, and Rocket Romono are all interesting and well-played. BUT, the scripts just aren't what they used to be nowadays and the additional losses of Clooney and Margalis and the actress who played the Physican's Assistant with AIDS have taken their toll. If Anthoney Edwards ever leaves I hope the show will end. He is the main reason to kept watching now.
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