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Grey's Anatomy

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Grey s Anatomy tv seriesMeredith Grey enrolls in a rigorous surgical residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital where she will spend the next 7 years. Hours into the program, Meredith finds out her one-night-stand is her boss. Meanwhile, George is chosen to perform the first operation.

Meredith looks for roommates to share her mother's house with. Izzie helps out a Chinese woman whose daughter is in need. Meredith visits the maternity ward and discovers something wrong with one of the babies.

Competition between the interns ensues after an annual unauthorized bike race causes many injuries. Izzie has trouble finding the family of an almost braindead man. Cristina becomes excited when the patient's family agrees to harvest his organs if he dies. This causes Dr. Bailey to lecture Cristina on bedside manner when she becomes out of control. A patient, who is a friend of Dr. Webber, flirts with George.

When a retired nurse at Seattle Grace is admitted, Cristina takes on her case and befriends her. A patient who recognizes Izzie from a modeling photo does not want her to treat him. Meredith and Dr. Shepherd treat a construction worker who surprisingly survived his injuries but have bad news in store for his wife about his future.

Grey's Anatomy - tv series

(2005 - till now) - Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl

Genre: Comedy / Drama


Ellen Pompeo ... Dr. Meredith Grey
Sandra Oh ... Dr. Cristina Yang
Katherine Heigl ... Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens
Justin Chambers ... Dr. Alex Karev
T.R. Knight ... Dr. George O'Malley
Chandra Wilson ... Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens Jr. ... Dr. Richard Webber
Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Derek Shepherd
Sara Ramirez ... Dr. Callie Torres
Isaiah Washington ... Dr. Preston Burke
Kate Walsh ... Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd
Eric Dane ... Dr. Mark Sloan
Chyler Leigh ... Dr. Lexie Grey
Steven W. Bailey ... Joe
Brooke Smith ... Dr. Erica Hahn
Mark Saul ... Intern Steve
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Denny Duquette
Moe Irvin ... Nurse Tyler Christian
Molly Kidder ... Intern Megan
Joseph Williamson ... Intern Pierce
Elizabeth Reaser ... Jane Doe
Sarah Utterback ... Nurse Olivia Harper
Gloria Garayua ... Intern Graciella
Candice Afia ... Intern Laura
Kate Burton ... Ellis Grey
Amrapali Ambegaokar ... Intern Dani
Winston Story ... Intern Leo
Kevin McKidd ... Dr. Owen Hunt
Linda Klein ... Nurse Linda
Ray Ford ... Ray the Paramedic
Robin Pearson Rose ... Patricia
Kate Anthony ... Nurse Kate
Brandon Scott ... Dr. Ryan Spalding
Tymberlee Chanel ... Intern Claire
Jeff Perry ... Thatcher Grey
Lauren Stamile ... Nurse Rose
Loretta Devine ... Adele Webber
Kathleen M. Darcy ... Anesthesiologist
Jeremy Rabb ... ER Resident
Chris O'Donnell ... Dr. Finn Dandridge
Joy Osmanski ... Intern Lucy
Kali Rocha ... Dr. Sydney Heron
Melissa George ... Dr. Sadie Harris
Cress Williams ... Tucker Jones
George Dzundza ... Harold O'Malley
John O'Brien ... Lab Tech
Brooke Blanchard ... Jill the Paramedic
Amy Madigan ... Dr. Wyatt
Mare Winningham ... Susan Grey
Nicole Cummins ... EMT
Patricia Bethune ... Nurse Ginger
Cathy Lind Hayes ... Nurse Debbie
Ariel Felix ... Anesthesiologist
Noelle McCutchen ... Nurse Vivian
Anjul Nigam ... Dr. Raj Sen
Debra Monk ... Louise O'Malley
Jessica Capshaw ... Dr. Arizona Robbins
Greg Pitts ... Jerry O'Malley
Tim Griffin ... Ronny O'Malley
Yvette Cruise ... Scrub Nurse
Linda Eve Miller ... E.R. Nurse
Diahann Carroll ... Jane Burke
John Cappon ... John the Paramedic
Kerry Carney ... Intern #1
Tsai Chin ... Helen Rubenstein
Jack Yang ... Walter
Maile Flanagan ... Lab Tech
Richard Keith ... Intern Mitch
Kyle Chandler ... Dylan Young
Zibby Allen ... Cute Nurse
Edward Herrmann ... Dr. Norman Shales
Roger Rees ... Dr. Colin Marlow
Eric Stoltz ... William Dunn
Jennifer Westfeldt ... Jen Harmon
Taye Diggs ... Dr. Sam Bennett
Ben Shenkman ... Rob Harmon
Samantha Mathis ... Melinda Prescott
Mandy Siegfried ... Molly Thompson
Mary McDonnell ... Dr. Virginia Dixon
Aaron Refvem ... Jackson Prescott
Jack Axelrod ... Really Old Guy
Shenita Moore ... Surgical Nurse
Terrance Christopher Jones ... Paramedic
Keeshan Giles ... Intern #2
Crystal Kwon ... Nurse Jolene
Joyce Guy ... Administrator
Helene McCardle ... ER Doc
Wayne Lopez ... Paramedic #2
Rob Narita ... Anesthesiologist
Martin Yu ... Anesthesiologist
Chad Fish ... Anesthesiologist
Christina Ricci ... Hannah Davies
Margaret Welsh ... Dorie Russell
Anna Maria Horsford ... Liz Fallon
Curtis Armstrong ... Robert Martin
Paul Adelstein ... Dr. Cooper Freedman
Pat Healy ... Tom Russell
Jillian Armenante ... Mindy Carlson
Monica Keena ... Bonnie Crasnoff
Amy Brenneman ... Dr. Violet Turner
Gale Harold ... Shane
Tim Daly ... Dr. Pete Wilder
Dean Norris ... Vince
Tessa Thompson ... Camille Travis
Clea DuVall ... Jennifer Robinson
Kelly Wolf ... Carly Height
Hallee Hirsh ... Claire
John Billingsley ... Jacob Nolston
Aasha Davis ... Rina
Merrin Dungey ... Dr. Naomi Bennett
Paul Perri ... Rick's Friend
Tiffany Hines ... Natalie
Kathleen Early ... Dr. Daisy Pepman
Jack Merrill ... Lab Tech
Chris Lowell ... William 'Dell' Parker
Kevin Rankin ... Jack Vaughan
Mae Whitman ... Heather Douglas
Laura Allen ... Beth
Jeffrey Markle ... Greg
Judith Hoag ... Rhada Douglas
Kimberly Huie ... Mary Daltrey
Alison La Placa ... Mrs. Nolston
Theo Rossi ... Stan Giamatti
Brian Tee ... Andy
Jason O'Mara ... Phillip Robinson
John Bishop ... James Carlson
Charles Duckworth ... Brian
Billy Mayo ... Rick
Elaine Kao ... NICU Nurse
Brian Chenoweth ... Scared Guy
Paula Weston Solano ... OB Nurse
Seth Green ... Nick Hanscom
D.W. Moffett ... Alan
Derek Phillips ... Dale
Susan Merson ... Lorraine
Danielle Kennedy ... Angry Woman
Bellamy Young ... Kathy
Marty Lodge ... Anaesthsiologist
Paul Norwood ... Scared Guy #2
Raphael Sbarge ... Paul
Shanelle Workman ... Sara Giamatti
Madison Leisle ... Lisa The Child
Stephanie Niznik ... Carol
Maria Elena Maglaris ... Nurse Maria
David Anders ... Jim
Yvans Jourdain ... Businessman
Tim Chiou ... Paramedic
Becky Wahlstrom ... Lisa
Cameron Watson ... Rick
Mac Brandt ... Paramedic #3
Roger Bridges ... Firefighter
Gary Hershberger ... Doug
Janina Gavankar ... Intern Lisa
Parisa Fitz-Henley ... Cammy
Nick Hoffa ... Firefighter #2
Shavon Kirksey ... Maya Bennett
Emma Prescott ... Lucy
Suzi Hofrichter ... Sandra Nolston
Parker Goris ... Garrett Nolston
Mary Joy ... Tillie
Garon Grigsby ... Keith
Jane Clark ... Nurse
Trista Delamere ... S.G.H. Clinic Nurse
William Jackson ... Old Man
Robin Hines ... Cute Girl
Sean Palmer ... Intern
Kristy Munden ... Nurse #2
Andre Panossian ... Code Team Leader
Walter Wong ... Echo Tech
Keith Sellon-Wright ... Surgeon #1
David Paluck ... Surgeon #2
Billy Wood ... Perfectionist
Rigo Sanchez ... Paramedic
Michael Patrick Breen ... Doctor
Harris Michaels ... Orderly
Kate Mines ... Burke's Nurse
Arne Starr ... Attending Physician Arne
Meggan Anderson ... Nurse
Massi Furlan ... Police Officer
Gavin Hetherington ... Patient at Ferry Crash #1
Don Abernathy ... Surgeon

Created by:
Shonda Rhimes

Writing credits:
Shonda Rhimes
Krista Vernoff
Tony Phelan
Joan Rater
Mark Wilding
Stacy McKee
Debora Cahn
Zoanne Clack
Mimi Schmir
Gabrielle G. Stanton
Harry Werksman
Allan Heinberg
Kip Koenig
James D. Parriott
Jenna Bans
William Harper
Peter Nowalk

Opening theme: "Cosy in the Rocket"
Written by: Psapp

Original music by:
Danny Lux

Cinematography by:
Herbert Davis
Tim Suhrstedt
Adam Kane
Walt Fraser

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Rob Corn
Peter Horton
Jeffrey Melman
Daniel Minahan
Julie Anne Robinson
Adam Davidson
Wendey Stanzler
Jessica Yu
James Frawley
Michael Grossman
Mark Tinker
Randall Zisk
Tom Verica
Tony Goldwyn
Adam Arkin
Seith Mann
Chris Misiano
Greg Yaitanes
Eric Stoltz

Produced by:
Shonda Rhimes
Betsy Beers
Tammy Ann Casper
Rob Corn
Mark Gordon
Krista Vernoff
Mark Wilding
Tony Phelan
Joan Rater
Lisa Taylor
Debora Cahn
Allan Heinberg
Linda Klein
Peter Horton
Kip Koenig
Zoanne Clack
Gabrielle G. Stanton
Harry Werksman
James D. Parriott
Karin Gleason
Stacy McKee
Jeff Rafner
Chris Van Dusen
Mimi Schmir
Jenna Bans
Marti Noxon
Jill Soloway
Ben Neumann
Ann Lewis Hamilton
Ann Kindberg
Nancy Bordson
Mark Foreman
Kent Hodder
Steve Mulholland

Number of seasons: 5

Original channel:

Mark Gordon Company
Touchstone Television
ABC Studios

2005: Best Directing - Drama Series, Night (Peter Horton for "A Hard Day's Night", nominated) Directors Guild of America (DGA)
2006: Best Directing - Drama Series, Night (Seith Mann for "Name of the Game", nominated) Directors Guild of America (DGA)
2005: Best Casting - Drama Series (nominated) Emmy Awards
2005: Best Supporting Actress - Drama Series (Sandra Oh for playing "Dr. Cristina Yang", nominated) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Casting - Drama Series (won) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Guest Actor - Drama Series (Kyle Chandler for playing "Dylan Young", nominated) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Guest Actress - Drama Series (Kate Burton for playing "Ellis Grey", nominated) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Guest Actress - Drama Series (Christina Ricci for playing "Hannah Davies", nominated) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Writing - Drama Series (Krista Vernoff for "Into You Like A Train", nominated) Emmy Awards
2007: Best Casting - Drama Series (nominated) Emmy Awards
2007: Best Guest Actress - Drama Series (Kate Burton, nominated) Emmy Awards
2007: Best Supporting Actress - Drama Series (Katherine Heigl for playing "Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens", won) 2008: Best Guest Actress - Drama Series (Diahann Carroll for playing "Jane Burke", TBA) Emmy Awards
2008: Best Makeup - Single-Camera Series, Non-Prosthetic (for "Crash into Me: Part 1 & 2", TBA) Emmy Awards
2008: Best Prosthetic Makeup - (Mini)Series, Movie or a Special (for "Forever Young", TBA) Emmy Awards
2006: Best Individual Episode (for "Where the Boys Are", won)GLAAD Media Awards 2005: Best Supporting Actress - (Mini)Series or TV Film (Sandra Oh for playing "Dr. Cristina Yang", won) Golden Globe Awards
2006: Best Series - Drama (won) Golden Globe Awards
2006: Best Producer - Drama Series (won) Producers Guild of America (PGA)
2006: Best TV Cast (won) Satellite Awards
2007: Best Actress - Drama Series (Ellen Pompeo, won) Satellite Awards Satellite Awards
2005: Outstanding Actress - Drama Series (Sandra Oh for playing "Dr. Cristina Yang", won) Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
2006: Outstanding Cast - Drama Series (won) Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Also Known As:
Grey's Anatomy
A Grace klinika
Anatomia de Grey
Anatomia lui Grey
Dre Grey, lecons d'anatomie
Grey anatoomia
Grey's Anatomy (A coeur ouvert)
Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Arzte
Greyn anatomia
Mathimata anatomias
Talenti v belem
Under the Knife


The Inuit doll that frequently appears in episodes is named Ipecac. Ipecac is featured in an Easter Egg in the Season One DVD Bonus Features, where the cast and crew discuss the doll, its name, origins and a plot to kidnap it.

The producers of "Grey's Anatomy" (2005) recently released a novel depicting the lives and happenings of two bit-part characters; Joe the Bartender and Nurse Debbie. The book is double sided written in Blog and IM form, while gossiping on the actions of the Grey's characters. The events discussed give background information for Joe and Debbie themselves and give insight on the events and cases the doctors deal with in the show.

In order to keep the plot and storylines secret, in the sides for auditions, the main characters' names are changed.

The show was originally supposed to be called "Complications".

Katherine Heigl dropped herself out of Emmy consideration in 2008, because she felt that she wasn't given the material that would warrant a nomination.

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Guest  - Intense   |2008-06-21 18:45:54
An interesting and great show about relationships and medicine, varying between drama and comedy.
Guest  - Good luck   |2008-06-21 18:46:54
Greys Anatomy is a show about a woman called Meredith Grey whom is trying to win a competition hosted in Seattle Grace hospital. The winner of the 1-year-long competition will have a full time job at the hospital and the others will be sent packing.
Meredith is facing the test of a lifetime as she continues to try and beat 20 others in order to get the prize. During the seasons she will make firends with her competitors, have an affair with the doctors and at the same time try and live a normal life.
Good luck, Meredith! You're gonna need it!
william  - favourite drama   |2009-09-02 14:29:12
i love season 5 its suspense and comedy took me off my feet . i 'm not a doctor and never want to become one . it is not easy for anyone to be it takes alot of u. if u are not the kind don't bother
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