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House M.D.

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House M.D. tv seriesGregory House, M.D., is an misanthropic medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Most episodes start with a cold open, or in medias res, somewhere outside the hospital, showing the events leading to the onset of symptoms for that episode's main patient.

The episode follows the team in their attempts to diagnose and treat the patient's illness but most of the time they do not succeed until the patient is critical. House's world-renowned department typically only sees patients who have failed to receive a correct diagnosis, making the patient cases complex. Furthermore, House resists cases that he does not find interesting.

The team arrives at diagnoses using differential diagnosis,with House guiding the deliberations, using a whiteboard, on which he writes and strikes off possible symptoms and diseases with a marker. House often discounts and challenges the opinions of his team, pointing out that their contributions have missed various relevant factors.

Similarities between House and the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes appear throughout the series; Shore explained that he was always a Sherlock Holmes fan, and found the character's traits of indifference to his clients unique.The resemblance is evident in various elements of the series' plot, such as House's reliance on psychology to solve a case, his reluctance to accept cases he does not find interesting and House's home address (apartment 221B, the same number as Holmes' home). Other similarities between House and Holmes include the playing of an instrument (Holmes plays the violin, House the piano and guitar), drug addiction (House to Vicodin and Holmes to cocaine) and House's relationship with Dr. James Wilson, who parallels Dr. John Watson.

House M.D. - tv series

(2004 - till now) - Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer

Genre: Drama


Hugh Laurie ... Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein ... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps ... Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard ... Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison ... Dr. Allison Cameron
Jesse Spencer ... Dr. Robert Chase
Bobbin Bergstrom ... Nurse
Peter Jacobson ... Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn ... Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde ... Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley
Anne Dudek ... Dr. Amber Volakis
Stephanie Venditto ... Nurse Brenda Previn
Sela Ward ... Stacy Warner
Edi Gathegi ... Dr. Jeffrey 'Big Love' Cole
David Morse ... Michael Tritter
Marco Pelaez ... Hospital Pharmacist
Ron Perkins ... Dr. Simpson
Chi McBride ... Edward Vogler
Andy Comeau ... Dr. Travis Brennan
Currie Graham ... Mark Warner
Hira Ambrosino ... Dr. Chen, Anesthesiologist
Jennifer Crystal ... Rachel Taub
Ingrid Sanai Buron ... Nurse Bev
Rosemary Garris ... Doctor
Michael Weston ... Lucas
Carmen Argenziano ... Henry Dobson
Cindy Lu ... Nurse
Aulani Rhea ... Nurse
Kathryn Adams ... #23
Jim Vickers ... EMT
Kevin Moon ... EMT
Lori Petty ... Janice
Charles S. Dutton ... Rodney Foreman
Scott Michael Campbell ... Joe Luria
Leighton Meester ... Ali
Al Espinosa ... Dr. Wells
Maurice Godin ... Dr. Hourani
Kimberly Quinn ... Nurse Wendy
Edward Edwards ... Richard McNeil
Eamon Hunt ... Neurosurgeon #1
America Olivo ... Ingrid
Kadeem Hardison ... Lawyer Howard Gemeiner
Ken Choi ... Dr. Lim
Diane Baker ... Blythe House
Fred Durst ... Bartender
Meera Simhan ... Dr. Jody Desai
Dorothea Harahan ... E.M.T.
Tyler Patton ... Neurosurgeon
Melinda Dahl ... Twin 1, a.k.a. #15A
Liz Benoit ... Nurse #2
Caitlin Dahl ... Twin 15B
Michael Michele ... Dr. Samira Terzi
Dina Defterios ... Luisa Maria
Robin Tunney ... Rebecca Adler
Andrew Airlie ... Orange Colored Patient
Rekha Sharma ... Melanie Landon
Joel Moore ... Eddie
Maya Massar ... Asthma Mom
A.J. Trauth ... Henry
Dylan Basu ... Asthma Boy
R. Lee Ermey ... Colonel John House
Holly Daniels ... Debbie
Ava Hughes ... Sydney
Xhercis Mendez ... Imelda
Deirdre M. Smith ... Carol Moffatt
Jason Lewis ... Dr. Brock Sterling
Kenya D. Williamson ... Nurse
Michale Ascher ... Egg Salad Lady
Madison Bauer ... Patient in Soap Opera
Farrah Skyler Greye ... Nurse
Amber Matthews ... Nurse
David Pearl ... Concert Hall Patron

Created by:
David Shore

Writing credits:
David Shore
Lawrence Kaplow
Peter Blake
Thomas L. Moran
David Foster
Russel Friend
Sara Hess
Garrett Lerner
Doris Egan
Liz Friedman
John Mankiewicz
Matt Witten
Pam Davis
David Hoselton
Leonard Dick
Eli Attie
Matthew V. Lewis
Sara B. Cooper

Opening theme: "Teardrop"
Written by: Berton Roueche'
Singing: Massive Attack

Original music by:
Jason Derlatka
Jon Ehrlich

Cinematography by:
Gale Tattersall
Roy H. Wagner
Walt Lloyd

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Deran Sarafian
Daniel Sackheim
Greg Yaitanes
David Straiton
Daniel Attias
Peter O'Fallon
David Platt
Katie Jacobs
Bryan Singer
Fred Gerber
David Semel
Newton Thomas Sigel
Bryan Spicer
Frederick King Keller
James Hayman
Martha Mitchell
Matt Shakman
Juan Jose' Campanella
Andrew Bernsteinv

Produced by:
Paul Attanasio
Katie Jacobs
David Shore
Bryan Singer
Thomas L. Moran
Gerrit van der Meer
Peter Blake
Marcy G. Kaplan
Steven Heth
Lawrence Kaplow
Doris Egan
Russel Friend
Garrett Lerner
Allen Marshall Palmer
Liz Friedman
Leonard Dick
John Mankiewicz
Matt Witten
aniel Sackheim
Eli Attie
David Foster
David Hoselton
Deran Sarafian
Sara B. Cooper
David Semel
Sean Whitesell
Sara Hess
Lindsey Jaffin
Julie Hrebec
Dan Lernerv
Bruce J. Nachbar
Ben Neumann
Hugh Laurie

Number of seasons: 5

Original channel:

Heel & Toe Films
NBC Universal Television
Bad Hat Harry Productions
Shore Z Productions
Moratim Produktions

Peabody Award, 2005
Writing Emmy, 2005
Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama, 2006-2007
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, 2007-2008
Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Drama, 2008
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, 2008

Also Known As:
Doctor House
Dr. House


The show takes place in the Mercer County area of New Jersey. In the opening credits, there are shots of various locations around the area of Princeton, Trenton, West Windsor, and Plainsboro, including Princeton University. The hospital, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, is based on a real hospital in Princeton, Princeton Hospital, the University Medical Center at Princeton.

Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), the maverick and misanthrope protagonist of the show. House is the head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at the PPTH, and is specialized in Infectious Disease and Nephrology.

Though Laurie's own father was a doctor, and he feels a twinge of guilt at "being paid more to become a fake version of my own father."

The motorcycle that Dr. House owns is a 2005 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Replica.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) is an intensivist, a doctor who specializes in intensive care. This specialty is new and uncommon in the United States, but well-established in Australia, where the character is from.

Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison became engaged in December of 2006. This was at roughly the time they were shooting the first episodes in which their characters, Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron, began a romantic relationship.

Sa'ndor Szaka'csi, the Hungarian voice of Dr. House died in March 2007, he could only finish the dubbing of 11 episodes of the second season. As a tribute to him, the TV channel decided to use the unfinished work, therefore in the first half of episode 12 of season 2 we still hear Sa'ndor, then the new voice, Ja'nos Kulka takes over the job. The commercial break (there is only one in Hungary) is inserted where the change takes place - actually in the middle of a scene.

Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the Chief Hospital Administrator and Dean of Medicine at the PPTH. She is both a member of the Hospital's Board of directors and a member of the PPTH organ transplant Committee.

James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), the head of the department of oncology,and House's only friend.Wilson is also a member of the Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital Board and a member of the Organ Transplant Committee.

Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), a neurologist at the department of diagnostic medicine throughout seasons one to four. He resigned from the PPTH in "Human Error",and became the head of diagnostic medicine at the New York Mercy Hospital.However, he got fired, with his boss telling him that he "confused saving a patient's life with doing the right thing". He was hired back by Cuddy in "Guardian Angels",and returned to his original position as physician at the PPTH in "Mirror Mirror".

When a student in the audience of Hugh Laurie's edition of "Inside the Actors Studio" (1994) asked Laurie if he thought Dr. House should be romantically involved with Cameron, Cuddy or Wilson, Laurie said, "I suspect that if the show runs long enough, he's going to run through all of them. What order that unfolds in is not for me to say. I think any of those relationships is, of course, believable. Two people can always find some comfort or attraction, so I think all are possible. I think Robert [Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Dr. Wilson] might have something to say about it . . . I don't know how Robert would take that. But you know, I'm game."

The tagline, "Humanity Is Overrated" was used in Finland. In November 2007 Pekka-Eric Auvinen shot to death 8 people in Finnish school and used same phrase, following which the phrase was removed from the show's website."

Three out of six original cast members are left-handed: Cuddy, Foreman and Wilson.

Omar Epps' character, Eric Foreman, shares a name with the lead character on "That '70s Show" (1998), played by Topher Grace.

One of the movie posters on Wilson's office is Orson Welles' Touch of Evil (1958), where Orson Welles plays a detective with a gimp leg, who solves crimes purely on his intuition. Clearly one of the influences for the character of Dr. House.

Factual errors: When Dr. Taub examines a patient's eyes with a direct ophthalmoscope, he correctly examines the patient's right eye with his own right eye, holding the ophthalmoscope in his right hand. But when he moves to examine her left eye, he continues to hold the ophthalmoscope in his right hand, and uses his right eye to examine the patient's left eye. In this position, it is impossible to get close enough to actually see the patient's retina, unless he gets so close that he would actually be kissing the patient, a practice frowned upon by most medical establishments. To examine the patient's left eye, he should have moved the ophthalmoscope to his own left eye, held it in his left hand, and he should have moved around to the patient's left side, to examine her, left eye to left eye.


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Suki Benjamins  - A great tv drama   |2009-09-14 14:31:38
This television drama has been a gateway for bringing ideas of medicine and healthcare to the masses.
House Medical Division ranks at the top of the list reaching a big audience in many different countries, and the number of viewers is constantly growing.

Tv series concentrate much of the episode on the diagnostic process of patients with rare conditions, and it also portrays the life of a chronic pain sufferer: Doctor Gregory House, the star of the this drama.
Researchers which works with Doctor House, start making consultation, practicing and testing when researching the medical facts before confronting themselves with the fictional Dr. Gregory House, who always had the right answer in his pocket.

I believe that this TV series is currently one of the best program broadcasted in TV, despite in more than one occasion authors seems to diverted the plot to a sort of Beautiful trying to bring a bit of suspense and something new to continue catching the audience attention.
JoeyWHT  - House md Final Season 6   |2009-12-04 22:24:44
OMG ! Several websites talk about the season 6 final with a big surprise : House's son ! s-son-been-cast.html se/messages/?msg=53610.1

And a lot more ...
What do you thinkk??  - dr. House Nanopathologies   |2010-03-22 09:14:58
Dear Mr David Shore,

I am the author of the Book "Nanopathology: the health impact of nanoparticles" published by Pan Stanford. The dectective stories of Chapter 6. can be forn of inspiration for new series of Dr. House.
The book conytains also a chapter ddeicated to 9/11 and the Gulf War and Balkan war syndromes.
If you are interesting in knowing more, please, contact me :
Prof. Antonietta M. Gatti
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Mo dena, 03-21-2010
martins ewans  - House MD   |2011-03-18 12:08:10
This is one of the most accurate medical series which is currently running on FOX. This medical drama will go so long. Concept is awesome and All episodes are very interesting. I like this show very much. Thanks.
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