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Private Practice

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Private practice tv seriesIn this spin-off Grey's Anatomy, neonatal surgeon Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery relocates from Seattle Grace Hospital to the Oceanside Wellness Group in sunny Santa Monica, California following a failed marriage and two affairs. There she reconnects with medical school friends, Sam and Naomi Bennett, friends she thought had the ideal life -- a successful marriage, lucrative wellness group, and a beautiful 14 year-old daughter.

However, Addison finds that Sam's success as a TV health guru lead to the end of his marriage to Naomi, leaving them both lonely and searching for another relationship. The Group's surfer receptionist, Dell, thinks he's the one for Naomi, but she's unsure that a younger man is the answer to her relationship problems.

The other members of the Oceanside Wellness Group have their own share of personal issues as well. Peter Finch, an alternative medicine doctor, is dealing with the pain of losing his wife through a series of one-night stands. Cooper Freedman, a gynecologist, relies on the Internet to hook up with women, but after having his car stolen by one of his hookups, he's slowly finding that the Internet may not be the best means to meeting the woman of his dreams. Violet Turner, the resident therapist, doubts that she's doing any good for any of her patients and wonders if she's even able to help herself.

But aside from each of their personal problems, together the staff at Oceanside Wellness group combines cutting-edge work and alternative medicine to save lives. By joining the staff, Addison finds that a move to sunny Southern California may just be the right prescription for life.

Private practice - tv series

(2007 - till now) - Kate Walsh, Tim Daly, Audra McDonald, Paul Adelstein

Genre: Drama / Comedy


Kate Walsh ... Dr. Addison Montgomery
Tim Daly ... Dr. Pete Wilder
Audra McDonald ... Dr. Naomi Bennett
Paul Adelstein ... Dr. Cooper Freedman
KaDee Strickland ... Dr. Charlotte King
Chris Lowell ... William 'Dell' Parker
Taye Diggs ... Dr. Sam Bennett
Amy Brenneman ... Dr. Violet Turner
David Sutcliffe ... Officer Kevin Nelson
Brian Benben ... Sheldon
Reef Karim ... Medical Consultant
Grant Show ... Archer Montgomery
Geffri Maya Hightower ... Maya Bennett
Jayne Brook ... Dr. Meg Porter
Jay Harrington ... Dr. Wyatt Lockhart
Sharon Leal ... Sonya
Jane Clark ... Nurse
James Pickens Jr. ... Dr. Richard Webber
Andy Milder ... Doug Adams
Nina Siemaszko ... Kathleen
Christopher Wiehl ... Jeffrey
Diarra Kilpatrick ... Nurse
Karen Strassman ... Anesthesiologist
David Pearl ... Hospital Visitor
Shavon Kirksey ... Maya Bennett
Kathy Christopherson ... Carrie Sinclair
Jeffrey Doornbos ... Matt Sinclair
Sarah Drew ... Judy
Robert Radlach ... Hospital Vistor

Created by:
Shonda Rhimes

Writing credits:
Shonda Rhimes
Michael Ostrowski
Marti Noxon
Jon Cowan
Robert L. Rovner
Craig Turk
Ayanna Floyd
Emily Halpern
Lauren Schmidt
Steve Blackman

Opening theme: "What I've Done"
Written by: Chad Fischer
Timothy Bright
Singing: Until June

Original music by:
Chad Fischer
Timothy Bright

Cinematography by:
Lex DuPont

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Mark Tinker
Jeffrey Melman
James Frawley
Michael Zinberg

Produced by:
Shonda Rhimes
Betsy Beers
Mark Gordon
Ann Kindberg
Michael Ostrowski
Lauren Schmidt
Mark Tinker
Hans van Doornewaard
Chris Van Dusen
Marti Noxon
Jenna Bans
Andrea Newman
Steve Blackman
Jon Cowan
Ayanna Floyd
Robert L. Rovner
Craig Turk
Mark Wilding

Number of seasons: 2

Original channel:

ABC Studios

2008: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Taye Diggs for playing "Dr. Sam Bennett", nominated) NAACP Image Awards
2008: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Audra McDonald for playing "Dr. Naomi Bennett", nominated) NAACP Image Awards
2008: Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series (Shonda Rhimes for "Private Practice", nominated) NAACP Image Awards
2009: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Taye Diggs for playing "Dr. Sam Bennett", won NAACP Image Awards
2009: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Audra McDonald for playing "Dr. Naomi Bennett", nominated) NAACP Image Awards
2008: Favorite New TV Drama (nominated) People's Choice Award
2008: BMI TV Music Award (Chad Fischer, Tim Bright, won) BMI Film & TV Awards

Also Known As:
Doktor Addison
Private Practice
Sin cita previa
Untitled 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-off


The role of Naomi Bennett was played by Merrin Dungey in the pilot episode's "Grey's Anatomy: The Other Side of This Life: Part 1 (#3.22)" (2007) and "Grey's Anatomy: The Other Side of This Life: Part 2 (#3.23)" (2007).

Alexandra Holden plays 2 different character on "Grey's Anatomy" (2005) (as Jamie) and "Private Practice" (2007) (as Laura). Both characters are the patient of Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh).

Jayne Brook joined the cast as a recurring character in October 2008 as Meg Porter, a Doctor Without Borders physician and Pete's love interest.[



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Michael P. Richards  - Private Practice: Season 2: Tremendous!   |2009-11-27 10:02:47
I work in hospital administration at Santa Monica-UCLA and I am a Patient Liaison in UCLA Emergency Medicine, Ronald Reagan-UCLA, Westwood, and I don't have time to watch the show until the DVD's come out. I am three quarters through the second season and the character development and writing are both sensational. The show reminds me of UCLA Healthcare and the external shots of Santa Monica, the beach, etc., are so close to SMH-UCLA, that I feel like the show is in our hospital. What I love about Private Practice vs. Grey's Anatomy is that the show has captured the look and real feel of Los Angeles medicine and its Physicians with all the different patient issues, whereas to me Grey's Anatomy is like a soap opera with its continuing headlines on cast issues,etc. I would love to have any member of the show shadow with me in Ronald Reagan, or at SMH-UCLA to see the patient care we provide at UCLA. Thank you.
Michael P. Richards, UCLA Healthcare Staff
Leah   |2011-05-06 17:27:54
What is the name of the singer in closing the May 5, 2011 episode of Private Practice when Charlotte and Cooper were flying to Las Vegas?
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