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The Mentalist

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The Mentalist tv seriesA double murder seems to be the work of a notorious serial killer named Red John, but CBI consultant Patrick Jane thinks it's the work of a copycat.

The CBI is called in to investigate the murder of a young woman, found tied up and dumped in a Northern Napa County vineyard. Lisbon focuses on the theory that this was the result of a lovers' quarrel, but Jane believes this may be the work of a serial killer. He investigates his own theories and gets the team's assistance with a plan to catch the killer.

Jason Sands, a wealthy banker and political contributor is found dead inside his residence vault. After being tortured, he had bled to death in his vault. Patrick and the team delve into Jason's private life to find the murderer.

The Mentalist - tv series

(2008 - till now) - Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman

Genre: Drama


Simon Baker ... Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney ... Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang ... Kimball Cho
Owain Yeoman ... Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti ... Grace Van Pelt
Gregory Itzin ... Virgil Minelli
Dotan Baer ... SWAT
Angela Martinez ... News Anchor
Maxine Bahns ... Jane's Wife
Richard Schimmelpfenneg ... Bomb Squad

Created by:
Bruno Heller

Writing credits:
Bruno Heller
Gary Glasberg
Eoghan Mahony
Andi Bushell
Erika Green
Ken Woodruff
Ashley Gable

Opening theme: "The Mentalist Theme"
Written by: Blake Neely

Original music by:
Blake Neely

Cinematography by:
Geary McLeod

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Chris Long
David Barrett
David Nutter

Produced by:
Charles Goldstein
Ashley Gable
Bruno Heller
Andi Bushell
Gary Glasberg
Chris Long
Eoghan Mahony
Leanne Moore
Peter Lauritson

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:

Warner Bros. Television

Also Known As:
A Mentalista
The Mentalist


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