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Verliebt in Berlin

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Verliebt in BerlinThe original season of the serial comedy-drama followed the life of the unsophisticated but good-natured Lisa Plenske, and her incongruous job at the ultra-chic Berlin fashion house "Kerima Moda"; while the second season revolved around Lisa's half-brother Bruno and junior designer Hannah Refrath. Lisa and Bruno's status as two "fish out of water" drove much of the story plot.

Verliebt in Berlin - telenovela

(2005 - 2007) - Alexandra Neldel, Mathis Künzler, Manuel Cortez


Wilhelm Manske ... Friedrich Seidel
Lara-Isabelle Rentinck ... Kimberly Frederike 'Kim' Seidel
Lilly Anders ... Ariane Sommerstädt
Oliver Bokern ... Jürgen Decker
Hubertus Regout ... Hugo Haas
Gabrielle Scharnitzky ... Sophie von Brahmberg
Laura Osswald ... Hannah Refrath
Volker Herold ... Bernd Plenske
Ulrike Mai ... Helga Plenske
Olivia Pascal ... Laura Seidel
Alexandra Neldel ... Elisabeth 'Lisa' Plenske
Matthias Dietrich ... Timo Pietsch
Bärbel Schleker ... Yvonne Kuballa
Alexander Sternberg ... Max Petersen
Mathis Künzler ... David Seidel
Claudia Weiske ... Gabriele Kamps
Nina-Friederike Gnädig ... Sabrina Hofmann
Stefanie Höner ... Inka Pietsch
Karim Köster ... Richard von Brahmberg
Susanne Szell ... Agnes Hetzer
Bianca Hein ... Mariella von Brahmberg
Clayton Nemrow ... Lars van der Lohe
Manuel Cortez ... Robert 'Rokkó Kowalski
Susanne Berckhemer ... Britta Paul
Shai Hoffmann ... Alexander Greifenhagen
Dieter Bach ... Johannes Fuchs
Tim Sander ... Bruno Lehmann
Thorsten Feller ... Paolo Amendola
Matthias Gall ... Sven Lindbergh
Daniel Roesner ... Luis Rothenburg
Alexandra Seefisch ... Doreen Vogel
Anja Thiemann ... Theresa Maria Funke
Nora Düding ... Angelina Martens
Astrid Posner ... Monique Westermann
Roman Rossa ... Viktor Karski
Sven Rothkirch ... Kellner Georg Stellberg
Julia Malik ... Nora Lindbergh
Janin Reinhardt ... Alex Weidenstein
Matthias Rott ... Boris Wudtke
Martina Baumann ... Tierpflegerin
Kristina Van Eyck ... Tante Carlotta Amendola
Christian Rogler ... Abdullah ben Suleiman III.
Roberto Guerra ... Giorgio Donatelli
Yvonne Hornack ... Peggy Refrath
Maike Jüttendonk ... Judith Haake

Created by
Michael Esser
Peter Schlesselmann

Directed by
Klaus Kemmler
Hans-Henning Borgelt

Writing credits
Heiko Zupke
Holger Badura
Jörg-Michael Friedrich
Michael Esser

Executive producers:
Christian Popp

Original channel : Sat.1

Cinematography by
Martin Meyer
Thomas C. Wager

Language : German
Country: Germany


Remake of Betty la Fea

During the shooting, Alexandra Neldel had to wear a fat suit, glasses and a brace to make her character "ugly"

Broadcasting network SAT 1 decided to produce 200 episodes. After the show reached the best ratings in its time slot, it was prolonged for 6 months (2005)

7.35 million viewers watched episode 365, in which Alexandra Neldel, Mathis Künzler and Manuel Cortez made their final appearances on the show, which marked an all-time-record for a German daily soap opera/telenovela (1 September 2006)

Lisa was called "Lily" in earlier versions

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