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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo tv serialIn the background of poverty, the extreme sacrifices that Laali makes is a moving story. This seventeen year old girl lives with her parents and her younger siblings in a village called Koyna in Bihar. They come from a low cast background and by profession are rat killers or ‘Musahars’ who help the Zamindars to protect their land and homes from infestation. The father scrapes together a small income and the girl does odd jobs around the village to support him. And like any other girl her age, she also dreams of a happy life after her marriage to a man who loves her. So will her dreams ever come true after a life of struggle and disappointments? Will her father be able to fulfill his daughter’s desires after he has seen her give up her childhood to help him meet ends?

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo - tv serial

(2009) - Ratan Rajput, Abhishek Rawat


Ratan Rajput ... Laali
Rupa Ganguly ... Sumitra
Sukirti Kandpal ... Siddheshwari
Aditya Lakhia ... Nanku
Tuhina Vora ... Majri
Anupam Shyam ... Bali
Richa Mukherjee ... Rekha
Shefali ...Labhli
Rafan Khan ... Munna
Supriya Kumari ... Shanichari
Akanksha Gilani ... Phoolmatiya
Ajay Kumar Singh ... Sipahiya
Abhishek Rawat ... Shekhar
Sudesh Berry ...Loha Singh
Sushmita Mukherjee ... Gangiya
Surbhi Tiwari ... Nandini
Karan Mehra ... Ganeshiya
Sachal Tyagi ... Ranvijay

Writing credits
Kiran Bedi

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Kiran Bedi

Produced by
Kiran Bedi

Swastik Pictures
Zee TV


The show was earlier titled Gauna

Sulagna Panigrahi from Amber Dhara was first asked for the role of Laali

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VAISHALI  - supperb serial   |2009-10-08 10:30:15
To Mr. Kiran Bedi,

Heartiest congratulation to you for writing such a nice story. I think you must have studied lot about the poor people in Bihar. Hats of to you Sir,its really appericiable. Its a very unique story. and not the typical story of sas bahu. YOur characters are also very unique and very much apt to the characters.Laali and Shekhar are very nice jodi.Laali is a very strong character,and Ms Rajan Rajput has done a marvellous job,she is a very very good actor,everyday we appericiate her,give our bestwishes to her,she will grow big and big in this industry,My husband always tells me that she will eat up all the other actress if she moves in HIndi Film. Sir, your dialogues are also supperb,the way they speak,their accent. In short,YOUR ARE GREAT,DO COME UP WITH SUCH STORIES.ALL THE BEST.
All the characters have done excellent job,your direction is also very good.
I got an opportunity to convey my comment to you,Ialway wished todothis.
Jay   |2009-12-06 21:34:14
Congradulations and best wishes for ur great job that u send to our hearts.Specialy I want to say thanks to lali.Her acting,accent mind blowing.Now all ur charecters are a part of our family. Best wishes,

Thanks once again
retired Delhi police
Kribashnee  - Excellent story line   |2010-04-23 06:57:20
WOW what a great story it is so touching I am learning so much about India and its values amazing .. Bravo to you Kiran Bedi !!!
Thanks for excellent entertainment !!
South Africa
Geetha  - excellent   |2010-10-22 04:30:26

I'm a fan from Malaysia. The story is fantastic.It can make u cry, laugh and excited too. Keep it up. I love Miss Ratan.Keep up ur good acting. Shekar's love for her is wonderful.Thanks.
Minoti Rajput  - When will things get better?   |2010-11-13 16:16:47
I have been hooked on this show. I am attracted to lali's charater because of her fighting spirit.You have portrayed Sumitra beautifully as a Zamindar's fight who was forced to be submissive all her life. It is heartening to see her learn from Lali to fight injustice.
I am however, frustrated as to what message you are trying to convey. I can understand that the plight of poor people and women is still as bad as you have written. Can this also be an opportunity to provide a message of hope? Good has conquered evil for generations.That is why we celebrate Diwali and Dashera. When will we celebrate good over evil on your show? Your male characters are either demons like Loha and Ranvijay or they are spineless like Madhur.In Bihar do they raise men to be normal who protect their women and can separate truth from the untruth nad fight for justice? I would lov eto see a more positive note on this story that started beutifully but I am tired of the ongoing saga of tragedy. Let us celebrate soon.
manoj  - Awesome   |2012-04-12 08:39:05

Im really touched with this story.I dont know,this is first time i am trying to watch all episodes thru internet.It awesome bcoz all this are original specially the role of lali and shekar.

Deepshika   |2012-06-05 13:52:52
That's a fantastic movie!wow!
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