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Chand Chupa Badal Mein

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Chand Chupa Badal Mein tv serialHave you ever noticed that group of girls in college who always arrive on time by their respective local buse, attend all lectures. never go near the canteen, hang around together, hardly interact with anyone else, have never spoken to the guys in their class, even though secretly they might like some and then simply go back home?

Chand Chupa Baadal Mein explores middle-class world and dreams of Nivedita. It is the journey of a motherless, young girl in Shimla, who delicately balances the role of playing mother of the house while being painfully shy in interacting with strangers and outsiders. It is also the story of the great Indian middle-class struggle to grow big with the emerging economy of the ruthless strain it puts on youngsters to achieve it all for their family, even if the same comes at the cost of their youth, or their personal dreams.

It is Nivedita who will have to grow from a shy, gawky middle-class young girl with a crush on her most-desirable bachelor neighbour to a young woman who has to take charge of her the finances of family, and even go out and work to support their dreams at the cost of her own. Whether the moon will step out of the clouds, whether Nivedita will get noticed, and realize her true dreams of love, form the core story of Chand Chupa Baadal Mein.


Chand Chupa Badal Mein - tv serial

(2010) - Neha Sargam, Kinshuk Mahajan, Abhishek Tiwari


Neha Sargam ... Nivedita Viren Sood
Kinshuk Mahajan ... Viren Sood
Rishima Roshlani ... Divya Siddharth Sood
Abhishek Tiwari ... Siddharth Sood
Madan joshi ... Bhupat Rai Sood
Sushma ... Yeshodara Sood
Nitika Anand ... Vandana Sood
Ashish Kapoor ... Jawahar Sood
Payal Nair ... Chanchal Sood
Sarita Joshi ... Nayanthara
Punkaj Kalraa ... Pratap
Kanan Malhotra... Aditya
Shilpa Tulaskar ... herself
Javed Akhtar ... The Voiceover
Nupur Alankar ... Sharmila Khanna

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music
Javed Akhtar

Cinematography by

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Rajan Shahi
Romesh Kalra
Sunand Kumar

Produced by
Rajan Shahi



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Anonymous   |2011-05-11 16:18:02
I Like your serial I watch Everyday I'm form America/U.S.A
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