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Chhoti Bahu... Sindoor Bin Suhaagan

(90 votes)

Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan tv serialChoti Bahu is the story of Radhika, a simple girl living in the pious city of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. A dutiful daughter, a loving sister, and above all an ardent worshipper of Lord Krishna who is adopted by a revered priest Pandit Brij Mohan Shastri and his beloved wife. However, she is nothing more than a glorified servant to Amma who is Pandit Shastri's mother, despite the fact being that she is an adopted daughter.

Many problems begin when Dev and Radhika fall in love. Dev does get married to Radhika, but now thinks it was an illusion. Vishaka goes into Dev's house as the Choti Bahu, in place of Radhika. Her goal is to become an actress, and she wants to use Dev's family's money to complete her goal. The story revolves around Radhika's sacrifices to keep her family happy, twisting from one troublesome situation to another. The only refuge she has is her only friend – Lord Krishna.

Chhoti Bahu... Sindoor Bin Suhaagan - tv serial

(2008 - 2009) - Rubina Dilaik, Avinash Sachdev


Rubina Dilaik ... Radhika Shastri/Purohit
Avinash Sachdev ... Dev Purohit
Priyanka Mishra ... Vishaka Shastri
Rajiv Verma ... Brij Mohan Shastri
Samta Sagar ... Devki Shastri
Gopi Desai ... Amma
Surendra Pal ... Mr. Purohit
Prabha Sinha ... Vaishali Purohit
Rita Bhaduri ... Dadi
Rajiv Kumar ... Vivek Purohit
Kirti Kelkar ... Mrinalini Purohit
S M Zaheer ... Brij Mohan Shastri
Sanjay Batra ... Susheel Purohit
Raj Logani ... Arjun Purohit
Shashank Sethi ... Keshav Chaubey
Darshan Gandas ... Purab

Writing credits
Damini Kanwal Shetty

Song: Choti Bahu
Written by:
Singing: Pamela Jain

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Mohit Kumar Jha

Produced by
Tony Singh
Deeya Singh

Zee TV

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mariah kissoon  - choti bahu   |2009-09-20 00:28:30
will dev and radika get married
isha doolum  - choti babu   |2012-12-07 13:17:01
Dev & Radhika will married very soon
Maureen Brij  - Chotti Bahu   |2009-09-30 01:39:47
I really enjoy watching the series. It has so many lessons/. Radhika & dev are too good.

Ramniklal Karelia  - Retired   |2009-10-02 21:24:22
[I am so happy that Radhika and DEV are so nearer and waiting their marriage and will see what happens then.Very powerful saga
Reena  - Chotti bahu   |2009-10-23 16:23:56
i cant wait till dev finds out tht his true love is lovely radikha =)
vijay patel  - r   |2009-12-05 00:09:23
Radhe Radhe

It's a nice to see sri vrindavan and that's way one can think of krsna and become a devotee,

Radhe radhe-- lali
Kribashnee  - Chotti Bahu rocks   |2010-04-23 07:04:42
Hello ,

we recently connected to zee TV, i started watching chotti bahu and fell in love with the story !!
I am so happy that Dev and Radihika are finally going to be together:-) true love does previle over evil.

Mohit Kumar Jha job well done !!!

South Africa
shoma  - choti bhahu   |2010-05-05 21:05:11
i hope nothing seperate radika and dev
asthasharma47  - Dev n Radhika   |2010-08-29 07:17:26
I realy enjoy watching the serial.

Radhika n dev are good
Rakesh Kumar Jha  - Hello to Mohit Mama   |2011-04-25 07:48:06
Mohit mamu,

Your CB serial is to good.

Please give us change to act also.
Unice  - choti babu   |2013-04-11 08:58:10
Dev & Radhika are marriage in real life already and so they will by all means get marry in this series
Mohammed hajara  - Choti bahu   |2013-04-30 23:08:33
I can wait to see how this story would end
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