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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi tv serialGeet is a family drama which focuses on a strict Punjabi family who want to get the eldest daughter of the house, Geet, married. This happens traditionally where boy meets girl and the marriage is arranged. Geet is shown to be a vulnerable girl who is pressurized to get married to a man, Dev she doesn’t feel quite right with.

As time goes by Geet begins to fall for Dev. As Dev is an NRI, Geet’s family actually doesn’t know his background and history, and they trust him by the way he presents himself to them. Then a twist comes in the story. Dev’s family seems mysterious. It looks as if they have a secret. Slowly as the show proceeds we find out that Naintara who is supposedly Dev’s sister-in-law, is actually his wife, and Dev is caught in a huge money issue where they have came to India to procure the money and they are intending to get it in dowry from Geet’s family.

And Geet finally gets married to Dev in a quiet traditional ceremony, totally unaware that the wedding priest is fake. The next day Geet and her in-laws are suppose to leave for Canada. As it is a tradition to hand down a lot of dowry to the grooms family, Geets grandfather hands them land papers that belong to Geet. On the day that Geet is getting ready to fly to Canada Dev puts sleeping pills in her coffee and leaves her at the airport.

Geet is deceived and wakes up in a police station. She is brought back to her family home by her father and every one is shocked to know that they have been robbed and cheated. Geet, now infatuated with love for Dev feels that Dev could never betray her, and finds different ways to reach out to her ‘husband’, Dev. She tries many times but fails because her elder brother, Brij keeps finding her, and retorts that she is slowly becoming independent and brave.

Geet again try’s to find Dev by calling him at his house in Canada, and she talks to Naintara, Dev’s wife. But she fails when Brij turns up there just in time. This is where Maan enters Geet’s life the third time. Geet encountered Maan when she was in danger, once, when she was being chased by goons,he saved her. The second time was when, on the night of her wedding she found Dev missing and she bumped into him.

Maan is like her philosopher for her, where she begins to use his advice that he gives every time she comes across him to go further in life. He shows her the reality. The third time he shows up, he shows Geet her land papers which were sold off to Maan. This makes Geet finally realize that she has been cheated by her so-called husband, Dev. A couple of days later, Geet finds out that she is pregnant with Dev’s child.

One day, Maan corners Geet and tells her that she has to go to Amritsar with him to get the papers legalized or else he will forcefully drag her to Amritsar in front of her whole family. In Canada, Naintara gets a call from Geet who tells her that she is pregnant with Dev’s child and Naintara immediately takes a flight to India. Naintara is furious with Dev over how he betrayed her by sleeping with another woman.

Maan takes Geet to Amritsar where she meets Naintara and Naintara informs her that Dev is already married to her. Geet becomes devastated and refuses to go back to Hoshiarpur with Maan. Brij then finds her and takes her home, where she tells the family that she is going to have a child. Her family becomes furious and asks her to abort the child to which Geet refuses. So her grandfather (Darjee) orders Brij to kill her.

Geet runs away from her house and Brij and his men try to kill her. She nearly gets killed when Maan enters and saves her. Maan tells Geet to file a police complaint against Brij, but Geet refuses and goes back to her village where she openly tells everyone about the doings of her family to the villagers. Another man Gurwinder, who also suffered because of Brij’s doings, brings the police and Brij gets arrested.

Geet breaks all ties from her family. Geet goes to Delhi. Interestingly that is where Maan has also headed. While Geet has headed to Delhi her childhood friend, Pinky help her way out to her problems unknowningly it was Geet’s own father who asks Pinky's father for help. Geet is offered the post of boss secreatry in Pinky’s office. Geet accepts the offer without knowing her boss is none other than Mann Khurana (who is well known as M.K).

Maan is disturbed by Geet’s actions because she he thinks she makes mistakes but actually its Sasha and Tasha who are trying to get Geet fired. Maan is now slowly falling in love with Geet. When she is being asked to organize a party at her workplace in Maan’s office. It is a big moment for her, and an opportunity to prove her skills. But unfortunately Sasha ruins all by changing the food from continental and thai to samosas, alloo ke parathe and chole bhatore. Tasha on Sasha’s orders gives Geet a clothing inappropriate for the party and then they both on purpose rip her saree. Maan and Geet come closer during the party and so Sasha tries to humiliate Geet. Geet does not know that Maan is Dev’s older brother while Maan does not know what Dev did to Gee.


Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - tv serial

(2010) - Drashti Dhami, Gurmeet Chaudhary


Drashti Dhami ... Geet
Gurmeet Chaudhary ... Mann Singh Khurana
Samir Sharma ... Dev
Anju Mahendru ... Savitri Devi
Abhinav Shukla ... Dev Khurana
Karishma Randeva ... Naintara
Parneet Bhatt ... Adi
Aditi Chopra ... Pinky
Kanika Maheshwari ... Sasha
Jay Bhanushali ... Yash Malhotra
Perneet Chauhan ... Meera
Aakanksha Nimonkar ... Tasha
Neha Jhulka ... Pari
Talat Rekhi ... Daarji (Sukhdev Lal Handa)
Piyush Sahdev ... Arjun Rathore
Beizaad Khan ... Brij
Shalini Kapoor ... Rano
Nikunj Malik ... Anvesha Khurana
Vicky Ahuja ... Mohinderlaal
Neelu Kohli ... Rupinder
Jay Bhanushali ... Aditya
Trishikha Tiwari ... RAJJI

Writing credits
Mrinal Jha

Written by:
Singing: Daler Mehndi

Original music
Daler Mehndi
Raju Singh

Cinematography by

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Nissar Parvez

Produced by
Gul Khan

Star One


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navya  - geet hui sabse parayi   |2011-04-24 19:17:53
geet is good-looking woman i like to watch this serial
BALJEET KUAR  - GEET-HUI SABSE PARAYI   |2011-05-24 00:38:17
I really like this programme this is the best programme i have ever seen n hope it wont stop also the character maan n geet u can feel lov with them.
Man   |2011-09-02 11:11:22
Plz dont end geet plz star one ab to bolo buhat ho gaya
shilpisaha  - request   |2011-12-21 06:12:15
please bring back the show on Star Utsab IT is not only just a show for me or i have make the request this for the good looking stars.the show have brought a new dream,a ray of hope,a new stating to my life.last year I am going through a mental disturbance .it seems that all paths are closed to me.but when I have started to watch the show I feel just like anew ray of hope have entered in my life like God's bless.It is a great source of inspiration to please stat again the show on Star Utsab please.the sudden of ending the show and the channel is just like a big shock to me. it is my life. Please bring back the show on star utsab please.
shilpi   |2011-12-22 05:38:46
please bring back the show on star utsab please.
Anonymous   |2012-01-20 06:52:18
Please back geet and maan in starutsav.
manveen kaur  - geet hui sabse parayi   |2012-05-05 15:45:07
i luv that show very much ye couple baahut hi pyaara hai iss serial ke producers ,direcyors puri team baahaut aachi hai ye jodi india mein nahi puri duniya mein saab se zaada famous kya chemistry hai dono ki mein aap saab ke bina rehe nahi saakti .mene toh aap saab ke upper diary likhi usme aap saab ke baare mein likha hai aap meri id pe jaaiye facebook ki meri puri id maan geet se bhaari hui hai mene itne saare pages groups baanaye aap saab ke upper.aap hasate bhi baahaut ho aur rulate bhi baahaut ho .mene serial ka haar ek ek episode likha haiek bhi repeat telecast nahi choda mene serial ka paagal hu ,ythi aur hamesha raahu gi aap ke liye chhye se4rial khaatam ho gaaya chaaiye gurmeet drashti alaag ho gaaye ho paar maan geet kabhi alaag nahi ho saakte.luving u to much nd missing u to muchMAANEET dekh lenagul khan hum fans se pareshan ho jaaye gi aur unhe geet serial ko phir se wapis lana hi paade ge aur hum fans kabhi haar nahi maane ge aur nahi maani hai hum ladte hai ,ladte raahaye ge apna serioal wapis lane ke liye apne maan geet wapis lana ke liye
Anonymous   |2012-08-22 19:10:47
Geet is really so good. It is my fav serial till now. I also like drashti's new serial madhubala
Saji  - Geet   |2012-09-09 15:47:01
Miss the show Geet very much...Thank god it is being played once again on Star Utsav. Please can we have Geet season 2 with the same cast....Want to see Gurti together....
Anonymous   |2012-10-01 19:30:54
Maneet is the best jodi for me n drashti is my best actress. I also want to see maneet together in a new show. But now madhubala is also good. If gave the rank then i give 1st position to geet and 2nd to madhubala.
Anonymous   |2012-10-09 17:06:28
I agree with you. I also want the same.
Anonymous   |2012-10-09 17:03:43
I like drashti the most i want she won the best actress in people's choice award n maneet as best onscreen jodi
Anonymous   |2012-10-09 17:21:57
Guys did you hear the new geet ringtone. Its very nice but it have been created after closing this show. It is mahi ve ringtone in female voice you must hear it.
ramajan jakati  - geet   |2013-02-03 15:40:35
its very nice serial .
Anonymous  - Geet   |2013-04-04 00:05:03
i loved this series could we please have this on DVD with English subtitles there is a High Demand of people who wish to own this series please
Anonymous   |2013-04-05 11:28:41
Happy aniversery geet (drashti)
shruti  - i love your serioul drusthi dhami and gurmeet cho   |2013-05-17 07:30:10
geet and maan are best character in the world.they are world most beautiful couple in the world.
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