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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

(323 votes)

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa DilThis is a story of promises and an immortal love that transcends all boundaries. It is set against a traditional Punjabi family backdrop. This is the story of two friends Balraaj Maan and Lalit Juneja who live in Ambala and the promise they make to each other….the promise which decides the destiny of their children Heer and Prem. Heer is a very simple girl who accepts all decision taken by her parents. Her parents decide a boy for her but destiny has something else in store for her. On the other hand, Prem  is mamma’s boy but also the one who keeps the family together.

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil - tv serial

(2008) - Aditi Gupta, Harshad Chopra


Additi Gupta ... Heer Maan / Juneja
Harshad Chopra ... Prem Juneja / Gaurav Sharma
Virendra Saxena ... Balraj Maan
Sadhna Singh ... Teji Maan
Mahesh Shetty ... Nihaal Maan
Vaishali Sehdev ... Meher Maan / Juneja
Ranjeev Verma ... Balwant Maan
Tasneem Sheikh ... Daljeet Maan
Praneeta Sahu ... Vishaka Maan / Chabaria
Mihika Verma ... Ashlesha Maan
Sudha Shivpuri ... Saraswati Devi
Tanaaz Currim ... Kuljeet
Avinash Sachdev ... Manmeet / Prashant Chabaria
Meenal Pendse ... Ashpreet Chabaria
Ekta Sharma ... Preeto Chabaria
Zyed Zafarr Ali ... Manmeet
Deepak Quzi ... Lalit Juneja
Shama Deshpande ... Gayatri Juneja
Bhavna Kathri / Nidhi Tikoo ... Kulraj Gupta
Manav Vij ... Kiren Gupta
Manoj Chandila / Tabrez Khan ... Harman Juneja
Sushant Rajput ... Preet Juneja
Krystal D'Souza ... Veera Juneja / Maan
Rahul ... Ketan Gupta
Ananya ... Tanu Gupta
Muskaan Uppal ... Chahat Juneja
Mahi ... Gungun Juneja
Jai Kalra ... Rishabh Rampal
Apara Mehta ... Bharti Rampal
Vishal Thakkar / Dev Keswani ... Dheer / Shouray Rampal
Dimple Jhangiani ... Sanjana Rampal
Madhura Naik ... Maya Bindar / Juneja
Nitin Trivedi ... Mr.Bindar
Sanjeeda Sheikh ... Mahi
Aamir Ali ... Meet
Jannatpreet Kaur ... Young Heer Maan
Kritika Singhal / Arzoo Batra ... Simran
Kalyani Trivedi ... Jugni
Kanika Shivpuri ... Surabhi Devi
Amit Jain ... Raj
Jay Bhanushali ... Yuvraj Arora
Panchi Bora / Priya Bathija ... Soni Arora
Simran Khanna ... Geet
Rupa Ganguly ... Teji Maan

Song: Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Singing: Richa Sharma

Original music
Lalit Sen

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Garry Bhinder
Santram Verma
Anoop Roy
Deepak Fahad

Produced by
Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor

Balaji Telefilms


This Show replaced the soap Kasautii Zindagi Kay

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warda   |2008-08-20 19:25:34
i just love this drama i think that that preet & salesha are really cute together plz plz show more about them also i love preem nd heer also plz don't make them seperate just like ur other shows
Saisha  - To Ekta   |2008-09-29 01:51:35
I am a Veryyyy big fan of Harshad. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Ekta dnt kill Prem's character in this serial. I am 100% sure even 50% audience wont watch da show any more if Prem is not there nd I m an example of that. :angry:
asifparvez  - comment on serial   |2008-10-08 23:20:35
:) iam a big fan of this serial specially in heer and prem jodi when prem dies iam very dissapointed with ekta please bring back prem and in this serial ilove heer work she,s very beutiful and gorgaeus she is very cute
asha  - this is just tooo sad   |2008-10-10 05:25:46
i am a fan of kis desh mein hai meraa dil, ok and ekta had to spoil it. heer and prem used to look so cute together, if there is no harshad as prem then i am not watching it any more nearly all the people has stopped watching.PLEASE BRING HARSHAD BACK TO THE SHOW, PLEASE EKTA KAPOOR THANK U VERY MUCH
Sarah  - Comment about the drama serial, "Kis Desh Mein Ha   |2008-10-11 07:43:18
Hi there,

I wanna say something about the drama serial, "Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil". I & many ppl like me, started to see this drama because of the pair of HEER & PREM. In this drama serial we were showed that there is a girl named HEER who was told by everyone, from her very early childhood that she is engaged with a guy & one day that guy will come to take her away with him forever. She just lived her whole life waiting for that guy, she made so much sacrifices for him. After a very long & difficult time, she atlast got him. When they were getting married you people showed that, that guy PREM is dead. I couldn't get what u ppl wanna tell the veiwers?? In the whole drama, from the beginning till now I just found lots & lots of tragedies, nothing else. People use to see TV & dramas to get a bit relaxed, to learn something, to get some courage to live their lives in a better way. When u ppl will just show the tragedies what they'll learn from it. In the real life tragedies are available for everyone for no cost. You ppl can make it much better, instead of making him dead because of any reason, u ppl can let the viewers show that how they ppl struggled for their family after they got married. There can be many ways out. In the very start of the story, death of a hero made very bad image. U ppl not only destroyed the pair of PREM & HEER but also make ppl to lost their interest in this drama. I never saw such drama that has nothing except tears all the time. If u people were demonstrating a good family image, u just destroyed by urself after the death of hero PREM. This thing made this drama really very pathetic. I & many of us lost all of the interest in this drama. Still if u can make all this a dream & show PREM alive, it'll be the best thing f this drama.
Binder  - Prem   |2008-10-14 11:45:12
I totally agree with Sarah. This drama did turn out be really pathetic!!! Could you not have done a better job Ekta??? Are you that miserable in life that you had to write something like this. I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed in this drama of yours. I am no longer interested in this serial anymore as I have no reason to watch it anymore. Hope you realize the damage you have caused to a lot of viewers and how this will affect everyone's attitude towards watching anything you have written going forward.
katz  - Not Convinced   |2008-10-15 16:52:07
I was quite shocked to learn that Prem will be no more in KDMHMD but I kept on convincing myself that he will be back! I thought he will be alive coz in film industry main actors/actress hardly dies but after seeing he's body it is rather sad to even imagine how Ekta will get him alive (that is if she is listening to other viewers opinions) unless someone is dreaming all this as this happened before in the show where Heer got lost in Tornado and Prem's dad had a dream that Prem jumps over the cliff with Heer's body. Prem & Heer went through alot and this was the time to show their unity and the first step was to get married and then show issues/problems after their married life and so forth...Anyway I am still not convinced that Prem is dead. I am not interested in this show anymore if there is no Prem in KDMHMD. This show will definately fallback without Prem in it and it sucks to see him go just when he was in demand for more!!! I am still NOT CONVINCED OF HIS DEATH :'(
Shweta  - Not At all Happy   |2008-10-20 21:01:47
Hi EKTA & Vikas ,

Myself and other viewers are not at all happy the way the serial has taken turn.Ekta you are trying to act smart.You want good trp for the show so you keep on showing Prem.
Meanwhile , you are trying to focus on Preet by showing him beaten by his father and making his life miserable so that People start sympathyising with preet and we the people will then shift our focus to Preet and hence Prem will be forgotten.Then one day you will stop showing Prem and story will be never ending like kyonki.....
We are not fool Ekta.This time you will have to pay for your deeds as everyone has undestood your trick and in no way people will turn on with your serial till you decide to bring back our lead HC as Prem.
I tell you Ekta you are going wih bad phase as
1.kahani ....ended
2.Kyonki... on verge to be forcfully closed as star has decided not to extend
3.kahani hamare mahabharat ...No viewers so it will go off air any time or if you have enough money then probably you will be the only viewer to watch it.serial is not even in 100 serials.

So you better change your decision and take a wise step and BRING HC AS PREM BACK.
missy  - prem   |2008-10-26 07:58:43
i agree with other prem is diead we here in new zealand we don't have any interest watching kdmhmd. EKTA i hope u going 2 read my comment ( u out of ur mind dear)
erum irshad  - aditi gupta and harshad chopra   |2008-10-29 21:23:27
hi guys ,
i just wanna say that i love heer and prem alot . i used to leave my work or my studies and see it daily just to watch heer and prem . Eventhough my exams were there i used to finish my studies and sit just 4 watching those 2 . and still i get excellent marks but as the days went off i came to know that prem is goin to die .i was sad but still i watched it . but i wanna say to ekta kapoor to bring harshad chpra back . the whole world wanna see then back together . so pleaz... bring harshad back . i hope u read this message.
ash  - ash and preet   |2009-04-08 13:12:38
ash and preet look so cute together.Y did u seperate dem ekta??? i am very disappointed and realli want mehar to leave preet for ashelesha>>>plzzz..bring them 2gther...i luv them both....

u just ruining this drama of u want to entertain us then put sum1 else in trouble y preet,ashlesha,heer,and prem.
u r not doin a good job sorrii to say..i know u want to make sum twists but u r just ruining da plz sort it out or no1 will watch it plz read my comments and make a note of ashlesha and preet...x
selema   |2008-11-01 01:21:16
hey cheer up the storyline still has loads of grief...
Raveena  - Stupid cow Ekta!!!   |2008-11-06 06:31:47
Bring prem back!!!! There is no way im watching this shit drama now. I only watched it cz of him. U must have a realli sad nd pathetic life for killing him off!!! READ MY COMMENT! BRING HIM BACK!!!
wewa   |2009-02-16 10:12:58
you had no right to kill prem
amina   |2009-03-02 14:28:34
prem is coming back in march heer is kidnapped i already no wats happening
pren as harshad is coming back as gaurav
manahil  - heer and prem   |2009-04-22 12:10:21
hiiii guys..
i am big fan of this drama and especially i am very very big fan of heer and prem. they are too much cute n shwweett guys and looking sooooo gorgeous.....
kajjal  - aditi and harshed   |2009-05-02 13:49:34
Thanxx it is really nice i am a big fan of prem and heer there r soo sweet together i wish there were real life cople
Best coupl are:
prem and heer

argun and arohi

dev and kajjal
Sara  - I luv prem-heer and preet-meher   |2009-05-11 15:21:34
Prem-heer are gorgeous. I can't just leave seeing them. I feel like crying and brings emotions. They are beautiful jodi. And I even like preet-meher. They r so cute and addorable. I'm gald that they are 2gether. I don't know about others but for me they rock!.......................rock n rock.........luv them.
aditi  - I just really Luv Prem- Heer and even Preet   |2009-06-24 08:07:51

When I started seeing this serial it was n't much interesting but today I love this to watch . Prem and Heer are both made for each other one should be like this .LOve to see both of them together. Just Luv. Thanks for giving such a nice luv birds.
sonia  - prem n heer 4eva lol   |2009-07-08 12:03:10
hey guys is it tru kis desh mein hai mera dil is gna finish on da 29th july 09. i hope not i bet it is cz prems back 4rm canada n his seen heer. i've gt a feeling its gna finish. n i hear heer has a daughter cwl :)fingers crossed dat it aint gna finish yet!
jiya  - hello !!   |2009-07-10 13:57:04
prem and heer are really very good couple (Y)(Y) yaar plz heer aur prem ko milwado plz plz ye bht acha drama hai aur ise acha hi rakhoo for god sake
K.Mahi  - hai   |2009-08-01 05:34:39
I am a big fan of KDMHMD serial in star plus.I saw the promo that the new timings of KDMHMD is 2:30pm.There will be so many fans who will miss this serial.Please telecast the serial at it regular time 8:30Pm or before 10:30Pm.PlZZZZZZZZZZZZ Iam requesting you.
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