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Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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Kitani Mohabbat Hai tv serialIt is said that love can change people unbelievably. This story starts with a mysterious man in jail who tells his own love story to his lawyer, Ganga Rai, because he insists only after getting him out of jail will she marry. The man's name is Arjun Punj and he narrates his and Arohi's love story.

Arjun is an arrogant business tycoon that learns the meaning of love when he meets Arohi, a simple small town girl brought up with the right values and dreams of becoming a singer. Their worlds collide when Arohi gets a job in Arjun's company as his personal assistant. Even though Arjun hates women because his mother left his father has he was a child, he can't help falling in love with Arohi. She proves to be opposite to everything he thought women represented. After many fights and a lot of romance, everything looks perfect for the two lovebirds. However, because of a bunch of misunderstandings, Arjun becomes the cause of a great calamity in Arohi’s life. Arohi leaves Shimla, her hometown, for Mumbai, the city of dreams, so that she can follow her dream of becoming a singer. Arjun’s leaves all the luxuries of his life, and goes against his father's wishes for the sole aim of watching over Arohi.

In Mumbai she meets Karan Singh, a famous singer and womanizer, who first steals Arohi's music yet later fallin love with her sweet nature and helps her achieve her dream of becoming a singer. Arohi now has to choose between Karan and Arjun. However, after Arjun saves her from a burning building, she realizes that Arjun still loves her very and despite what she had thought of him, she falls in love with him again. Than, Arjun and Arohi decide to marry. Arjun's father, D.K. Punj refuses this marriage and emotionally blackmails Arohi into leaving Arjun without giving him a reason. Arohi than decides to accept Karan's wedding proposal. On the wedding day, Arjun kidnaps Arohi to prevent her from marrying Karan which makes her question his character. During the wedding, Arohi's father, Hari Prasad, falls off the slippery balcony while talking to Arjun about him accepting his and Arohi's love. The blame is placed on Arjun thus sending him to jail for two and a half years before he is executed.

Arohi's marriage is halted and during this time, she accomplishes her dream of becoming a famous singer. On Arjun's execation day, Arohi decides to watch her sister Sur's wedding video which is actually a real account of Hari Prasad's death. She runs to the prison in time to save Arjun's life however decides not to meet him. Instead, Arohi decides to return to Shimla to lead a quiet life. Arjun also decides to return to Shimla. After a lot of mishaps and almost meetings, Arjun and Arohi both decide to travel to Shimla via train. At the train station, as Arohi is helping an old lady, she is about to miss the train. As she sees it, he remember's her mother's letter from the beginning of the show which says her destiny will find her. As she is thinking, a hand comes out of the train and she runs to it. The hand belongs to Arjun. As they look at each other, they simply hug to express their love for each other. Back in Shimla, they have the big, traditional wedding they have always dreamed of.

Kitani Mohabbat Hai - tv serial

(2009) - Karan Kundra, Kritika Kamra


Karan Kundra ... Arjun Punj
Kritika Kamra ... Arohi Sharma
Shanaya Mehta ... Priya Sahani
Satyajit Sharma ... D K Punj
Papya Sengupta/Neena Gupta ... Savita Punj
Veerendra Saxena ... Hari Prasad Sharma
Pooja Gor ... Purvi Sharma/Mittal
Akshita Kapoor ... Antra
Sonam Mann ... Sur
Sheeba ... Paddy
Mihika Verma .... Natasha Mittal
Hiten Tejwani.... Karan Singh
Rakshanda Khan... Ganga Rai
Sudha Shivpuri ... Meeto Bhua

Writing credits
Sonali Jaffar
Fatima Rangila
Vandana Tewari

Song: Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Singing: Aishwarya Nigam, Manjera Ganguly

Original music

Cinematography by
Veerdhaval Purnaik
Deepak Malwankar
Balu Dahifale
Ashish Sharma

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Anil V. Kumar
Sangeeta Rao
Muzammil Desai
Anoop Choudhary
V.G Roy

Produced by
Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor

Balaji Telefilms

Original channel: NDTV Imagine


Consists of 170 episodes


Tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hia dil,
Pake bhi pane ko karta hai dil,
Awaargi aane lagi ,
Sansoo mein khusboo chahne lagi
Dil pe dewanagi chah gai is kadar,
Band ankhoon se bhi mujhko aiye nazar,
Kaisai kahein hame kitni mohabbat hai,
haan mohabbat hai,
Kaisai kahein hame kitni mohabbat hai,
Kitni mohabbat hai…..

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Mahwish khan  - Allah ke farishte   |2011-08-14 11:41:05
Aslamalekum, I love arjun(karan) and arohi(kirtika). Aap vakya mai Allah ke banaye hui jodhi h. Aap dono ka real and charcter name dono ek hi elphabet se shuru hote h jo is baat ka prove h ki aap dono ek dusre ke liye hi bane h. Aap dono kabhi bhi apna breakup na karna aur jaldi se shaadi kar lijeye. Aap dono ek sath bahot sweet lagte ho. Keep smiling and take care, khuda hafiz
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