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Na Aana Is Desh Laado

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Na Aana Is Desh Laado tv serialA drama that focuses on a social evil prevalent in the Indian society, Na Aana Is Des Laado is a thought provoking show that talks about the evil practice of female infanticide in our country. A gripping story with a serious message, this show is sure to touch some hearts and hopefully stop parents from engaging in this heinous crime.

Na Aana Iss Desh Laado - tv serial

(2009) - Meghna Malik, Aditya Redij


Meghna Malik ... Ammaji
Natasha Sharma ... Sia
Aditya Redij ... Raghav
Sharmiliee Raj ... Dharamveer's Mistress
Reema Warah ... Vaidehi

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Colors TV
Shakuntalam Telefilms


The show is set against the backdrop of a Birpur village near Haryana

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ilina chanda   |2009-10-10 19:45:57
An extremely thought provoking serial.Excellent acting by ammaji &sia.Just waiting for the day when girl children are given equal rights with boy children.Why should the girl child be killed.THIS MUST BE STOPPED.Society must fight against this heinous crime.Would like to have a discussion with the cast & what action can be taken against this crime
sonia arya  - serial - na aana is desh meri lado   |2010-01-14 08:25:28
its hurting, and a bad, in the serial for death of ammajee

without her there is no story, she was the strong character in that serial.
Anandi  - na aana is desh meri lado   |2010-01-19 06:57:20

An excellent act done by Ammaji
But missing her as she is not seen from few episodes
Has she really died !!!
utkarsh dhavan   |2010-01-19 16:30:38
please bring back is not worth the serial without her
Anonymous  - Na Aana is Des Lado   |2010-02-13 10:50:19
I do so wish I had watched this Indian TV serail from day one for a number of reasons. It reminds me of my youth when a young man from a wealthy landed family wanted to marry me.I too was in love with him but my father did not agree and today I can see for myself in this serial what life is like behind the walls of these havelies.At the time my father did not go into the details but he was so right and I believe I really would not have fitted in the set-up. There is no place for an educated( in my case a Master's in English) urban girl in the life of a zamindar much as he would like to marry one.
I missed out few of the earlier serials so I do not know exactly what happened and what cause there is for Sia's resentment. Also why is she living in that haveli if her marriage is not acknowledged by all. There are some hindu customs here which are beyond my comprehension. Can someone enlighten me? Will be much obliged.
From Pakistan.
Deepak Lakhani   |2010-02-19 17:42:17
Meghna, in wake of playing,you have actually portrayed Ammaji. This effort of yours, to me is of the same stature that Anupam Kher delivered in Saaransh playing 20 years older than what you are, you look excellent, if it was a situation otherwise i hope you would have again fit into the frame upon having seen you in one of the clips of (Night-Out) and (The Glamour Show)for which you were caught and shown in the manner as what you naturally be. Lots of love and good luck from me and my Mrs.
Grin Bhattacharya  - Na ana is des Lado   |2010-03-14 18:54:55
Colors is doing an excellent job by bringing to viewers the real status of women in different parts of India. There are so many things we didn't know about. Though each serial seems to be better than the other, at the moment "Na ana is...... meri lado" is the best. Ammaji is superb. Meghna is doing terribly well in the role of Ammaji.Each one is doing his/her job very well.i like Gajinder too. his " sunri sunhari" is too good. this serial shouldn't end soon.
There's just one drawback, & that is the background score is too loud, especially when Sia, Joginder speak, they are hardly audible. Congrats COLORS! u people r doing an excellent job. Keep it up!
ranki  - Comment   |2010-03-25 07:55:29
Sia ko uska father na itna educated banaya sirf ammaji ka ghar ma servant kam karna ka liya? Ahcha hota sia apna father ka ghar ma rahakar apna father ka sawa karta to dharam milta. Itna education da kar ammaji ka ghar ma koye saman ki tarah rahata hai, mari family na to yah serial dekhna hi chod diya. sia apna badla lana aya tha to bhahut acha laga tha par usha ko apna ghar hi bhulkar wahi ka ho gaya.
radha   |2010-03-27 23:36:54
i totally agree with you and on top of everything she has fallen in for a guy who insulted and harassed her father. to the extent...... muh kala kara kar donkey par bitha kar pura village main ghoomaya..... and now she is madly in love with him.... RIDICULOUS !!!!!!
pramita sen  - na ana is desh LADOO   |2010-03-26 08:21:58
Sia aur Raghav ek saath bahot achha lagte hai.Lekin Raghav ne Sia ko samajhne me bahot der kar di.Raghav angry young man hai. Lekin iye mujhe achhi nehi lagti.[/color]
radha  - mrs   |2010-03-27 23:33:13
its ridiculous serial..... few questions:-

how can a girl fall in for a guy who had disrespected her father that too in such a bad way? is siya really educated ? she is shown in a very silly way as she is not able to retaliate any of the misdeeds done to her and her family....this serial is encouraging the suppressed behaviour of the females as whatever happens in the end its only the evil which wins........ wake up guys ...times have changed !!!!!
Gurdev Sing  - who is santosh bhabhi   |2010-04-07 18:47:29
Please tell me the name of artist who played santosh bhabhi in laado
silky  - Did you find it?   |2011-01-18 16:22:06
Hi Gurdev,
Were yo able to find the real name of a character playing santosh in laado? Please let me know.
Lavanya Venkatesh  - Viewers by aware   |2010-04-08 11:56:26
First of all it is ridiculous to encourage such serials. No doubt the characters are good and are doing their level best in the serial. But, here we should think about an educated girl, whose father took so much of pain in bringing up a girl who lost mother at an early age, the ill treatment he faced from ammaji and the way her character or reputation was questioned by every one because of the evil acts played by ammaji and her sons.When once she came out of the house, she should have taken the court's help by filing restitution of conjugal rights against ammaji and her husband. If she want to live in ammaji house and take revenge why she is in love with raghav is one thing and the other is she should have a resolution against ammaji if raghav supports her. Having come to know the evil deeds of ammaji raghav also believes in the words of ammaji when sia refuses raghav as said by pandit.i request the author to kindly make the viewers to learn the ethic of the story not to view the serial as blind people do.
Irfan Qazi  - dear ammaji   |2010-04-22 00:33:58
The character of ammaji is so dominating and those of his sons so dominated that its reaching near to unreal. Role of sia is though powerful yet its not gaining any impact in the family. The other women in the house are also zero before ammaji. however despite its all un natural chemistry its a real interesting drama serial, Congrats to all its makers.
Swati-Mrigi  - Santosh is emerging as a powerful actress   |2010-04-28 16:48:46
I find some uncanny resemblance in craft and demeanour of Santosh with that of Smita Patil. This woman has got such a versatile acting skill that I am amazed! Meghna Malik as Ammaji ought to be good as it's a powerful and central character and kudos to her for enacting it so well. However, my salute to Santosh for emerging as a very good actress. Though I don't even know her name, I would love to see her role becoming better by the day. Regards.
shaik muzeeb  - ammaji vs ambba   |2010-05-15 05:31:43
guys its a nice intresting serial and what a wonderful twist in the serial showing that ambba as ammaji`s daughter, as i didn`t expect such a twist.

as we all know that meghana is wondeful actress with such a good pronuncing the dialouges in the desi language.

the war between the mom and daughter is intresting and who will win have to wait and see.
Anonymous  - re: The Great Sia Babi   |2010-12-25 05:24:33
Wajid Pakistani wrote:
indian drama by colors is very good."Na aana iss dais ladoo" is one of the my favourt drama ever.I am big fan of Sis didi and Ragove.
Wajid Pakistani  - The Great Sia Babi   |2010-08-26 11:00:56
indian drama by colors is very good."Na aana iss dais ladoo" is one of the my favourt drama ever.I am big fan of Sis didi and Ragove.
Sunita Kumari  - na aana is des meri lado   |2010-10-20 13:20:28
the character of Megna malik is very stron lady for fighting with bad man of societiy but her behaviour with Siya & Ragav is very bad. She should change her mentality against birth of girl.
arun solda  - messege   |2010-11-11 01:11:26
]very nice drama all the characters are playing very nice role. Sia and Ragav are doing very perfect role. Amma ji is doin blasting role.
Devangi  - get Amba back   |2010-11-24 07:46:23
get Amba back ...she is the real character in the movie
SIMRAN SHARMA  - program   |2010-12-09 06:40:09
na ana iss des meri lado its good serial i like
SONU  - SSS   |2010-12-25 05:29:03
guys its a nice intresting serial and what a wonderful twist in the serial showing that ambba as ammaji`s daughter, as i didn`t expect such a twist.

as we all know that meghana is wondeful actress with such a good pronuncing the dialouges in the desi language.

the war between the mom and daughter is intresting and who will win have to wait and see
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