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Pavitra Rishta

(124 votes)

Pavitra Rishta tv serialIt is a story of a girl, Archana, who though is not highly educated but handles the whole house work impeccably. Every one is dependant on her but except for her brother and mother no one really values her importance.

Her mother has a sole aim of getting a good, well educated boy drawing a good salary for Archana. Because of this Archana’s marriage plans have always been full of obstacles.

Simultaneously runs the story of boy Sushant; a garage owner; who gets besotted by Archana on the very first sight. Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does.

The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Sushant.

The story continues from here – what remains to be seen is what happens to Archana who inspite of being married does not go to stay with her husband, will the two people who are made for each other ever come together?

Pavitra Rishta - tv serial

(2009) - Ankita Lokhande, Sushant Rajput


Ankita Lokhande ... Archana Karanjkar
Prabhat Bhattacharya ... Ajit Lokhande
Yamini ... Vandita Deshmukh
Sushant Rajput ... Manav Deshmukh
Savita Prabhune ... Sulochana Karanjkar
Kishori Govind Mahabole ... Manohar Karanjkar
Parag Tyagi ... Vinod Karanjikar
Priya Marathe ... Varsha Karanjikar
Prarthana ... Vaishali Karanjikar
Usha Nadkarni ... Savita Deshmukh
Smita Oak ... Rasika Lokhande

Writing credits
Ekta Kapoor

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Produced by
Ekta Kapoor

Zee TV
Balaji Telefilms

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rita rodrigues  - secretary   |2009-11-02 11:36:32
could you please give me the timings of pavitra rishta telecast during the day.
h khan  - pavitra rishta   |2009-11-23 12:20:54
pavitra rishta is so good play archna looking so beautiful girl all team has good acting
ANAND  - pavitra rishta   |2009-12-15 09:04:36
pavitra rishta is so good play not one shij peshal this all membars is good warak but my peshai for varsha,archna,manva,
Anonymous  - pavitra rishta   |2009-12-15 10:59:52
Ekta kapoor's brand is seen in the serial. Why has Ekta Kapoor glorified evil in each & every one of her serilas? Portrayal of negativity is strongly seen in all her serials so much so that without seeing the credits I could vouch Ekta kapoor is involved in one way or other in this serial. Will some one tell her that the public does not enjoy this?
amol wankhede   |2010-02-02 11:04:00
all pavitra rishtas team.
"tumhi jo programm dakhvat ahat to kharach pahanya sarkha ahe. sarvanchich bhumika khupach changli ahe.
parantu manavchya aaichi ji archana baddal over act aahe ti over vatate. tumhi archana baddal manavchya aaichi ji reaction dakhvat ahat ti over ahe.
tari lavkarat lavkar programmcha end karava. hi vinanti
thanks all
saima  - reminding   |2010-02-15 10:09:52
ms. ikta,

i want to make a request that pls don't try to stretch the problems so long that u will get bored. archna n manav got problem nearly 1 month already, it seems to be bored. pls don't repeat the samething that u did in kasauti n "k" serial. although they were successful but nobody like to watch or made joking on ur serial coz they r so long. pls look at to other serial which r so nice finish within 1 year. in actual life, v don't have so many problems that u tried to show in ur serial.
priya  - timing of repeat telecast of pavitra rishta   |2010-03-03 11:22:10
please do not change the timing of repeat telecast of pavitra rishta .2pm is the right time .it is my favourite serial and iam able to view it at 2pm only so it is my humble request i hope u agree my views
grondin  - film   |2010-03-05 13:45:36
pavitra rishta et un exellent film je la regarde avec ma ptite famille tt les jour je suis de l'ile de la reunion et je regarde sur ztv qui est difuser sur canal sat s'il vous plait veuillez a resoudre les probleme de ss titre mes sinon le film rien a dire
Anonymous   |2010-03-09 19:09:50
bahothi bhankas serial hai manav archana ka same hal hoga jo kasautime anurag aur prerna ka hua agar aisa aap dikhate hai to koi kisise pyar kyu karega ajke jamaneme na archana jitni tyagmurti rehti na savita jaisi chudel sas so plz jald se jald is gandagiko hatao aur samajke liye achi ho vo serial dikhao.
Maya Patil  - pavitra rishta   |2010-03-27 05:06:14
all pavitra rishtas team.
It is very gud serial but dont stretch more.. & Archana is looking very beautiful. I liked all the characters specially Archana.Manav,Varsha.
Deependra Pratap Singh Dhirawa  - About story   |2010-04-01 18:13:03
I Deependra Pratap Singh from Jaipur Rajasthan i watching all Pavitra rishta every serial. this serial is very nice i request to all weathers of tv please watch Pavtra rishta because this serial is related to our indian family cultures so i humble request to all indian family please watch this serial. and when watch this serial when every time i crazy about next serial what happen........
rutuja  - cute   |2010-04-13 12:55:25
manav and archana are very cute.and all family of pavitra rishta has cute members.espacially savita tai and damodar kaka.i am a 12 yrs girl and am also marathi.i love this sereal and never miss pavitra rishtas episods

thank you
i want to meet archana
koalabear   |2010-04-13 17:15:44
savita tayi is too good. her acting is superb. well how can one forget to mention the most adorable archu. very strong character she's potraying in this serial. manav too acts very well. varsha and vaishu are also very good. sulochana tayi's innocence and her goodness is too cute. rasika is too evil. but her acting is good. one person i cant satnd is ajith. disgusting he looks. acts very badly. old one was better than him.
sonia  - manav archana the best jodi   |2010-06-03 18:13:14
hi im a bangladeshi girl i love pavitra rishta but plsssssssssssssss soon manav and archana should marry cos they r a lovely couple ever i seen. plsss un dono ko alag mat kerna.
amit kumar chakraborty  - archana and manav jodi is like made for each other   |2010-11-04 20:41:56
main bangali hoon aur zyada emotional hoon, main archana me mera dreamgirl ko dekhta hoon, iss tarah un dono ko alag karna to mujhe hi marr dalta hai, unhe aur door mat bhejna,balki unko jaldi shaadi me phir se bhand lena. my sweety archana should not be hurted any more.  - wasim prince   |2011-01-16 05:30:51
i love manav because he is so beautiful
shweta  - vaishali   |2011-02-21 03:07:46
i am from marathi family but married with marvadi so like the vaishali and dharmesh charector. vaishali is very nice cute girl her eyes haves sparkle so she attrect the audiance.i am wathing this serial for vaishali only.... she is suparb...
sam   |2011-10-10 19:48:09
Manav and Archana couple is very beautiful couple but I like most in this show is Manav's mother. She ia mind blowing actress.
komal  - bansal   |2012-10-11 11:45:07
arjun and purvi couple is amazing couple ever but how this ovi had come and destroyed this couple but still u both r the best couple ever.
arlette jeulefack  - appreciations   |2012-11-14 16:17:43
hi archana!!! i really appreciate your courage and your positiveness. you really thought him a lesson when balan wanted to tarnish your husband's reputation. i love you so much!
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