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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya tv serialSaath Nibhaana Saathiya is the story of a the saas-bahu relationship retold through a young and simple girl Gopi’s point of view. Raised by her loving Mama and tyrannical mami, Gopi has never found true love of a mother and craves the same love from her would be MIL. Gopi’s life is ruled by her Mami Urmilaben and street smart cousin Rashi who keep undermining her and have kept her like a servant. Gopi has no ambitions and is uneducated. Her only dream is to have a loving husband and in-laws.

Kokilaben Modi is a strong willed and vile woman whose dream is to become a MIL and rule her DIL.Unlike Kokilaben; Hetal is a simple woman who tries to keep the family together. Koki has raised her son Aham to only listen to her and have made him into a egomaniacal and workaholic guy who doesn’t see beyond his mother and will get nothing come in his way to success. Kokilaben’s husband Parag is a good for nothing loser and the reason Kokilaben has been so strict with Aham’s upbringing is that she didn’t want her son to become like his father.Koki also feels that if her husband would have done well she would have got more importance in the family.  Hetal’s son Jigar on the other hand is sweet and simple like his mother and father Chirag and wishes good for everybody. Jigar is not as ambitious as Aham and work under Ahem.

Baa is a sweet MIL of hetal and koki whom everyone loves and respects but koki never listens to her and does what she wants. The story begins with Kokilaben’s search for the perfect bahu for her son Aham. She wants a simple and docile girl she can rule over and search ends with Gopi.

Gopi’s cousin Rashi too manipulates her way into the house and marries Jigar, her only motive being rule the simple MIL Hetal and husband Jigar…Gopi being Gopi has no clue what awaits her in her sasural. What will happen when Gopi and Rashi enter their sasural.

Will Gopi find her mother in her Sasuma?


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya - tv serial

(2010) - Mohammad Nazim, Giaa Manek


Mohammad Nazim ... Aham Modi
Giaa Manek ... Gopi
Rupal Patel ... Kokila Parag Modi
Vishal Singh ... Jigar Modi
Rucha Hasabnis ... Rashi
Firoza Khan ... Kinjal Modi
Neeraj Bharadwaj ... Chirag Modi
Jyostsana Karyekar ... Parvati Modi
Swati Shah ... Hetal Chirag Modi

Writing credits
Sampurn Anand

Song: Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Singing: Alka Yagnik

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Pawan Kumar
Dilip Kumar

Produced by
Rashmi Sharma

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms


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mounika yadav  - sathiya   |2011-04-25 06:43:24
i love sathiya's my one and only one favourite serial!!!!!i love kokila's character very much....her action is awesome!!!!!!!!i wish i get saas like kokila who always takes d side of her bahu!!!!!!!!love u kokila.......
Anu   |2011-06-01 15:58:49
Saathiya is my fav serial. I lyk al d characters. Ahem-gopi is a pefct jodi. But try to unite ahem gopi early. Stop all the stupid n idiotic kalakaris of urmi n rashi. V al get bored of their foolish plans...
usha   |2011-07-20 09:06:57
i like gopi bahu so much, she is really fantastic & innocent..
teju  - hai   |2011-08-24 04:59:33
hai saath nibhana sathiya seriyal is very good pleace acters original name send
Aymen  - superb   |2011-12-13 07:44:14
i just love this serial its so much realistic. wish you all the best saath nibhaana sathiya
Emirald  - Love   |2013-06-11 22:49:40
Aby ples listen to lisa for she has smthing to say to is really full of teaches.
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