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Sabki Laadli Bebo

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Sabki Laadli Bebo tv serialThe story revolves around a family that craves for a girl child, and finally get one after three sons. She is named Bebo, and being the only daughter of the family, she is pampered a lot. However, when she comes of age, the family members can't find a suitable groom who will also love her as much as the family put together. The prospective bridegroom looks like Rahul Dravid.

They soon find out that Bebo is not their real daughter and that Chaiji had gotten her from Dai Ma. Dai Ma had found Bebo in a garbage can. When the groom's family discovers this truth, they call off the wedding.But then later Amrit starts making Bebo feel better and they become good friends. Amrit slowly begins to fall in love with Bebo's innocence, but he is unable to tell anyone about his love as he is scared that he maybe rejected. Bebo is totally unaware of the fact that Amrit is in love with her and begins to get stalked by a man named Karan. Bebo is blackmailed by Karan's sister to marry Karan. Even though Bebo does not love Karan, she agrees to marry him in order save her family. The wedding does not end up happening and Bebo and Amrit get married.

Sabki Laadli Bebo - tv serial

(2009) - Shivshakti Sachdeva, Anuj Sachdeva


Shivshakti Sachdeva ... Bebo
Kanwaljit Singh ... Kuku Narang
Shailley Kaushik ... Amarjeet Narang/Amro
Anuj Sachdeva ... Amrit
Neena Cheema ... Dai Maa
Kunal Kuchchal... Shravan
Jayati Bhatia ... Gursheel
Era Soni ... Simran Kapoor

Song: Sabki Laadli Bebo

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Produced by
Anjana Sood
Vicky Chandra

Endemol India
Sachidanand Productions

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Karen Kewl  - BEBo- kareena kapoor   |2009-10-20 00:21:42
how old was bebo wen she first started the show.
jane  - bebo   |2009-11-16 14:48:20
she was 16
jane   |2010-02-12 21:07:04
bebo died and rano she killed her and she wanted to be with amrit and bebo and rano got the same faces.
adam  - bebo   |2010-04-03 23:06:22
jane i know:

and guess what bebo comes back and every one thinks that shes rano but shes forgotten her memory but do u know kukus sis she tells bebo by accident that their sisters but whilst she telss rano lisens aswell but she still carys on the torture and guess whos sportting her goldy and gursheel and chai jee is dead she found out that rano killed bebo and that she is rano by looking on her hand and den pushes her
aisha   |2010-05-02 09:23:45
whey will soon find out bebo is rano
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