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Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai

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Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai tv serialSajan Ghar Jaana Hai traces the journey of Dhaani a young, shy and naive girl and her transition from being a dutiful daughter to a devoted wife, her twist of fate and a subservient role in her husband’s home. Dhaani gets married to a handsome and an affluent boy – Amber. The story takes an interesting turn when Amber’s parents force him to get married to a rich girl– Sarla who meets his family’s social status thus leaving Dhaani homeless and distressed. The show highlights Dhaani’s dilemma and showcases her perseverance and inner strength as she continues to perform her duties as a wife despite the adversities surrounding her life.

This show is a maiden television production of the creative duo– Director Shashi Mittal and writer Sumeet Mittal; and promises salute the spirit of Indian women who leave no stone unturned in guarding their honour and fulfilling their family duties.

What does destiny have in store for Dhaani? To what extent will Dhaani go to protect her marriage and regain her rightful place? Will she be allowed to stay in disguise or found out? Will she discover a dangerous life if she is discovered?

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai - tv serial

(2009) - Kunal Bhatia, Neha Saxena, Jhalak Desai


Kunal Bhatia ... Amber Raghuvanshi
Jhalak Desai ... Sarla Raghuvanshi
Neha Saxena ... Dhaani
Vidya Sinha ... Mayi
Sanyojita Bhave
Tushi Sharma
Kalyani Trivedi ... Taiji
Gunn Kansara ... Sudha
Kunwar Aziz ... Badrinarayan Raghuvanshi
Abigail Jain ... Madhu
Varun ... Rohan
Avantika ... Gauri
Rakesh Mohar ... Sumer

Writing credits
Sumeet Mittal

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Directed by
Shashi Mittal

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umer famous  - great love   |2009-10-06 15:21:17
very nice thinking of Amber and specially Dhani. I want to see them each both.

joshlin  - sajan ghar jana hai   |2010-04-08 05:35:00
why did neha saxena leave the show
sabrina  - dhani and amber   |2010-05-06 16:26:47
Why Amber and Dhani can't be together..they love each other so much unfair
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