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Uttaran tv serialThis is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother joins a rich household as a maid.

Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the daughter of the lady of the house), but soon learns the hard lesson that servants will never be considered at part of a family, no matter how much they sacrifice for them.

However things change when Mahindra, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with good natured Ichcha. Can she dare to expect him to stand up for her & their love? Or can the poor never be allowed to be happy?

Uttaran - tv serial

(2008 - 2009) - Sparsh Khanchandani, Ishita Panchal


Sparsh Khanchandani .... Ichcha
Tina Dutta ... Ichcha
Ishita Panchal .... Tapasya
Rashmi Desai ... Tapasya
Vaishali Thakkar ... Damini
Pratima Kazmi ... Mausi ji
Pragati Mehra ... Divya
Ayub Khan ... Jogi Thakur
Akhil Mishra ... Ummed Singh

Writing credits
Mitalee (original story)
Anil Deshmukh

Language : Hindi
Country: India

Produced by
Pintoo Guha

Film Farm India Pvt Ltd

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jayant  - uttaran serial   |2009-12-09 14:02:27
veer should marry Ichha otherwise people will not watch your serial
ranil  - uttaran serial   |2010-02-23 13:13:17
Veer should marry Ichha and Tapasya and Mausigi should be taught a lesson otherwise people will not watch the serial
Hasanat  - Loosing public demand, please bring something like   |2010-03-06 17:11:37
We are the middle east viewr loosing interest on the serial, since Tapasya and mausigi character makes us alargy and we force to change the channel on the spot. Even Ichcha is too much innocent also feels very different than real life, please stop it and bring back with reality with social drama
Anonymous   |2010-03-07 17:34:40
The ONLY person who has any power of rationale thinking out of all the characters in Uttaran is Veer. Yet, he is sidelined by idiotic unbelievable melodrama queen like Veer's mom and Ichchha's character (though both are acted very well). Tapasya is a very well acted character but the story writers are a bit out of control there. What happened to Sid? Happily living his life with a major possible conviction and jilted love?
Anonymous   |2010-03-09 07:34:38
This Ichchha character is getting suffocating. Why on earth in this day and age -- if a woman has to be virtuous and good natured she has to be portrayed "lady devdas" who does not have the strength of character to stand up for what is right. Is Ichchha's charater supposed to be good? She is the most selfish character portrayed. She does not think about Veer, her own mother, not Yogi Thakur in making any decision. She is the worst!
qwerty   |2010-03-18 10:15:44
really ichchha's character is too innocent to be true. by marrying veer's drunkard brother she is spoiling three lives, veer's, his brother's and her own as well.
supriya   |2010-03-18 15:17:32
now its enough....icha is overkind.... plz expose typsya....and stop icha to get married with vansh.....icha always scrifice its not good...
anjana chatterjee  - about uttaran   |2010-03-23 14:53:09
there is a man of perfect this is veerand yogi thakur.others are all bogus because ther is no true love story nor a sacrificing story.what tapasya did no one can not understand her tricks.mausiji is neither villain nor a perfect lady.noone couldnot understand her tricks also.vangsh is all on a sudden make a mad man.I could not tolerate what the writer is i think better stop the serial any how.ichcha has no much i will tell?I am 63 years lady.
Geeta Hiteshi  - Foolhardiness   |2010-04-09 18:09:51
Most unrealistic story in times of 21st century. There is just no need to portray such GOODY/STUPID characters like Ichha n her mom. Today when girls are street smart and are aaaall out to fight for their rights. How can such serials DEMEAN WOMANHOOD.
Anonymous   |2011-02-16 15:26:07
the drama only teaches lesson to u should enjoyed it not comment it.
Anonymous   |2011-02-16 15:28:53
this story is really amazing and touching.....
Anonymous   |2010-04-10 11:02:37
Just stop your serial. The writter is a fool. I am very angry seeing ichcha wed vansh. And now this serial has nothing to watch. Plz stop this serial.
I thik this serial has now zero trp.
Renuka  - ichhha weds vansh   |2010-04-20 13:23:27
I fully agree with you ichcha married to vansh is good. You should live your life for others and not for self. By marrying vansh ichcha has a meaningful life wherein she will get vansh back to normal, tha'ts what life is everything
tanaaz  - icha shuld marry veer   |2010-04-26 16:53:06
now i think the serial should be stopped coz there is no meaning nor any story if icha is getting married to veer it will be more interesting to see the mausiji and tapasya's reaction
qurrat  - boring and bakwas idiotic serial   |2010-05-05 08:56:04
its a mad serial one should not watch it all impossible things happen in it bakwas boring
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