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Andrés Fierro

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Andrés Fierro


Name: Andrés Fierro
Date of Birth: ?
City: Ponferrada
Country: Spain
Occupation: actor
Languages: spanish


Niños ricos, pobres padres (2009) .... Diego Aguirre
Policías, en el corazón de la calle (2000)
Padres e hijos (1992) .... Esteban Cortez
¿Por qué diablos? (1999) .... Juan 'Diablo' Cantor (Little)

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David  - Andres Fierro is HOT!!!!   |2009-09-03 05:16:38
Wow! He is a 45 year old man playing a 17 yo high school student!!! He looks realy good for his age! He is fucking HOT!!!! Andres I hope you are gay in real life!!! You are so HOT!!!! I love you!
Eilahtan  - Really!!!   |2009-10-20 04:06:17
Are you sure he's 45? I know it says the same on imdb, but jeez, he looks really young and the actor who plays Santiago is only 24.
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