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Erick Elias

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Erick Elias


Name: Erick Elias
Date of Birth: 23 June 1980
City: Guadalajara
Country: Jalisco, Mexico
Marital status: single
Occupation: actor / singer / model
Languages: spanish


Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti (2011) ... Iker Rivas Olmedo
Niña de mi corazón (2010) ... Dario Arrioja Alarcon
Mi Pecado (2009)
En nombre del amor (2009) .... Gabriel Lizarde
Tormenta en el paraíso (2007) .... Nicolás Bravo
Zorro: La espada y la rosa (2007) .... Renzo el Gitano
Cuerpo del deseo, El (2005) .... Antonio Dominguez
Los 50 más bellos de People en Español (2005) .... Host
Gitanas (2004) .... Jonás
Amigos X siempre (2000)
DKDA: Sueños de juventud (2000)


He was the lead voice for the music group Tierra Cero

Studied acting and Industrial Design

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KEVIN KIBUKA  - FUN   |2009-08-03 09:15:46
I like 'Nicholas' to death because he's a good actor,the best,if am asked. If I was to make a wish,I'd just want to be him!!
Florah Wemali   |2009-08-11 12:50:18
I hope YOU ARE more decisive in real life as compared to ure character in storm over paradise.
ELLY OGAYO  - comment on stom over paradise soap opra   |2009-08-31 09:26:12
Hi Nicholas Bravo(ERICK ELIAS)
I Realy like the way you act on stome over paradise, keep it up.I have realy learned alot from that program including alowing strangers you dont know "like the fake Karina Rossemberg " come in to your family,She has realy destroyed your life with Aymar Lazcano .
Thank you I have realy enjoyed your acting
Aggrey Bundi  - The best actor   |2009-08-31 14:26:19
I love this boy and I like what he is passing to his Audience. Am sure he has left a landmark in the entertainment industry. Will always wish him all the best.
Joaquim Kaneno  - BIG UP   |2009-09-02 15:29:46
Big up to you (Nicolas Bravo)Eric Elias you really teach me how to Love and care about People especially Members of the Family.May it be your Real Life.It is only Jesus Christ can make you that way.So betta receive Him as the Lord and Savior,and make it in a real life.Thaks
Caroline Nderitu  - Good stuff   |2009-09-18 05:34:03
Nicolas Bravo,i think i have watched you acting in two soaps and man you are just talented,I hope you will marry Aymar in real life,i have cried and smiled so many times coz of you people but ur hot!!!!
derrick hamisi  - jnbk   |2009-11-08 11:10:54
Caroline Nderitu wrote:
Nicolas Bravo,i think i have watched you acting in two soaps and man you are just talented,I hope you will marry Aymar in real life,i have cried and smiled so many times coz of you people but ur hot!!!!
marygoreti kendi   |2009-11-27 10:35:21
you have inspired many and made know the true values and sacrifices of love.keep up and wish you all the best in acting
Caroline nyambura  - Congratulations   |2010-01-21 21:50:54
The one programe 'storm over paradise' is enough for me to tell you are a talented man. You even made our household come to a standstil when it was time to watch storm. I also give my bigups to Sara you two were real. Act more you are good
rose mwangi  - estupendo y atractivo   |2010-02-20 05:21:00
good inspired a lot of viewers and everyone looked forward to watching this soap
Ugbor chioma  - Comment on storm over paradise   |2010-04-10 14:54:16
I can't stand a day without watching storm, God! You're a good actor. I wish you would tie the nut with sara but if wishes were know the rest.
rosemary  - storm over paradise   |2010-04-12 13:16:21
wow, barvo as your name goes in the movie storm over paradise, i really liked you so much cos the only movie i saw you in was second change which i did see a lot from u but in this one you were so great that i had to talk about you so much, am great fun of your and i will be glad if u are my friend.that is a great work from you and aymar.the two of u deserve to be married but it is unfortunate that sara is also married but all the same you are all good and i love you both.
Benjamin  - Comments   |2010-06-16 19:37:06
It was one of the best soap i have ever watched. Nicholas was my best actor. Man u realy made me to be determined in fighting for what belongs to me. Bravo. Regards
Monica Wachira from Kenya  - Hi Nicholus   |2010-08-08 13:38:43
Be blessed for always making my day.And look for your miss right.You are not getting younger you know. Thank you all the same.
Abubakari Rashida  - Natural Love   |2010-09-04 11:56:18
What a brilliant man? I cherished that. (Is such love exist in this world? I mean your love)? I pray to have such man in my life. I can't afford to miss the end of this movie. Every lady in a life time will want such man as well as me in particular. keep it up. I LOVE THAT.
Crystal  - re: Natural Love   |2010-11-30 04:35:55
i totally agree with you , sara is one of the luckiests persons in the world . because kissing him is something nibody could afford
Abubakari Rashida  - storm over paradise   |2010-09-04 11:58:44
I learn a lot from this movies. Love is suppose to be exactly that.
vibe  - re: jnbk   |2010-09-27 18:27:15
erick elias you were so wonderful in the storm over paradise.your part was sooooo interesting.i love maura duran,she was great.
Rockson  - AMANZING   |2010-12-01 19:25:44
I prefer calling you Nicholas and I advice u go and see ur pastor to add that to ur names, Mr Nick how do I describe u? I quiet remember the day we the people of Ghana were watching the last Episode when the VRA mistakenly took off the light, come and see the people in street, that was when I need knew that people really admire u guys alot.
please send my regards to the following people for me I beg of u ; Ayma, Moura and of course to little children too I really do cherish all of u I mean all of u!!! love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane  - single   |2010-12-14 08:02:24
It was good to see u again in the name of love.I just love your character keep it man en try by all means to win Palomas attention.
Harriet N  - Lovely   |2011-01-28 14:16:18
you are a very brilliant, honest,loving & descent man? I cherished every thing movie u act. i wish u had married sara in real life. i wish you all the best may God bless you.
idriss M.I  -   |2011-01-30 12:40:56
hey!i just dont have more words but just to say wow...even here in kenya you take ladies n evryone by your charm!i love what you doin.....keep up!
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