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José Luis Reséndez

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José Luis Reséndez


Name: José Luis Reséndez Santos
Date of Birth: 14 October 1978
City: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Country: Mexico
Siblings: two sisters
Marital status: single
Occupation: actor / model
Languages: spanish, english


Camaleones (2009)
Mañana es Para Siempre (2009) ... Simon Lagos
Tormenta en el paraíso (2007) .... David Bravo
Amor sin maquillaje (2007)
Madrastra, La (2005) .... Greco Montes
Destilando amor (2007) .... Hilario Quijano
Heridas de amor (2006) .... Fabricio Beltrán Campuzano
Alborada (2005) .... Andrés
Clap!... El lugar de tus sueños (2003) .... César
Clase 406 (2003) .... Gilberto Bernal
Mujer, casos de la vida real (2003)
Punto y aparte (2002) .... Valentín
Vías del amor, Las (2002) .... Prostituto Gay
Entre el amor y el odio (2002) .... Nazario
Juego de la vida, El (2001)
Amigas y rivales (2001)


Represented Mexico in the Mister World 2003 pageant and placed as the third runner-up

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Princes naima abdul   |2009-07-30 02:51:06
Congratulations dude,you not only look owsome but your acting is fantastict.i lov it big up!
stephen ochieng  - wow!   |2009-09-30 09:07:09
you act superbly I wish i could meet you and tell you how much you have inspired who do not know what to stand for and defend against family wishes
kish  - un beatable   |2009-11-17 12:19:01
i like your character man! i was always looking forward to your reaction on every storm. i like the way u were reacting to things but when it comes to women, irresistible! though even the mighty bow at the weight of love. - cheers man!
edna  - congratulations   |2009-12-01 09:32:32
you are a character someone admires watching all the time without getting bored.congratulations.
martha murugi   |2009-12-12 13:10:58
you are such an ator in storm man .tell me something in real life do you stand for the ones you love the way you do in storm? anyway thumbs up for your good acting
Loruhamh  - wow   |2010-06-11 22:31:07
just do not know what to are so handsome continue with your acting it really suits jose u are my fantasy
Philomena Ekua Mensah  - handsome and rough   |2010-09-13 11:04:56
u know,watching you in storms over paradise makes me think that you are a bad guy and a womanizer. is this assumption true? in spite of this, you are a great actor and i hope your profession does not drift you away from your faith if you are a christian. stay blessed and good luck
ayisha roxy  - gentle and hansome   |2010-09-30 13:28:31
i liked ur actions in storm over paradise.u are my favourate actor in telenovela films,especially in storm over paradise.can u be my friend pleaaaaaase.i am 13yaers old.i wish u good luck
suzyen nick  - Great!   |2011-02-08 08:30:30
you are the greatest and the best actor in tormenta, i love you coz you are my inspiration, the way you handle things, kudos!take care of Maura she gonna suck you alive.
catherin  - hola   |2011-11-28 14:22:38
hola luis jose resendez actua buenisimo especular estoy orgullosa de ti como tu fanatica numero 1 de papel pablo agilar poreso quiero conocerte pronto venezuela maracay aragua en 20012 tu eres lo maximo maravilla poreso quiero que trabaje en makandal calicanto maracay aragua como profesor de teatro que impactada como tu grabacion te felicito en tu grabacion guao eres guapisimo en la novela en vida real eres para mi genial necesitamos profesor de teatro makandal en calicanto maracay aragua venezuela eres tu prefecto para trabajar como profesor y tambien en la fundacion regional de niños necesito profesor maestro de niños para el mes enero 20012 es un urgente
Alois  - Great actor your are!   |2012-04-07 20:41:52
Wow i like the way you act, especially in that telenovela, the you handle your women in the film really makes me think you have talent when it comes to women.
rose  - kudos   |2014-08-09 15:47:00
Resendez,you are the best there is in Telenovela.Keep up the good work you are doing,you act with so much p much assion.
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