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Julio Camejo

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Julio Camejo


Name: Julio Camejo
Date of Birth: October 29, 1977
Height: 5' 103/4" (1.80 m)
City: Havana
Country: Cuba
Previous Occupation: professional dancer
Occupation: actor


Niña de mi corazón (2010) ... "Papi" Jason Bravo Lopez
Soy tu dueña (2010) ... Martín
Tormenta en el paraíso (2007) .... José Miguel
Destilando amor (2007) .... Francisco de la Vega
Amar sin límites (2006) .... Paco
Mujer, casos de la vida real (2002-2006)
Contra viento y marea (2005) .... Veneno
Rebelde (2004) .... Mauro Mansilla
Big Brother VIP Mexico 3 (2004) Show .... Himself
Amar otra vez (2003) .... Mateo
¡Vivan los Niños! (2002)
Clase 406 (2002) .... Douglas Cifuentes
Aventuras en el tiempo (2001)
Salomé (2001)


Won the "Yuri Manik" for acting in the play "Tragedia de un clown"

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kish  - no mountains too high..   |2009-11-17 12:32:36
love has no boundaries. this was your message all through, love is just irresistible though as men sometimes we go through crazy things. big up man!
lyn  - you are a gentleman for real   |2009-12-22 10:51:18
You always act as a real man but in love there is nothing like being real act like Nicholas when it comes to people we love we can fight for them ,what do you say?
Ruth   |2010-02-02 13:22:24
Love is not as easy as people think. For sure its a two way thats why no matter how much you tried to show Aymar all the world she dint give in. It was well done. The story of being blind and regaining sight really made my day. Kip up guys.
Anonymous  - all about love   |2010-05-26 17:34:56
love is sharing.It's a give and take affair. BUT even though u are not receiving that luv back from Aymar you still give in you think you can win her heart. U ARE VERY HANDSOME
Adisa  - Well done   |2010-09-22 17:26:56
I really like the role that you played in the film. You were the best among them all and you will continue to be my best character in the movie. Aymar was selfish n Nicholas was greedy.
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