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Mario Cimarro

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Mario Cimarro


Name: Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz
Date of Birth: June 1, 1971
City: Havana
Country: Cuba
Father: Antonio Cimarro Luis
Mother: Maria Caridad Paz
Siblings: sister Maria Antonia Cimarro Paz
Marital status: divorced
Ex-spouse: Natalia Streignard, actress
Pets: he has a champion German Shepherd named Mambo whom he considers his son. Mambo is also his frequent traveling companion. Also has 2 more Shepherds: Rumba and Cheo and cat Himalaya
Occupation: actor


Mar de Amor (2009) ... Víctor Manuel Galíndez
Traición, La (2008) .... Hugo y Alcides de Medina
Puras joyitas (2007) .... SN
Rockaway (2007) .... Juju
Cuerpo del Deseo, El (2005) .... Salvador
Pasión de gavilanes (2003) .... Juan Reyes
Gata Salvaje (2002) .... Luis Mario
Más que amor, frenesí (2001) .... Santiago Guerro
Casa en la playa, La (2000) .... Roberto Villareal
Amor latino (2000) .... Nacho Domeq
Mujer De Mi Vida, La (1998) .... Antonio Adolfo
Usurpadora, La (1998) .... Luciano Alcantara
Gente bien (1997) .... Gerardo
The Cuban Connection (1997)
Sentimientos ajenos (1996) .... Ramiro
Canción de amor (1996)
Romeo + Juliet aka Romeo and Juliet (1996) .... Capulet Bouncer
Acapulco, cuerpo y alma (1995)


Met his future wife during the filming of the "La Mujer De Mi Vida" who was the star of the show

Became a naturalized Mexican citizen in late 1999

Moved to Los Angeles in 2007

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Mathieu Tracy  - good luck   |2008-10-01 23:40:14
how are you mario?buena suerte
Pewa Gideon  - Ms   |2008-12-19 18:11:49
Mario Cimarro You are good acter I am enjoy your video. keep it up god will bless you.

I am trainee at Windhoek Vocational Training centre. I am doing office administration , I am in Level One.
kalembe jackline   |2009-03-24 10:37:47
I like the way u act coz u really potray the character that has been given 2 u .There is no doubt you are a good actor and hey no matter what sad situation u are in just be glad u make many people smile,atleast u should always confide in that because u cannot make everyone happy, even when u try your level best.Anyway shal shal.
kalembe jackline  - A GREAT FUN   |2009-03-24 10:44:08
Please neva stop making us happy as i said before u can neva make everyone happy coz humans are the most difficult species to please
teresa  - friends   |2009-03-31 06:54:17
hello mario..
i love wacthing your shows here in phil.i hope wwe can stil wacht your other show..can i get your private email?.. pls.......your such my idol god bless you... and more blessings to come..
LYDIA  - best actor   |2009-05-20 11:35:35
como estas mario?hope you are doing your fun in kenya and loved the role you played in el curpo del deseo.wish you all the happiness in the world hope to see you before the end of time it has always been my dream.happy birthday in advance.
Orville Boutilier  - Excellent work!!   |2009-12-21 19:16:41
Thanks for the opportunity to watch you and the case of Mar de Amor work. As I learn Spanish, I enjoy testing myself as I watch this terrific production. It is an exciting production and you together with the rest of the cast make it very interesting and entertaining.

The very best of luck for your future!!
Esperanza Fabregas  - Mirando su foto me siento bien....   |2010-03-16 03:35:28
Soy una vieja admiradora de su trabajo y de su porte(lo entendio) tengo 77 anos y conoci a la china y me ha traido fotos suyas, una de ella sela pedi para llevarla al hospital para una cirugia, tambien he hablado con Lucia y ella me consigue fotos, creo que lo admiro en todo sentido pero aparte de todos sus atributos ud actua magnifico hasta con los ojos y con una media sonrisa es muy propia de un buen actor. Le deseo lo mejor en su vida, me encanto la poesia que le hizo a su mama para las Madres, en fin, ojala ud fuera aunque sea un pariente lejano,.le mande algunos libros con la China, espero le hayan gustado. Con toda mi admiracion y deseando verlo pronto en TV una vieja admiradora. Esperanza sonar no cuesta nada.
Lisa Weiner  - Good Work   |2010-05-09 00:36:02
To Mario Cimarro,
I think you are a good actor. I hope someday you do soap operas in English. Good Job well Done. Lisa Weiner. U.S. A.
sam  - wonderful   |2010-06-23 13:04:31
you are an actor an excellent one. keep it up.
morvarid  - hi   |2010-12-21 20:21:06
hello to mario cimarro, ilike your acting.ilove latin emerica, and i love espanol language and espanol dance, im dancing espanol,and im so happy for i can contect to you, i wanna say you... you are the best and i wanna & try to see you in the futher because i wanna continiue my art and i love work with you,please you do & want... morvarid(iranian girl)
MERCEHTY   |2011-02-07 13:48:59
te ves divino me ecantas como actor
sandydel   |2011-05-20 21:41:26
me gustas mucho como parsona y como actuas en las telenovelas.
kathie   |2011-03-22 16:29:41
you are so atractive have an excellent act in"el cuerpo del deseo".i love were so atractive beside lorena Rojas.
good luck for you and your act
faustina  - bien actriz   |2011-05-16 11:07:05
u're the best actor. No doubt u did very well in body of desire ur play with lorena n i think u 2 can be best couple. Think about it mario since u're divorce
Amina  - Hello   |2011-11-19 14:33:37
Hi Mario,

I am just watching (Second chance), you are good man, you have a perfect match with Isabelle Royal... make this woman your wife she is very beautiful, you will make good couple together hahahah
raha   |2012-08-20 16:49:39
hi.i dont know what to say.i know all of your life.i have all of your pictures and series.and see them every day.i cry for you all of time=|answer me.i cant live with out u.i want to see you.answer me pleaze.bye raha
raha imani  - mario cimaro   |2012-08-20 17:59:38
hi.i,m one of your fans.i love u soOoO much.i have all of your pictures and all of your films.i see them every time and menutes.i cry for you every day.i shoud see you.i have a lot speaks to say .i cant live withaut u.i cant mario cimaro.please answer cellphone is me.i wait for you for every day.kiss you hney.[Iranian girl] raha[please answer me] bye
Lisa Weiner  - Hi! Mario   |2012-10-07 19:41:09
Hello! Mario Cimarro,
I think you are a good actor. I wish you would learn your lesson about abusing women. Lisa Weiner
pat  - Hi   |2012-11-20 16:06:07
I appreciate your are a good actor. Keep it up.
Anonymous   |2013-04-15 02:30:10
Was surprised to find out that he is not only acting in soaps.saw rock away and was impressed by acting and English he spoke. U r good.enough soaps.leave all these bs for lonely old serious movies u r really good
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