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Rafael Amaya

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Rafael Amaya


Name: José Rafael Amaya Nuñez
Date of Birth: February 28, 1977
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
City: Hermosillo, Sonora
Country: Mexico
Marital status: engaged
Fiancée: Ana Layevska
Occupation: actor, singer


La Reina del Sur (2011) ... Raimundo "El Guero" Dávila Parra
Niña de mi corazón (2010) ... Hugo
North (2008) .... Main
Mujeres asesinas (2008) .... Oscar
Amor letra por letra (2008) .... Julián
Así del precipicio (2006) .... Gerardo
Dos caras de Ana, Las (2006) .... Rafael Bustamante/Gustavo Galván
Desnudos (2004) .... Pablo
Locas pasiones (2004)
Amar otra vez (2003) .... Fernando
Vías del amor, Las (2002) .... Paco / Pablo
Salomé (2001) .... José Julian
Sin pecado concebido (2001) .... Cástulo
Casa en la playa, La (2000) .... Romualdo


Was a member of the musical group Garibaldi

Studied at the "Center for Artistic Education of Televisa"

Silver Goodess, Best Screen Actor, 2007, Mexico (Diosa de Plata)

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Gerald Ngaruiya  - Mr   |2009-02-06 13:48:41
Two Sides of Ana, Caras de Ana, is the best telenovella i have seen so far in our local tv here in kenya. All the guys show superior acting qualities. Kudos to all actors especially ana, raphael, vicente...ignatio plays the bad guy but he acts ilkes its true, graciela for her wits and been upto date regardless of her age... i can talk about each of the actors...they are all great...keep up bustamante, at least you are admitting your mistakes.

Can i get through the guys..I will be coming to south america in a month and you can imagine i dream if i could see the guys for real.

All movies by mexicans is what is on kenyan tv rooms everyhouse
saima  - please i beg you   |2009-03-18 00:06:29
hello there we are only watching two sides of ana in Namibia now( i hope u know where namibia is) and i would like you to tell me what happens at the end not just the conclusion but give me a summary. i will highly appreciate it thanx in advance. its going to keep me glued on the screen.
caroline  - rafael is the man   |2009-02-27 20:14:33
hi guys, i think two sides of is the best and for real gustavo acted good and Anna sweet gal! poor vicente did it with the emotions and if bustamante can really act that bad and it looks real then he is a good actor.
my dream is to one day come their and personally meet those guys.
but pliz keep it up and send us more. lastly though Irene is a good actress something convinces me that's her character!
Naomy  - I love Rafael   |2009-03-18 13:00:28
Oh what can I say? Rafael is my best actor in 2 sides of Ana. And for the ladies, I would gladly go for Caty. She is so very much herself. I think that is her. Lucky Vicente. If only I would get a chance, I would with all pleasure love to share a meal with these group. Possible? Anyone with an idea on how I can go about this mission? For real.
Mercy  - Oh. Rafael   |2009-03-21 16:37:29
Am happy that you have been able to dump irene because that woman is a hell.Although its a play i think she is like so especially her tempers.Am happy you are not married coz will be able to choose a woman like Ana.

Mercy from
Musa  - Ms   |2009-04-12 13:17:16
Well we just getting into the saddest part of the story when Rafael finds out that Irene she is not what she seens to be, and that he lost the Love of his life Ana,it's been a lovely story and hope this teaches people out there not to judge a person but to read through them. Sorry will be there and in Ana shoes she cannot forgive but she will cos of love she has for Rafael!What if you did feel that love you have to live with it and forget your past.
Am enjoying this movie very much hope, which all the actor/s in this Movie Two sides of Ana all the best and waiting for more movies from the Mexico.
Emilly Joseph  - mrs   |2009-04-15 12:29:50
Rafael what i want to say is u are a hero and u proved to us that u re a man of you word i do enjoy waching u and even feeling sory that u were deseived by ur own familly and they turn u againist the woman of you i learned alot from u pls keep it up.
LILAN  - good work   |2009-05-04 09:04:33
bravo... very good actor . in kenya we finished watching two sides of ana about two weeks ago that my friend left me upset i miss running at home over lunch hour.i learnt alot about life in general.if only i would like to know you beter .p.s what is that i so .... that you are single i always thought that you were dating ana its a shame such chemistry should go to waste
Kemah  - Ms   |2009-05-06 13:46:03
Am really enjoying the two sides of Ana,an i would like to see the last part of the film.plz send me the final part of Ana.

Congrats to all the actors especially Anna & Gustavo!!!!!!!

All the way from
Vicky  - Good!   |2009-05-15 13:08:11
Oh my gosh! Rafael and Ana are engaged in real life? They make a great couple and i feel as if 1 of them is my sibling! They really inspire me...

love from
Vicky, Windhoek Namibia
Ms Innocentia & Justy  - The greatest ever!!!   |2009-05-20 21:29:41
Kiss apriel for us please we love that little girl alot. she can act. Whoever the director is, you are the best. keep up. Rafael & Ana more blessings from above, wish you all the best. Hope you get the cute triplets in future for real.

huda  - lovely movie i had ever seen   |2009-06-17 15:52:23
very good actor and actress. i love the actress who supported ana to revengewhat there are doing esp ignacio.
all the best.
I Love and Miss U all. Muah...
franceline emadoua  - men! i like your movies   |2009-07-01 10:12:53
oh my God! you are killing me with all what you are doing especially in the two side of ana i would really like to see the end of it. it's very interesting iam really enjoying it you nkow. i would like to feel that type of love you are feeling for ana one day that true love. go ahead. big love
Honest  - Lovely seriee   |2009-07-30 12:32:17
iam rely enjoying your series ot Two side of Ana. it teaches alot about life and people around us.thanks so much keep up (to all actors)
Smile  - Psychologist   |2009-09-19 13:52:49
Keep being cool and composed. Victory will always be on your side.
Satish  - Mind blowing performance!   |2009-09-21 17:43:16
Two sides of Ana globally defines how people can play with the feelings of other people to achieve their goals for the sake of money.Whether be it in business or in love affairs,characters played by the vilains, Ignacio, Irene and Tina have made the show more interesting.
Fatou Mbaye  - Mrs   |2009-12-22 12:08:24
Hello Ana and Rafeal

I am very happy to learn that you two are engage to be married in real life bcuz i am very sad the way your relationship has turn up in the two sides of ana, i live in the Gambia and we are just wathing the show not, but irene should be warned to stop doing bad things.
Nsana hilda  - engagment   |2010-01-11 15:15:59
I'm happy to see that Ana and Rafael are engeaged they real deserve each ather.
JUSTINA RIUNGA  - KUDOS   |2010-02-02 10:09:18
I was amazed to learn that you two Raphael and Ana are for real. When I was watching two sides of Ana I always visualized and hoped as per the soap you ended together. but Alas! it is even greater to see you are fiancees. Kudos Ana and Raphael. You deserve each other and keep on the candle of love burning. whoever directed this soap is in deed Great.
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