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William Levy

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William Levy


Name: William Levy Gutiérrez
Date of Birth: August 29, 1980
City: Cojimar, Havana
Country: Cuba
Siblings: has sister and brother
Marital status: single
Children: son Christopher Alexander with Elisabeth Gutierrez
Religion: Roman Catholic
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Occupation: actor / model
Languages: spanish, english
Hobby: baseball
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Triunfo del Amor, El (2010 - 2011) ... Maximiliano Sandoval
Sortilegio (2009) ... Alejandro Lombardo
Cuidado con el ángel (2008) .... Juan Miguel
Pasión (2007) .... Vasco
Acorralada (2007) .... Larry
Mi vida eres tu (La voz del amor) (2006) .... Federico
Olvidarte jamás (2006)


La Nena Tiene Tumbao (2005)


His family immigrated to Miami when he was 14 years old

Levy was first signed by Next Models, and later participated in two reality shows transmitted by Telemundo: Isla de la Tentacio'n and Protagonistas de Novela 2

In 2006, People magazine in Spanish named him as one of the 50 Sexist Bachelors

Took part in the reality show "The Island of Temptation"

Was the exclusive artist for the NBC network in Los Angeles for two years

Dated with Elisabeth Gutierrez

On July 11 2009, he converted to Catholicism

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chamely  - hola   |2008-11-30 08:27:25
hola soy una de tus fans me encanta la novela cuidado com el angel me gusta como actuas y me gustaria conocerte bueno bye cuidate k dios te bendiga
marichuy   |2008-12-10 10:09:03
hi well i just wanted you to know that i love watching cuidado con el angel bcause william levy is in it and also because he is super hot and a great actor...keep working i like how youu work well byebye
Karen  - Cuidado con el angel   |2011-01-05 18:55:21
Believe me when i tell u that you have turned out to be my favourite in all soaps together with maite perroni.Its a well acted soap airing in kenya right now and its supper hot.congratulations and i pray 2 see you one day, me when i say you are a hot dude...
Isla bella  - William Levy I wish for you !!!!!!!!!!   |2008-12-29 19:28:13
William I wish the best success and many more for the coming years,, am sure you will be very happy to know that many people love you and the world .. Like me I have been seen your work for the past few years and I love it,, Everything I see you william you are growning more and more .. My respect and my love you me Hazel that the name I give you .. Hugs and kIsses Isla Bella
Amanda  - i agree   |2011-08-12 16:28:51
william levy has done amazing. he needs to have what he wants.
yexibel yegres   |2009-01-08 21:17:20
william eres un grandioso actor soy tu fans y no me pierdo ninguna de las novelas que haz hecho y pues me encnta como eres , quisiera conocerte bueno te digo que eres demaciado lindo , cuidate mucho se te quiere un monton Besitos muakk .. ..
Leonora  - William Levy   |2009-02-24 03:02:36
I think you are so CUTE. Right now I am watching your Novela cuidado con el angel. I think your girlfriend is very lucky for having you.
bella  - hi   |2009-02-25 10:05:51
Well i just wanted you to say that i love watching cuidado con el angel.
It mine favour telenovela.I wach evry episod of it. best of look and lots of love
febe  - cool =keren (indonesian)   |2009-06-14 10:47:35
cool cute the first time i saw this man keep the best for you. your parrents so lucky have u.iam febe from indonesia 30 yearsold.hope ur another movies enter in indonesia also
Nina   |2009-08-05 21:42:03
I really like you William I know that I am for you just like your other fans but trust me every day when I see you on television I really fell something strong and I cant stop thinking of you like I said just like other fans I am for you but anyway I really like you not just becouse you are beauthiful also like a preson you are a great guy Love you a lot your Nina
teddy maranan  - professor   |2009-08-17 04:00:49
I just want to greet you Happy Birthday and I wish you success and happiness in your career.
Feliz cumpleanos y que tengas suerte siempre
glenda  - hi   |2009-11-07 06:34:32
hola te dire que eres el mejor actor ke a visto en el mundo de ls telenovelas y no lo digo por el fisico sino por tu forme de actuar y de ser.
karen  - william levy is the best   |2009-12-05 21:58:46
hi william levy!i just wanted to say that i am your biggest fan. i love your novela accoralada and sortilegio and all of the rest. to me you are the greatest actor ever, you really know how to bring the novela the life! i wish you the best of luck in your acting career and bless you and your family!! Y recuerda esto para siempre, karen siempre sera tu numero una fan!! te amo
blanca ramirez  - william such sensative.   |2009-12-10 07:28:01
hey! you know im a virgo too my birthday is august 24. well i just like to say that i love your acting in the soap sortilegio that is just playing out here in california. but i have to confess that i had already seen it. one time i was brosing through the internet for the romantic soaps and sortilegio pop up and i immediately got hooked on the story your character loving,caring,sensative, son husband friend bother. Your character reminds me of my husband definitely not on the good look but his my honey pooh.See im in the situation that i petition him in other words put immigration papers for him so he can get his residency but its been hard. See he came into the united states not legally so immigration been really tough if you entered the united states ilegally and been more than year they stay in mexico for 10-12 months in mexico. thats the time they gave him but so far its been 2yrs and 3 months i have to wait that the consulate mails me the letter del perdon thats the only thing that im waiting for but it seems that its been for ever i keep trying to maintain my faith not loose my patience desperation but sometimes it gets the best of me. My husband and i got married on 10-29-05 he has been in mexico 9-17-07 so we've been married 4yrs but it really feels like 2yrs. i just keep praying that he'll be here soon here with me both of us in the same country together. im so sorry its just that the story in the soap sortilegio reminds me of every day couple marriage lives how there is always obsticles that we have to face and that it will make us strong or break us. also sticking together through thick and thin. even though i already saw sortilegio in the internet now that is playing on tv here in california i still watch it, it gives a sense of hope that no matter in how many obsticles we are at long as we have faith that things will be ok. I really hope that you read the fan mail and not your manager,and that if you can e-mail me back that it really appreciate it. that you really read your fans fan mail. i know that this e-mail must be very boring and sorry if it does bores you i guess i just need to talk to someone that maybe can understand me or give me word of advice,or hope. because somes times this decision that me and my husband maid it feels like it was the worsts decision we made instead of the best one. its just that for any one that doesn't have their papers specially as mexican it feels more descriminating. you know im a teacher and right now i going to see him in tijuana because financially he not ok and neither am i so we have to just have to meet half way which is tijuana which its not a pretty place. it sadden me that it has to be that way. i wish that i could have your life not the glamor but having money perfect life excellent job,gilfriend,son that you can actually be with your family have anything you want true happiness. I absolutely give 2 tombs up for sortilegio everyone plays their character so well, daniela romo, maria jose,you,chantal,bruno, excellent cast.thankyou this everyday life soap love,caring,envy,greed,friendship,family oriented,love,romance. overall love romance faith, God over coming it all obsticles that is put out there. thankyou for making me feel that is is always hope no matter what and at long as you never loose your faith. thankyou carring so good your character and because no else could of had played the role so well. if there was oscars for soaps believe me you alrealy won it. your a beautiful human being congrats on your excellent acting and god bless you, never forget that because of God you are where you are, and that you are who you are because of our blessed mother and jesus, God. CONGRATS. well william levy i hope you e-mail me back soon i'll be checking my e-mail everyday.
mary  - willian   |2010-02-06 20:17:51
hola willian quiero saludarte y desearte mucha suerte y decirte que dios te bendiga 100pre. Megusto la novela Sortilegio la verdad que soy 1mas de tus fans quiero felicitarte actuas muy bien.
Cuidate mucho,que tengas mas ofertas de trabajo no me pierdo ninguna de tus novelas eres muy lindo.
Que dios te bendiga y la Virgen de Guadalupe te protejan 100pre muchos besos y abrasos te quiere tu fan numero 1 mary TE QUIERO MUCHO Willian.
ao  - Love spell readable series how do i access this on   |2010-03-11 19:19:18
Love spell now showing in kenya is like the greatest soap i have ever watched and i am glued to it unfortunately i get to the house when it has started and sometimes when the jam is heavy i miss it and my night is completly spoilt.

So will someone tell me how i can get the englis readable series to catch up on the episodes i have missed?

indeed william you are the bomb
Anonymous   |2010-03-16 14:27:36
Most handsome guy i have seen in a loong time - totally glued to Love spell in Kenya!
Nelly   |2010-03-26 06:07:27
Hi levy it is with great honour to write to are the coolest and most charming guy av ever seen.your sexy body and the way you lick your lips makes me go in kenya and am always glued to love spell.your character is stunning congrats.i will be glad to keep on chating with you as friends.may God bless you abundantly
Lucy Ramirez   |2010-04-05 18:52:43
Quisiera verlo en una pelicula de acción tipo Indiana Jones al estilo latino y que sea para disfrutarla con toda la familia.
Edna  - I love the way you act in Lovespell   |2010-04-11 15:18:29
First of all you are so handsome and I just love the character you play in Lovespell which is now showing in Kenya. Every time I watch the program i'm amazed at your talent and of course you are good looking and my heart just goes waah everytime I see you.
I love you and continue with the good work
gloria chavarria  - number 1111 fan!!!!!!!!!!!   |2010-04-13 14:03:00
bueno yo soy gloria este tu eres mi idolo lol bueno me gusta como actuas y tu personalidad soy tu number one fannn me gustaria conocertr pero ay veces que no se puede bueno te dejo william cuidas a tu familia att gloria e. chavrria
Anonymous   |2011-06-15 02:00:36
hola william soy una de tus fans i te quiero desir que estas bien guapo i que siempre beo tu novela "Triunfo del Amor" bye
Samira   |2011-07-26 14:30:41
Hi william I wish the best for you
Kambo  - Keep up william   |2010-04-28 13:59:05
Everybody here in kenya is 'addicted' to Love spell,and they adore your charismatic character. Keep up man!!!
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