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Elizabeth Gutierrez

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Elizabeth Gutierrez


Name: Elizabeth Gutierrez
Date of Birth: April 1st
Country: United States
Siblings: has five sisters and one brother
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital status: separated
Ex-spouse: William Levy, actor
Children: son Christopher Alexander with William Levy

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Occupation: actress
Languages: spanish, english


Rostro de Analía, El (2008) .... Ana Lucía Moncada 'Analia'/Mariana Andrade
Amor comprado (2008) .... Mariana
Acorralada (2007) .... Paola
Olvidarte jamás (2006) .... Isabella
Jugar a ganar (2004)
Protagonistas de novela 2 (2003) .... Supporting


Dated with Erick Elias and William Levy

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Tamara   |2009-03-10 02:36:46
Hey!! im tamara..i really dont know if im sending a comment to this site or to elizabeth..but anyway im barley 11 but for some reason im into fav. actress are elizabeth guiterrez & edith gonzales..from dona barbara..well both of them are so awsome. i hope that one day i get to meet them..they are so so awsome and i hope they relize that:]]

well yah. hope you get this comment and see that there are little kids as fans..:]]

Saska  - Kiss   |2009-08-24 19:48:29
Hello, I am from Serbia. Here we look El Rostro de Analia on Pink tv, the most famous television. A look Analia every day, it is great seria, I like Elizabeth, she is so beautiful, nice, she is my idol!! Thank you for this great project! Sorry for my English I don't speak so good! P.S." Me gusta mucho todo esto!"
Milly Gonzalez  - trabajamos juntas :)   |2010-09-14 03:46:32
hola elizabeth
soy milly trabajamos juntas en unos eventos en la
como unos 16 anos atras
bueno que lindo que tu si sigiste con lo de la actuacion
que chevere
y me da gusto que te haigas realisado como mama
tengo fotos de ese entonces
bueno comunicate conmigo
cuando tengas un tiempo

esta es mi informacion
coming ut with my clothing line
God bless
Que Dios te vendiga

me puedes encontrar en face book
milly Gonzalez city tarzana
paulina   |2010-11-22 09:54:44
I dont now if I have to believe thats they are separated.its imposible.they are the best
susan Hearn  - terrible actriz   |2010-12-29 02:06:36
yo solo quiero decir que esta actriz es pesima, nunca extresa bien ni transminte los sentimientos que esta actuando, en el fantasma de Elena cualquier actor o actriz fue el protagonista pero ella mmm fue super aburrida!!!
maria thier  - hola   |2011-01-13 19:53:56
hola elizabeth me gusto la actuacion que isiste en elena y pues yo soy maria soy de charlotte nc . y pues toy tratando de aser casting aca me gusta la actuasion y me da gusto k sigas adelante whit your kids y k nada te detenga and i have a boy name valentine is my firts time a tex u i hope u get my e mail god bless you .
Arl  - hey   |2011-01-30 19:01:01
I actually know that Elizabeth got married to Willie after the birth of their second child and that they're still together. Is this inf accurate or just an untrue rumour?
ermire  - halo elizabeth   |2011-03-02 18:01:16
yo quiero decir que elizabeth es una actores mas hermosa y tengo marido mas hermoso ok yo soy de Kosovo.Te amo mucho elizabeth y william y christopher alexander .yusted me amo?
por favor me contesta ok?
tung te amo.
Ali  - HELLO   |2011-04-04 08:37:36
Hi Elizabeth. I'm 17 and I'm Iranian. We we look El Rostro de Analia on Farsi1 tv. You are very famous in Iran. And never forget that every body loves you in Iran.
Samira  - Love   |2011-05-26 23:31:20
Hi my dear elizabeth,i am samira from iran,i love you very very very very very very much,on iran we look el rostro de analia on farsi1tv,and we look el fantasma de elena on puls tv,you are acter very very very very very very beautiful and nice,sorry I dont write english good,i loveeee you elizabeth,i never forgot you,
Samira from iran
soli   |2011-07-09 13:37:06
hi Elizabeth,Im Iranian and I love you very much I saw your film in farsi 1.I want to ask qustion, are you divorce from william or no?because in some sites write you are divorce to each other please doesnt sad for my question.I kiss you and I hope to see you.please answer my question
Kotryna   |2011-08-07 03:05:38
Hey Elizabeth, I'm from Lithuania I saw everyone telenovela's with you. I wanna be like you :) Te quiero mucho
Dede  - Hallo   |2011-08-16 16:04:00
Am dede in east africa i also watch de telenovelas i like ur couple u and levy and iwish u all the best
sara  - great actress   |2011-08-28 11:41:20
you are the best actress and the most beatiful
gato verde   |2011-10-04 17:16:11
hi elizabeth i'm 17 and from in azerbaijan i love you very very very much i 'm looking at present "el rostro de analia"and i'm bear out you you are very very nice girl :-thank you very much i love you.
Michael  - ms   |2012-03-16 12:27:07
hi Ely u are the beautiful of the world i love ur novela el restro de analia is the best novela i have ever seen in my life i like everything on you your body everything
Michael  - mr   |2012-03-16 12:30:52
hi elizabeth everyday i am watching ur face on youtube and novelas y serirs all because i love u with that beautiful body u got u are the beautiful of the world i want to meet u one day and see ur face with that beautiful body.
Amin   |2012-03-24 13:26:39
Hi elizabeth. I'm Amin and I 15 years old and Ilive in Mashhad Iran. I look El Rostro de Analia on Farsi1 tv. You are very famous in Iran. and I love you.
vahid  - vahid   |2012-07-16 12:06:24
hi elizabeth ilove you vahid/iran/saveh
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