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Name: Lucero Hogaza León
Nick Name: Lucerito
Date of Birth: August 29, 1969
City: Mexico D.F.
Country: Mexico
Mother: Lucero León, actress and producer
Father: Antonio Hogaza
Siblings: brother Antonio
Marital status: married (in 1997)
Spouse: Manuel Mijares, singer
Children: son José Manuel Mijares Hogaza (2001), daughter Lucero Mijares Hogaza (February 2, 2005)
Favorite car: Beetle and BMW
Favorite music composer: Sting and George Michael
Favorite Actress: Marga López and Silvia Pinal
Favorite Actor: Pedro Infante and Edward Norton
Favorite telenovelas: Los ricos también lloran and Mundo de Juguete
Favorite color: purple and orange
Favorite animal: dolphin
Favorite musical instrument: guitar
Trade Mark: Long Hair
Occupation: actress, singer
Address Mexico, D.F.


Soy tu dueña (2010) ... Valentina Villalba
Mañana es para siempre (2008) ... Barbara Riascos de Elizalde
Alborada (2005)
Zapata - El sueño del héroe (2004) .... Esperanza
Mi destino eres tú (2000) .... Andrea Sanvicente Fernández
Teleton (1998) .... Host
Lazos de amor (1995) .... María Guadalupe/María Fernanda/María Paula
Parientes pobres, Los (1993) .... Margarita Santos
Cuando llega el amor (1990) .... Isabel
Deliciosa sinvergüenza (1990)
Quisiera ser hombre (1988) .... Manuelita/Manuel
Escápate conmigo (1987)
Fiebre de amor (1985)
Delincuente (1984)
Chispita (1983) .... Chispita (Isabel)
Coqueta (1983)
Chiquilladas (1982-1983) .... Various roles


Nuevo Amor (2002)
Mi Destino (2000)
Un Lucero en la México (1999)
Cerca de tí (1998)
Piel de Angel (1997)
Historia de un Romance (1997)
Solo pienso en tí (1997)
Lazos de Amor (1996)
Siempre Contigo (1995)
Cariño de mis Cariños (1994)
Veleta (1993)
Lucero de México (1992)
Con mi sentimiento (1990)
Cuéntame (1989)
Ocho Quince (1986)
Un pedacito de mí (1986)
Fuego y Ternura (1985)
Con tan pocos años (1983)
El (1982)


Her wedding was televised throughout Latin America

Spanish dubbed voice for Jane in Tarzan (1999)

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Liz Barrera   |2009-09-02 18:09:02
i LOVe you in Manana es para siempre!!!
You play the villana really good....
Jimena  - Soy tu duena   |2010-06-12 13:56:09
Lucero..... I'm enjoying you on the telenovela "Soy tu duena" the way you portray the woman so in love with that scoundrel makes me notice how good your acting is. I enjoyed your famous fire scene in "Manana es para siempre". I am hoping you got many awards for that portrayal. I can still hear you screaming. I wish you Good luck in your future endeavors.

niurys santana  - que bella es la vida   |2010-08-28 20:32:52
lucerito como le ducen carinosamente es una de las mujeres mas completa de la television y por supuesto que me encanta su actuacion en telenovelas como sea y con el respeto que se merece mijares pero que pareja mas linda hace con fernando que tambien me encanta como trabaja salud para los dos que exito les sobra dios los vendiga.
Ricardo  - Soy tu duena   |2010-09-18 01:35:00
Lucero... I cannot wait to see you on the next day . You and your cast keep me waiting to see what is going to happen next. If your producer ever make it on DVD I will buy it so I don`t have to watch all those commericals. Good Luck and Let me say you are "Beautiful lady"
Ricardo, from Texas
Anonymous   |2010-11-12 05:55:29
i cannot wait to see you on the next day to see what is going on. You are very good actress and BEAUTIFUL. To bad that you are married, because i think that you and Jose make a good couple....
vale  - soy tu duena   |2011-01-18 04:18:39
lucero en la telenovela de soy tu duena tu isistes una marabillosa esena me incanato y en las otras novelas tambien eres la mejor.. i love u lucero
Yolanda  - Soy tu duena   |2011-02-23 07:06:44
To me your the best Mexico has, I have seen many of your novelas and you are great. It is a pleasure seening you and Fernando both together make a great couple and should make more novelas your ratings will sky rocket.
Anonymous   |2011-04-20 01:52:54
me agrada lucero como actric y cantante
Esther  - Soy Tu Duena   |2011-04-22 20:28:49
Lucerito u r so fabulous i like the woman u potray the kind that wants no nonsense
Olumu  - Soy tu Duena   |2011-05-10 19:16:23
Lucerito-you ve made your viewers to commited en we r always eager to tel what wil happen next. BRAVO 2 u en your fellow actress. U derserve a reward. Thanks.
tabby  - Lucero you r the best   |2011-07-29 12:24:04
Eversince i started watching soy tu duena,i have realized thar you really are a woman of u gal and continue wth ur fabulous work.
lily  - messagio   |2011-11-12 19:11:51
ciao cara lucero sei stupenda come atrice vorei avere anche io il tuo indirizio per poter stringere amicizia
io sono una ragaza rumena che lavora in italia e sto guardando le tue telenovele
ciao grazie
juliette  - lucero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   |2011-11-15 13:21:30
she's no doubt a very talented woman with strong moral principles too! her acting is as good as her singing! i understand less of spanish but i have her songs in my phone!
joanne  - soy tu duena   |2012-01-05 09:01:59
lucerito, i really liked the way you acted in this novela. i want to watch your videos. you are a real woman of steel. Bravo valentina.
sharifa  - lucero   |2012-06-08 14:28:46
i really like you when you are strong and some time when you happy.and i hope i will see you face to face.i iove you so much when i watch your video.
Grace  - Luv u gal   |2012-06-15 23:41:56
I've being watching u in de movie-woman of steel.luv u very much and wish to u al day.
Fatimazakari  - Soytuduena   |2012-11-09 10:46:39
Indeed she is a wonderful actress.Her acting in woman of steel deserves twenty awards
Linah julius clemence  - No yo nat lucky but yo blessed yes   |2012-12-16 23:16:04
I rily lyk dat dia lucero u jst made me feel ua pain coz wen someone hurt u i felt da pain in u lucero....i lyk dat i lv u once again i lv u and 2 me ua da best actress ever wsh u gud luck...hey i wsh one day i cud see ya and kiss ya
Anonymous   |2014-04-01 20:58:15
yo reicherd te digo que esa novela estuvo vien pero le tenias que poner mas atencion
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