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Mariana Seoane

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Mariana Seoane


Name: Mariana Seoane García
Nickname: Mari
Sometimes Credited As: Mariana
Date of Birth: June 10, 1976
City: Paracuaro, Michoacan
Country: Mexico
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Occupation: actress, singer


Mar de Amor (2009) ... Oriana Parra
Mañana es para siempre (2008) ... Chelsy
Tormenta en el paraíso (2007) .... Maura Durán
Fea más bella, La (2006) .... Karla
Feliz Navidad (2006) .... Star Wonder
Rebeca (2003) .... Rebeca Linares
Atrévete a olvidarme (2001) .... Ernestina Soto
Diseñador ambos sexos (2001) Sitcom
Tres mujeres (1999) .... Marcela Duran
Amor gitano (1999) .... Adriana
Mi pequeña traviesa (1997) .... Bárbara
Canción de amor (1996) .... Roxana
Hijos de nadie, Los (1996) .... Sandra
Retrato de familia (1995) .... Araceli


Sere Una Nina Buena (2004)


Released her first music CD, for the soap opera "Rebeca", when she sang the theme song "Me Equivoqué", this single being the most popular in the radio in Miami and México

Has Cuban and Argentinean roots

Began acting and singing professionally as a teenager

Sustained a romantic relationship with the well known musician, Adolfo Angel of Los Temerarios

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kadisha van wyk  - you go girl   |2009-06-27 13:15:59
Hi,you have very nice style I like the way you dress and i like you very much you go girl!!
hilda  - you can real act   |2009-08-13 09:06:10
hi lady, i don't know which luck you have that everything you in storm you can never be caught. but be careful with David bravo.this time you and your stepmother may not escape the punishment you deserve.[b] in all your the best actor
florence  - you are talented   |2009-08-13 12:40:08
in rebeca you are an angel but in storm over paradise u r opp.i bet you are talented
Elius  - Go on Ma hero   |2009-09-07 14:02:00
Hey Seoane, you actually can play with all all those minds? any way hope yuo are not like that in real life. I like you, but be carefull with david.
dorcas wairimu  - beutiful   |2009-09-09 14:06:24
hi mariana (karina) no words darling perfect.i would like to see you sometimes you are a star in rebeca you were cool but here woman this the real you you give me gats!!!.we love you and may God bless you and talk to me ican be the happiest woman of all. you have taught me to dress and the make up its nice reply back and please send me your photo when you were going to meet david with a light jeans and boots okay am your no 1 fan my dear thanks
Elius  - Feel sorry   |2009-10-08 12:52:14
Hey mariana feel sorry for your illness, looks kike you are really ailling. "wish you quick recovery"
winnie  - congratulation   |2009-10-12 07:19:55
Hi,you are really talented girl.I really like the way u changed your role from Rebbeca to Storm over Paradise.Go girl!!!
Laura   |2009-10-27 10:49:38
Wish you a quick recovery but i hope the way you act is not your real life way of life fighting for men and the jeulousness but I love your mode of dressing and the way you never love to be deafeted go on girl.
Peter  - You are talented   |2009-11-06 08:27:27
I have never seen an actor who can beat you in that manage to change the moods to look real. Bravoo!! I believe in real life you are opposite,Go girl
NEHAL  - excellent   |2009-11-09 09:56:18
you have got very nice smile and your dressing is very sexy. you are very beautiful. keep it up with your acting.
emmy chebet  - BRAVO   |2009-11-28 06:50:37
despite da loss of hair you still maintain your actual figure. sometimes you deeply get into my nerves but your change of character from an angel to a young devil is surely a put up talent.
Lindz.A  - Maura is so cool   |2009-12-14 19:30:40
I think you acted very professionally the part "maura" and I would like to commend you on that BRAVO!!
anna-lusia  - talented   |2010-01-08 12:46:16
hey there.i must say you are a very brave and talented lady.your part in storm over paradise is bad but you played it well.keep up the good work and all the best hey....
aaron2010  - Fan de Mariana de la telenovela,"Rebeca".   |2010-01-31 03:26:53
Mariana, Yo soy de fan de ti desde la telenovela,"Rebeca". Mi gusta las otras telenovelas, "Tres Mujeres",
"Manana es para siempre" y "Tormenta en el Paraiso" tambien. Yo tengo todos discos de musica de ti tambien,pero mi discos favoritos son "La Nina Buena" y "Esta de Fiesta...Atrevete!!" Yo soy Mexicoamericano y yo tengo muchos parientes en Hermosillo, la ciudad capital del estado de Sonora en Mexico. Tu eres muy hermosa.

Saludos y Viva Mexico.
Ruth  - RESPECT   |2010-02-02 13:16:24
Honestly I respect u! Acting in two different programmes under very opposite character. Couldn't believe you were the same in Rebecca. I thought no maybe you look alike. Gosh! you are a star. I liked you in Rebecca and hated you in Storm. Anyway the good thing is its just acting...... Wish you well in your carrier gal!
Francis  - exceptional   |2010-02-10 19:05:10
this is the kind of star am looking to work in my movies in the Future. a star that can portray both good and bad roles.a star that plays her role as a star congratulations in all your endeavours.In rebecca u were a heroine in storm over paradise u were too much .well anyweay I hated u in storm nut yes.u are a STAR.
orimba nicholas  - keep it up   |2010-03-18 07:07:45
hey mariana? i even want to call you carina, moura duran, because they are the names am used to after playing the role of being antagonist in the tormenta en el paraiso. girl i just want say you are wonderfully gifted if you can both sing and act successfully. i wish the best of luck in all your undertakings. bye web kenyans love you
anastasia nana dwomoh  - unique   |2010-05-08 15:04:25
hey mariana,you keep changing your roles from good to bad and does it very well.not just that, your also beautiful and have a very nice shape .i appreciate how you combine singing with acting which makes you an exceptional woman are a star and ghanaians love you
doris  - unbelieveable   |2010-05-20 15:10:34
In 'rebecca',I saw a quite,nice teenager but was shocked to the bones to see mariana play such a role. BRAVO and keep it up i like your style.
abena   |2010-08-24 14:05:20
you are really excellent especially in ¨Tormenta en el paraiso¨ no one could ever come before you you are really GREAT.
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