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Sara Maldonado

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Sara Maldonado


Name: Sara Maldonado Fuentes
Nickname: Sarita, Sari
Date of Birth: March 10, 1980
City: Jalapa, Veracruz
Country: Mexico
Father: Mario Maldonado
Mother: Sara Fuentes
Siblings: 3 older brothers Mario, Jesús and Fabiola
Marital status: married
Spouse: Billy Rovzar, director
Hobbies: listen to music and go to forest
Platonic love: Tom Cruise and David Copperfield
Height: 5' 51/4" (1.66 m)
Occupation: actress


La Reina del Sur (2011) ... La Veronica
Aurora (2010) ... Aurora Ponce De León
Tormenta en el paraíso (2007) .... Aymar Lazcano Mayu
Trece miedo (2007) .... Vanessa
Pantera, El (2007) .... La Monja
Mundo de fieras (2006) .... Paulina
Corazones al limite (2004) .... Diana
Clase 406 (2002) .... Tatiana
Juego de la vida, El (2001) .... Lorena


Studied acting in "Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa" for 2 years

Studying acting and English in Vancouver, Canada (2004)

Was selected as El Rostro del Heraldo

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iljesa  - lela   |2008-11-05 14:36:53
tu aymar estas muj bellas porce tu amvas a nicolas en paraiso en el tormenta te amo muqooooooooooooo porce espero ce tu adores a tu amigos te ombeso porce tu es mas bonita en munbo te kjero muqo te bueno en tu vida mi karinja
tokwaro robert  - stormoverparadise   |2009-03-19 09:21:20
Sara maldonaldo{aymar} how are you their , am glade to have this opportunity to communicate to you at this time, reasion being that i always enjoy every bit of your soap in my live, i like the resent soap of 2007, it's very interesting and i think at one time i will be like you aymar, i like storm over paradise the one you have plaied with nicolas{Erick Elias}.

Tokwaro Robert.
CONGRATS   |2009-04-02 10:46:44
Hi, Aymar congrats u r really a gud actress i really admire u especially on storm over paradisen u r very brave facin al challenges.

u make a gud team wit Nicolas kip it up n ul go places.
Jessie  - bravoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   |2009-04-02 10:52:06
Hi Sara!
How are you there? i dont know how I can explain how you did the best in storm over paradise. You real impress me how you carried your feelings. When I look at it, I cant imagine you're just acting. Its real a wonderful feeling.
I am also happy for you to know that you're a married woman. Hope you will always fight for your love like in this play.
All the best dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole  - Good Job   |2009-04-02 20:04:33
Sara is such a great actress. All thumbs up for you Sara keep it up.
quraish  - hi sara   |2009-04-15 07:53:21
i even dont know what to say but you are just perfect keep up the spirit of good acting
Benson  - Great works - Storm Over Pradise   |2009-04-17 12:54:01
Storm over paradise was great work done by gifted actors. This is a reflection of the society we live in. I have never got hooked to a soap like this.

Great work Sara, I would love to see more of your series.
virginia  - wonderful   |2009-04-18 13:48:08
I have no words for you,you are great, especially in the storm you are a role model for young girls.
jebet  - wow   |2009-04-21 10:59:57
your the best thanks for such great work...may all your deed be curtained to light.
christine onyango  - beautiful   |2009-04-21 12:33:56
wonderfull aymar. you are my best actress in that programme. keep it up!!!!!
Rashidah  - Ms.   |2009-04-21 14:02:56
Oh Sara, you deserve all the best with that kind of courage and determination. Hope time will come when all those who doubted you will know wat a terrible mistake they made. I like the Captain too. Good luck
aidah  - miss   |2009-04-27 15:14:24
hi sara,im hooked to the soap storm over God your acting abilities are beyond my reasoning.what a good team you are with Eric Elias.i love you guys work.big ups
jonah  - charming imar   |2009-04-29 16:13:54
i like every bit of your acting so keep it up you are going to be brave woman thax for the work done.
Robert Adams  - Lovely   |2009-05-02 06:31:41
Hey Sara! You are a woman of great wisdom, courage and determination. You have played your role soo well in Storm over paradise. I likr it that you have grown to what your mother Analy would have wished you to be in life. Nicolas is just the perfect co actor you have. He is a man of great style.
Benson Mokogi  - Charming & lovely Aymar   |2009-05-03 14:06:02
Congrats Sara, you are a very spectacular actress. Since the start of one of most exciting soap I have always spared the time between 8 & 9 pm to watch it. I hope you will live to be remembered in all your upcoming fixtures.
grace  - congrats!   |2009-05-05 16:17:57
girl the character aymar, is the perfect, am thinking of calling my daughter that name somedays, you make me believe true love exists after all.
eve  - lovely   |2009-05-07 09:33:02
Ma dear your such a wonderful actress.the way you express yourself makes me believe that true love exists.Keep it up
hilder  - you are great; keep it thay way   |2009-05-08 11:57:42
hi sweet aymar, i hope u have not yet muurdered raour becoz of his luv for you. you did great in storm over paradise and to nicholas he is our earth sent blessing and you you are an angel.To Elseyo bravo, botel,mora and her god mum they shoud style up. I LUV YOU. AM YOUR UGANDAN FAN . HILDER
Patie Sylvers  - BIG UP   |2009-05-11 10:47:49
My child you are really a good actress indeed. When i see your action through storm over paradise i really get courage of how to overcome problems. I love you, and i hope one of my daughters will be like you because we all like your action.
sally  - congrats.   |2009-05-12 07:38:27
hey Imar, i love your show and please keep it up you are just what i have been waiting for. you are so kind,so understanding and so lovely.if i may ask, is Nicholus your true love? is he Billy Rovzar? anyway i love you show.
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