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Silvia Navarro

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Silvia Navarro


Name: Silvia Angélica Navarro Barva
Date of Birth: September 14, 1978
City: Irapuato, Guanajuato
Country: Mexico
Father: Luis
Stepmother: Loyda
Siblings: Luis Edgar, Eric and Dafne
Marital status: single
Favorite Food: mexican
Favorite City: Madrid
Favorite animal: dog
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Hobby: travelling, pilates
Occupation: actress / model


Mañana es para siempre (2008) ... Fernanda Elizalde
Labios rojos (2009) .... Blanca
Dragones: destino de fuego (2006)
Mujer alabastrina (2006)
Montecristo (2006) .... Laura
Mi amor secreto (2006)
Heredera, La (2004) .... María Claudia
Desafío de estrellas (2003) Show
Duda, La (2002) .... Victoria
Cuando seas mía (2001) .... Teresa 'Paloma'/Elena Olivares
Calle de las novias, La (2000) .... Aura Sánchez
Catalina y Sebastián (1999) .... Catalina
Perla (1998) .... Perla/Julieta


Mar Muerto
El Tenorio Comico
Quimicos Para El Amor


Started her career in childhood

Star of TV Azteca, Mexico

Graduated from the Centro de Formacion Actoral (CEFAC), TV Azteca's acting school in Mexico City

Cousin of t Eliana Rodriguez

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lydia  - i think   |2009-03-10 10:18:25
i think silvia navaro is so sexy and i loved her in the movie caundo seas mia annd catalinda y sebation .those are the two movies i'have seen on her and she played them so well
poovanes  - Silvia.....   |2009-04-27 14:16:23
Hi Lydia....

I completely agree wth u. she did a wonderful job in Montecristo, too. she's a born talented actress. Well done, Silvia
Anonymous   |2009-04-28 13:46:45
She is a very very good actress and beautiful but catalina & sebastian is a bit out of this world. By the way how can u get married to a guy you love and u dont sleep with him for a whole six months and u share the same bed? well it keeps the suspense but it is unrealistic. Secondly she marries carmelo and doesn't sleep with him either it is just like a fairy tale. Get real writers of C & S. If we were talking about a girlfriend boyfriend relationship then I would understan the abstinence, because its supposed to be that way BUT NOT WITH MARRIED COUPLES WHO LOVE EACH OTHER DEARLY THOUGH HURTING.

williams rivas  - la mujer mas bella   |2009-12-24 03:45:40
crees en el amor sabes si encontrara una lampara magica y al frotarla saliera un genio y me dijera que me concede un solo deseo solo uno sabes que pidiera mi deseo fuera conoserte verte a los ojos y desirte que hay alguien que te amo con todo el corazon sin siquiera conoserte te deseo todos los exitos en tu vida que seas muy feliz y que DIOS te bendiga siempre
recuerda que hay alguien que te ama con todo el corazon.......
ife  - silvia navarro   |2010-01-05 19:21:05
she is a good actress i love her films especially in when you are mine and catalina y sebastine.the suspect was too much.silvia really participate very well,it was very interesting and a wonderful job,hope another of your film.
hadijah  - comment   |2010-03-03 05:05:09
silvia you are just wonderful and wish u get married to sebastian who really loved u so much from the deep bottom of his heart even though it was acting.
Ray  - Great actress   |2010-03-23 07:35:01
Most of her telenovelas have been air in malaysia from perla to montecristo. I hope you keep up a good job in your acting career.
abc   |2011-03-31 21:23:19
I don't watch telenovelas at all, but back when i was a child i watched perla after school sometimes. Her acting as far as i can recall was perfect from my POV. Also the way she looks, i like it alot. Hard to explain why. Strange how she can be single. Oh well maybe she prefers work to family.
Nzia Reagan  - friend   |2011-04-24 10:52:43
she's a great woman to meet i hope 2 shake hands with her one day.
annie  - wow   |2011-08-31 10:05:41
I really like this lady coz she confident in everything she does. It would sound nice if she got married to sergio coz they match and they are very beautiful as i can see.
joshua leah  - cuando seas mia   |2012-09-06 09:53:13
silvia ur a good actor.i hope that some day u will get married to basanez u really do match together.hope to see you in other soaps
brayo  - cuado seas mia   |2013-01-15 10:56:39
wow you rock ihope you get marriedm to bazanez from kenya
samie samuels  - amor bravio   |2014-03-02 05:57:24
She is a very amaizing lady I just hope she. End up with a man she really love and christian del fuente coz they really make a nice couple they were ment to be
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