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Zully Montero

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Zully Montero


Name: Zully Montero
Country: Cuba
Marital status: married
Children: daughters
Occupation: actress
Languages: spanish, english
Address Miami, Florida


Aurora (2010) .... Catalina Perez-Quintana
Rostro de Analía, El (2008) .... Carmen Reyes de Andrade
Amor comprado (2008) .... Gertrudis
Viuda de Blanco, La (2007) .... Doña Perfecta Albarracín
Full Grown Men (2006) .... Teya
Alborada (2005) .... Adelaida
Prisionera (2004) .... Rosalía Ríobueno viuda de Moncada
Protagonistas de novela 2 (2003) .... Acting Coach
Vale todo (2002) .... Lucrecia Roitmann
Estrellita (2000) .... Ruth
Me muero por tí (1999) .... Margot Hidalgo
Cosas del amor (1998) .... Mercedes Castro-Iglesias de Marticorena
María Celina (1998) .... Isaura Quintero
Aguamarina (1998) .... Doña Augusta Calatrava
Señora Tentacion (1995) .... Marlene
Guadalupe (1994) .... Luisa
Marielena (1994) .... Claudia Sandoval
Cape Fear (1991) .... Graciella
Corte tropical (1990) .... Gloria
Magnate, El (1990) .... Antonia
Súper, El (1979) .... Aurelia
Noche y el alba, La (1958)

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Jose L. Rodriguez  - Zully Montero   |2009-12-08 19:31:18
The best actress pound for pound in any telenovela is Mrs. Zully Montero. She can realy express herself and make you feel her acting. My wife and I know that when she is in a telenovela, "it's gong to be a good one!"

We hope to see her in many more novelas and if possible, movies in hollywood. Zully is fantatastic!
Awilda Rosado   |2011-02-18 01:28:59
I remember Clarita as a little girl, as I use to live in an apartment downstairs from her. I use to play with her daughters. Her mother in law, Tita was our babysitter and her sister in law Ena were very good friends of our family. How we would love to reconnect with them or their whereabouts.
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