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Floribella telenovelaFloribella is a pretty and young girl of poor roots who works for Frederico Fritzenwalden. Frederico is in love with Flor. However, Frederico is engaged with Delfina, who is a very mean and spoilt woman that struggles against anything to marry the soonest possible Frederico and get his money. But like in the fairy tales, the love always wins: Frederico finds out all the truth about Delfina, and all what she did to everyone. Unfortunately, Frederico dies with this ending.

Floribella - telenovela

(2006) - Mariana Derderián, Cristián Arriagada


Mariana Derderián ... Florencia González
Cristián Arriagada ... Federico Fritzenwalden
Luz Valdivieso ... Agustina Santillán
Coca Guazzini ... María Laura 'Malala' Torres Oviedo
Gloria Münchmeyer ... Greta Fassbinder
Fernanda Urrejola ... Sofía Santillán
Ximena Rivas ... Teresa 'Titina' Ramos
Matías Oviedo ... Bata
Mario Horton ... Coke
Isabel Ruiz ... Renata 'Nata'
María José Urzúa ... Lili
Natalia Aragonese ... Maya Fritzenwalden
Nicolás Platovsky ... Ignacio 'Nacho' Fritzenwalden
Javier Baldassari ... Martín Fritzenwalden
Francisco Reyes ... Tomás Fritzenwalden
Juan José Gurruchaga ... Gaspar Balmaceda
Cristián Riquelme ... Pedro Sobarzo
Claudio Arredondo ... Raúl
Mauricio Pesutic ... Antonio
Anita Reeves ... Nilda de Santillán
Catalina Castelblanco ... Roberta
Edgardo Bruna ... Eugenio Zaldívar
Carolina Arredondo ... Valentina
Francisca Hirsch ... Dominique
Bibiana Ezurmendia ... Amalia
Begoña Basauri ... Paloma
Catherine Bossans ... Wendy
Monserrat Bustamante ... Jazmín
César Caillet ... Luciano Velasco
Adela Calderón ... Beba Torres-Oviedo
Alfredo Castro ... Franz / Wolfgang
Luis Cerda ... Jerónimo
Pablo Cerda ... Dr. Claudio Bonilla
Ana Luz Figueroa ... Sandra
Grimanesa Jiménez
María José León ... Mercedes
María Cristina Peña y Lillo ... Laura
Ramón Llao ... Judge
Sonia Mena ... Tota de Torres-Oviedo
Paulo Meza ... El Señor del boxeo
Álvaro Morales ... Máximo
Antonella Orsini ... Lucía Larraín
Christian Pérez ...
Remigio Remedy ... Gonzalo
Andrés Reyes ... Nicolás Fritzenwalden
Pablo Schwarz ... Evaristo
Pablo Striano ... Fernando Santiago Tupper ... Pipo Luis Uribe ... Carlos 'Cacho'
Ángela Vallejos ... Detective
Hugo Vásquez ... Eduardo Gonzaléz
Andrés Velasco ... Alfonso
Luis Wigdorsky ... Ricky

Writing credits
Gabriela Fiore
Pablo Illanes
Solange Keoleyan
Hugo Morales
Cris Morena (original story)

Song: Floribella
Written by: María Cristina de Giacomi, Carlos Nilson, Guillermo Lorenzo, Marcelo Wengrovsky
Singing: Mariana Derderián with her group

Original music
Guillermo Lorenzo
Cris Morena
Carlos Nilson
Marcelo Wengrovsky

Cinematography by
Juan Arntz

Language : Spanish

Directed by
Víctor Huerta
María Eugenia Rencoret

Produced by
Eduardo Alegría
Vania Portilla



Remake of argentinian telenovela "Floricienta" (2004 - 2005) with Florencia Bertotti and Juan Manuel Gil Navarro

The original name, "Floricienta", couldn't be used because a private company had registered the trademark previously

The CD achieved platinum certification

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