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Hijos del Monte

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Hijos del Monte telenovelaFive brothers were adopted. And at one wonderful morning their adoptive father died and their easy going life in the countryside changed. Their father gives part of his land to his only biological daughter, who comes to claim what belongs to her, Paula. She will be the woman who will begin to interfere between the brothers, that will begin to feel attracted to her.

Hijos del Monte - telenovela

(2008) - María Elena Swett, Jorge Zabaleta, Luis Alarcón, Claudio Arredondo, Cristián Arriagada, Maricarmen Arrigorriaga


María Elena Swett ... Paula del Monte
Jorge Zabaleta ... Juan del Monte
Luis Alarcón ... Emilio del Monte
Cristián Arriagada ... Pedro del Monte
Francisco Pérez-Bannen ... José del Monte
Matías Oviedo ... Gaspar del Monte
Claudio Arredondo ... Efraín Mardones
Maricarmen Arrigorriaga ... Blanca Cifuentes
Begoña Basauri ... Guadalupe 'Lupe' Mardones
Schlomit Baytelman ... Rosa
Felipe Camiroaga ... Himself
Gloria Canales ... Lucas and Amador's Mother
Peggy Cordero ... Clarissa Serrano
Álvaro Espinoza ... Esteban Montero
Ana Luz Figueroa ... Psychologist
Monica Godoy ... Julieta Millán
Sebastian Goya ... Lawyer
Coca Guazzini ... Sofía Cañadas
Francisco Melo ... Himself
Anita Reeves ... Berta Soto
Andrés Reyes ... Lucas del Monte
Celine Reymond ... Guadalupe Mardones
Antonia Santa María ... Consuelo Millán
Patricio Strahovsky ... Gustavo Valdés
Tonka Tomicic ... Herself
Fernanda Urrejola ... Beatriz Pereira
Jaime Vadell ... Miguel Millán

Writing credits
Victor Carrasco

Language : Spanish
Country: Chile

Directed by
María Eugenia Rencoret

Produced by
Vania Portilla



Filimg began on Wednesday June 18, and took place in the Santiago neighborhoods of Padre Hurtado and Isla de Maipo, besides the TVN studios.

The soap competes with Lola on Canal 13 and Mala Conducta on Chilevisión.

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