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Títeres, Los

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Los títeres telenovelaIn the early '60s, a relatively rich Greek man named Constantino Mykonos and his 17-year-old daughter Artemisa arrive in Chile, more precisely at the Godán household ruled by Elías, Constantino's cousin and childhood friend. Artemisa is immediately terrorized by his cousin, the spoiled Adriana Godán and her schoolmates. Adriana is jealous of Artemisa's beauty and charisma, and is also obsessed with no woman letting her surpass her since her father looked down on her for being female.

After Adriana stages an incredibly cruel trick that includes photos of a naked Artemisa taken without her knowledge, and Constantino dies in an accident, Artemisa can't resist any more. Despite the request and support of her best friend Margarita and her husband the photographer Klaus Müller, Artemisa flees to Quito, Ecuador. Twenty years later, she returns as a cold and gorgeous socialite and businesswoman, determined to face her past. She doesn't know that Adriana, unable to let go of her own jealousy, is already planning to steal Artemisa's hard-won fortune and either send her to a North American jail on false charges or to lock her up in a mental institution.

Los títeres - telenovela

(1984) - Claudia Di Girolamo, Gloria Münchmeyer


Claudia Di Girolamo ... Artemisa
Gloria Münchmeyer ... Adriana Godán años 80
Soledad Alonso
Claudio Arredondo ... Lorenzo
Carolina Arregui ... Gloria
Eduardo Barril ... Félix años 80
Carmen Barros ... Tuca Chica
Rodrigo Bastidas
Miguel Angel Bravo ... Tuco años 60
Edgardo Bruna ... Julio años 80
Cristián Campos ... Hugo
César Carmigniani ... Mario
Alfredo Castro ... Julio años 60
Pilar Cox ... Julia
Enrique del Valle
Fernando Farías ... El Loco Carreño
Tennyson Ferrada
Paulina Garcia ... Adriana Godán años 60
Rebeca Ghigliotto ... Trini
Ana González ... Tuca Grande
Blanca Hauser
Luis Jara ... Pato
Grimanesa Jiménez ... Gertrudis Miller
Walter Kliche ... Constantino
Fedora Kliwadenko ... Eva años 60
Gloria Laso
Marcelo ... Klaus
Gabriela Medina ... Gabriela
Soledad Pérez ... Loreto
Mauricio Pesutic ... Néstor
Roberto Poblete ... Bruno
Gabriel Prieto ... Elías
Aníbal Reyna ... Elías Godán
Silvia Santelices ... Eva años 80
Valeria Schneider
Adriana Vacarezza ... Márgara
Claudio Valenzuela ... Félix años 60
Guiomar Vega
Ximena Vidal ... Margarita
Jorge Yáñez ... Tuco años 80
Alex Zisis

Writing credits
Sergio Vodanovic

Original music
Scottie Scott

Language : Spanish
Country: Chile

Directed by
Oscar Rodríguez

Produced by
Verónica Ceruti
Ricardo Larenas

Canal 13


The overall idea behind the telenovela is adapted from Friedrich Dürrenmatt's play The Visit.

Decades later, another telenovela named "Romané" would adapt Dürrenmatt's play more or less freely too, though giving it a somewhat happier ending. Ironically, both telenovelas feature actress Claudia DiGirólamo as the leading ladies (first as Artemisa, later as the Roma Jovanka in Romané).

Adriana Godán is still one of the most popular villains in Chilean telenovelas, as well as one of actress Gloria Münchmayer's most popular roles ever

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