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Vampiras telenovelaThree charming, beautiful and stylish teenagers-vampires, Violeta, Verona and Vania, move to the new place to live. They neighbor with the twins, Nico and Tuco Zarricueta. Nico and Tuco are two geeks who will learn the life at the revolutionary angle when they get to know the three girls-newcomers. They will also find out how is like to be in love with a vampire-girl. The three girls meet the leaders of the college, where they study, Caro and Pame. The three girls face problems related to their past lives.


Gianella Marengo as Verona Piuchen

Verona Piuchen is the eldest of the sisters Piuchen. She is strong-minded, dominative and too ambitious. Verona tends to live a crazy life in a big city to get tempted by all human sins. As her likings grow, she tends to become a human being.

Carla Jara as Violeta Piuchen

Violeta is the second sister of the three. She is quiet, sweet and attractive of three of them. She is keen on reading and her reasonable nature often helps her make up Vania and Verona. she is the favourite daughter of her father, Bonifacio.

Faloon Larragibel as Vania Piuchen

Vania Piuchen is the most crazy, impulsive and naïve of the three sisters. Vania acts wrongly most of the time to cause reaction by Verona. Vania tries to seduce Tuco who makes attempts to trap one of the three sisters when he finds out they are vampires.

Laura Prieto as Caro

Caro is the most beautiful girl in the college Sangre Inmaculada, but she reigns until the three sisters arrive there. She does not like yielding the power to any of them and tries to do everything to keep the title of the queen. Caro is raised by the ex-Miss Chile, Susy, and she is well-mannered. Caro is very popular but inside her soul she dreams of being less popular and spend more time with Nico who is quieter than others.

Lucila Vit as Pamela

Pamela is Caro’s best friend. She is popular, sexy and very fashionable girl. She likes doing everything related to fashion, style and men. Along with her friends and college-mates Pamela is fascinated with appearance of three sisters who behave differently.

Karol Lucero as Nico Zarricueta

Nico, a geek, is in love with Caro from the childhood. He is interested in zombie comics. Nico competes with the athletic attractive billionaire Mario Joaquino for the heart of Caro. Thugh Nico looks too sensitive and humble, and has no looks of a dandy, his sympathy and open heart attract Violeta who beomes his best friend. Nico has no idea that Violeta and her sisters are vampires. Is it the end of their friendship?

Rodrigo Aviles as Tuco Zarricueta

Tuco is the twin-brother of Nico. He is naughty and cool. He loves vampire-based comics and he is really obsessed with the thought to prove that Vania is a vampire, though a girl makes everything to hypnotize him and make him give up the idea. Tuco is a womanizer though he is keen on Vania. Nevertheless, all his affairs are fickle. Only Peper, a cruel and strong girl from the college, can become his partner in the vampire hunting.

Vampiras - tv series

(2011) - Carla Jara, Gianella Marengo, Faloon Larraguibel


Gianella Marengo ... Verona Piuchen
Carla Jara ... Violeta Piuchen
Faloon Larragibel ... Vania Piuchen
Karol Lucero ... Nico Zurricueta
Rodrigo Avilés ... Tuco Zurricueta
Jaime Artus ... Mario Joaquino Riconi Barsetti
Laura Prieto ... Caro
Lucila Vit ... Pamela
Montserrat Prats ... Azuzena 'Peper'
Damian Bodenhofer ... Natlian
Mónica Ferrada ... Cote
Rolando Valenzuela ... Ricardo Riconi
Jeannette Moenne-Loccoz ... Teté
Camilo Huerta
Ivan Cabrera
Nicolás Pérez
Gonzalo Robles
Felipe Armas
Carolina Paulsen
Paulina Hunt
Paola Troncoso

Writing credits

Song: What the Hell
Written by:
Singing: Avril Lavinge

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Chile

Directed by
Rodrigo González

Produced by



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francisca  - soy super fans de vampiras   |2011-06-03 18:23:19
ola yo soy super fans de vampiras es genial la serie vampiras
almendra   |2011-12-21 16:49:51
te amoooooo vampiras es la mejor serie de
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