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Viuda Alegre

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Viuda Alegre telenovelaThe residents of the small sea shore village gathered to say good bye to José Pablo Zulueta, one of the most beloved habitants. He is the elegant millionaire married to Beatriz Sarmiento, owner to the company on production of frozen food and yacht-club, gets shipwrecked and nobody knows about him. His ship gets lost.

Beatriz, alive and loving woman, cannot believe that her fourth husband dies in absurd conditions as well as three previous husbands.

Rodrigo Zulueta, brother to the deceased José, arrives to say good bye and there is something between him and Beatriz.

All of a sudden, the daughter of Beatriz, Sofía Valdevenito Sarmiento arrives to the village to work as the Commissioner to the Police Station where nothing happens.

The world in the village gets absurd and chaos exists there. And policemen have lots of criminal cases to investigate. The village welcomes couples who were in love some time back and women searching for the fathers of their children born as the result of artificial fertilization.

Viuda Alegre - telenovela

(2008) - Claudia Di Girolamo, Alfredo Castro, Amparo Noguera, Francisco Reyes


Claudia Di Girolamo ... Beatriz Sarmiento
Alfredo Castro ... José Pablo Zulueta
Amparo Noguera ... Kathy Meneses
Francisco Reyes ... Santiago Balmaceda
Luis Alarcón ... Edgardo Mancilla
Marcelo Alonso ... Rodrigo Zulueta
Begoña Basauri ... Carolina Zapata
Paz Bascuñan ... Sofía Valdevenito Sarmiento
Luis Eduardo Campos ... Pedrito Pizarro
Roxana Campos ... Adela Velásquez
Néstor Cantillana ... Andrés Tapìa
Taira Court ... Emilia Recart
Álvaro Espinoza ... Alexis 'Chaleco' Opazo
Ricardo Fernández ... Franco Fonseca Sarmiento
Delfina Guzmán ... Norita Norambuena
Oscar Hernández ... Ramiro Opazo
Francisca Lewin ... Javiera Balmaceda
Daniela Lhorente ... Milenka Vivanco
Julio Milostich
Álvaro Morales ... Yagán Vivanco
María José Necochea ... Susana Pizarro
Rodrigo Pérez ... Hermógenes León
Mauricio Pesutic ... Sandro Zapata
Adela Secall ... Paola Zulueta
Esperanza Silva ... Teresita
Sergio Silva ... Policia
Verónica Soffia ... Lupe Ossandón
José Sosa ... Cóndor Dionisio Vivanco
Santiago Tupper ... Marcos Hess

Writing credits
Alejandro Cabrera

Song: Me Enamora
Singing: Juanes

Language : Spanish
Country: Chile

Directed by
Vicente Sabatini

Produced by
Pablo Avila



This telenovela released in March 10 of 2008

The publicity starts at January 16

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