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Abandonada telenovelaDaniela is a charming and beautiful young girl who is in love with Mario Alberto, a young man from the wealthy family. His parents, especially his mother, are strongly objective that the couple is together and they do not hesitate to show all their contradiction and negligence to her. However, the young people decide to live together making conflicts. In the soonest time Mario Alberto is informed that Daniela is pregnant with his baby, she is sick and he has to take care of two more people; he is in tough spot and he rather prefers abandoning her and their baby than taking care of them.

Mario Alberto returns back to his family and dates with his ex-girlfriend who is happy to have him back again. In the meantime, Daniela gets to know Ernesto, a humble young man, an attractive and modest singer. He is strongly attracted with Dnaiel and he is ready to stay next to her waiting for favour from her. They are attracted to each other and soon Daniela gives birth to Mario’s baby. Mario Alberto dies, in the meantime, and his mother Carolina decides to take revenge of Daniel supposing she is the cause of his death.

Carolina takes Daniela’s baby and she falsifies documents supported by the maternity house employee that her baby died at the maternity house. Carolina takes the baby to her house and since then Daniel has to overdo all obstacles she creates to get her child back.

Ernesto decides to help Daniel and they make investigation to find out the baby since he cannot help seeing Daniela’s suffer though she is still unwilling to date with him.


Abandonada - telenovela

(1985) - María Sorté, José Alonso


María Sorté .... Daniela
José Alonso .... Ernesto
María Rubio .... Carolina
Miguel Ángel Ferriz .... Mario Alberto
Oscar Servin .... Joaquín
Lupita Pallás .... Cupertina
Julio Monterde .... Alberto
Alejandra Ávalos .... Alicia
Monica Miguel .... Luisa
Ariadne Welter .... Lucrecia
Ricardo Cervantes .... Enrique
Pedro Infante Jr. .... Omar
Yolanda Ciani .... Marcia
Antonio de Hud .... Julian
Gloria Silva .... Blanca
Antonio Henaine .... Dionisio
Antonio Brillas .... Martinez
Lili Inclán .... Josefita
Justo Martínez .... Eleuterio
Ana Maria Aguirre .... Mariana
Mariana Maesse .... China
Melba Luna .... Dominga
Rocio Sobrado .... Milagros
Edith Kleiman .... Doctora
Mari Paz Banquells .... Margarita
Armando Baez .... Peña
Yamil .... Chemo
Diana Xochitl .... Julia
Alfonso Barclay .... Elpidio
Luz Elena Silva .... Regina
Olivia Chavira .... Bernarda
Imperio .... Patricia
Norma Iturbe .... Carmela
Ana Gloria Blanch .... Vecina
Rommy Mendoza .... Nelly

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo

Directed by
Rafael Banquells

Produced by
Alfredo Saldaña



Further remake of "Abandonada" is telenovela Mujer bonita


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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 00:36:21
This was the best illustration of proverb "All telenovelas are the same"
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