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Abismo de Pasión

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Abismo de pasión telenovelaThis love story is described in the one of the picturesque towns on the Ucatan peninsula , the legendary place known for its chili pepper, stinging and passionate, as well as the natives of the place. The stories that happen there are twisted to touch so many fates and lives.
Elisa is the daughter of Augusto Castañón and Estefanía Bouvier de Castañón are Elisa’s parents. Carmina, Estefanía’s sister, also lives with them, and once she decides to escape with her boyfriend Rosendo Arango (the spouse to Alfonsina and father of Damián).

Estefanía tries to persuade Rosendo not to abandon his family while driving somewhere in the car. Unfortunately, they have a car accident and they both are killed. When the news come to the town, Carmina decides to take advantage of this event and makes endeavors to persuade Augusto believe that Estefania used to betray him with Rosendo and was trying to leave him.
She always wanted to be his wife and finally Augusto marries Carmina though he feels nothing to her, leaving alone love and passion. In the meantime, Alfonsina, Rosendo’s widow, decides to send her son Damián to study abroad, to keep him away from Elisa whom he likes a lot. So, they are parted.
Several years later Damián returns back together with Florencia Landuchi, a young and luxury woman with whom he got acquainted in Italy as a student. Her uncle, Paolo Landuchi, is greatly attracted by Elisa when they get to know but she ignores him. Then Paolo decides to take the power and force Elisa but Damián appears incidentally and saves her.
Elisa is charmed with Damián’s kindness and brutality and she feels her previous emotions overwhelm. He competes with his old friend Gael since he is also in love with Elisa. In the meantime Augusto dazzled with fury about the betrayal of Estefania, and he makes the condition for his daughter that he will either kill Damián or she leaves him alone. And as any loving woman, Elisa has to leave him for his own sake. In the soonest time she decides to marry Gael though her best friend Paloma González is also in love with him.
Gael and Elisa are at the altar about to marry in front of Go while Damián rushes into the church, grasps Elisa to hand and escapes with her. Gael chases the couple and he is about to fight with him to death for the love of his beloved woman when Padre Guadalupe decides to interfere and announces that they are half-brothers. Finally the truth is revealed and when Augusto learns that Carmina was about to escape with Rosendo but not Estefania, he allows Elisa to marry Damián.
Nothing is forgotten on the Earth and evil should be punished.


Angelique Boyer as Elisa Castanon Bouvier
Elisa is a young beautiful woman. She is raised by loving parents until her mother dies. She lives with her father and her cunning and scurrilous Auntie Carmina, who is her aunt and step-mother. She is delicate, decent and sensitive girl who is anxious about the bitterness and fury her father feels about her mother’s betrayal, supposed to take place.
She is friends with Damian and Gael since childhood and they are both in love with her. She loves the one but marries another man.

David Sepeda as Damián Arango
Damián is Rosendo’s and Alfonsina’s son. He has no idea of his half-brother being his friend from childhood. He is friends with Elisa from whom he was parted to study abroad.
In spite he has a girlfriend from Italy, he cannot resist his love to her when he returns back as a mature young man. He has to struggle with his own mother to stand for his love. He is ready to get the enemy for his best friend Gael who is about to marry Elisa.

Marc Tacher as Gael Arango
Gael is Damián’s friend since they were children. He has not known about being half-brother to Damián. Gael was left at the church gates and was adopted by the Padre Guadalupe who raised him as his own son. He is in love with Elisa and he is willing to protect her from any gossips and troubles and even from Damián.
As an adult, he learns he is Damián’s half-brother since his mother left for her village believing he is dead. When they learn the truth in the church told by the Padre Guadalupe he reveals he loves Paloma and he is willing to accept her love.

Blanca Guerra as Alfonsina Arango
She is Rosendo’s widow and Damián’s mother. She is confused to believe that her husband is about to leave her for Estefania though the point was Carmina’s trick. She pointed all her anger to Elisa for that. And that’s logical that she does not want Elisa to be his son’s fiancée and she has Damián sent abroad to study.

Sabine Moussier as Carmina Bouvier
Estefania’s sister who made a trick to marry Augustino and raise her niece as her step-daughter. She loved Rosendo and was about to escape with him but the death of her sister was not a grief but the chance to take advantage and make her life easier. She hates her sister for she married a man he loved so long years.

Abismo de Pasión - telenovela

(2012) - Angelique Boyer, David Zepeda, Mark Tacher


Alejandro Camacho ... Augusto Castañón
Blanca Guerra ... Alfonsina de Arango
Angelique Boyer ... Elisa Castañón Bouvier
David Zepeda ... Damian Arango
Mark Tacher ... Gael Arango
Sabine Moussier ... Carmina Bouvier
Ludwika Paleta ... Estefanía Bouvier de Castañón
César Évora ... Rosendo Arango
Altair Jarabo ... Florencia Landucci
Salvador Zerboni ... Gabino Mendoza
Eugenia Cauduro ... Dolores "Lolita"
Francisco Gattorno ... Braulio
Alexis Ayala ... Dr. Edmundo Tovar
Livia Brito ... Paloma Gonzalez
Eric del Castillo ... Lucio Elizondo
Raquel Olmedo ... Ramona Gonzalez "La Bruja"
Nailea Norvind ... Begoña de Tovar
Armando Araiza ... Horacio
Isaura Espinoza ... Mara "Maru"
Dacia Gonzalez ... Blanca de Elizondo "Nina"
Sergio Mayer ... Paolo Landucci
Isabella Camil ... Ingrid
Vanessa Ari... ... Antonia "Tona"
Alberto Agnesi ... Enrique Tovar
Ricardo Dalmacci ... Guido Landucci
Esmeralda Pimentel ... Kenia
Jade Fraser ... Sabrina Tovar
Adriano Zendej... ... Vicente
Rene Casados ... Padre Guadalupe "Lupe"
Brigitte Bozzo ... Elisa Castañón Bouvier
Robin Vega ... Damian Arango
Diego Velasquez ... Gael Arango
Mariliz León ... Paloma Gonzalez

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
Juan Carlos Acalá
Rosa Salazar
Fermín Zuñiga

Song: Solo un suspiro
Written by: J. Eduardo Murguía, Mauricio Arriaga
Singing: Alejandra Orozco, Don Oscar Cruz

Original music
Amapro Rubin

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas
Armando Zafra

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Manuel Barajas
Claudio Reyes Rubio
Armando Zafra
Sergio Cataño

Produced by
J. Ignacio Alarcón
Angelli Nesma



Abismo de Pasión is the remake of:
1st version: mexican telenovela Cañaveral de pasiones (1996) with Daniela Castro and Juan Soler
2nd version: brailian telenovela Canavial de paixoes (2003) with Bianca Castanho and Gustavo Haddad

Song "Solo un suspiro"

Sólo un suspiro bastará para encontrarte,
Entre tantos torbellinos que en el camino van tropezando el corazón.
Sólo un suspiro que te llene de nostalgia,
Que nos lleve con sus alas aquel pasado comprometido con éste amor.
No tengas miedo de perderme,
No dejare que nadie intente
Arrebatarme ésta vida contigo.
Amor que duele,
Amor que mata,
Amor que siente,
Que no engaña aunque miente, desafiando al destino
Amor que vive, amor que ama, amor que quiere, éste amor no se muere aunque tenga prohibido que te ame tan fuerte.
Sólo un suspiro que nos asegure el alma, que si hay miedo nos dé calma
Que no se encuentra si hay un abismo entre tú y yo.
No tengas miedo de perderme, no dejaré que nadie intente
Arrebatarme, ésta vida contigo

Amor que duele,
Amor que mata,
Amor que siente,
Que no engaña aunque miente, desafiando al destino
Amor que vive, amor que ama, amor que quiere,
Éste amor no se muere,
Aunque tenga prohibido que te ame tan fuerte

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Laura  - It makes not sense so far   |2012-06-28 01:22:41
Itis just most of this telenovela drama than happy events, besides now Damian is marrying Stephania so how all tis is going to end ??????????????? crazy I loose the entusiasm to watch it any more toooooooo cornyyyyy
tammie   |2012-07-16 22:25:26
What is the name of the song that played at lolita wedding?
G gon  - Abismo de passion y la que no podia amar ( novelas   |2012-08-04 01:09:37
Parque no se puede ver online Los episodios completes
Un dia despise de las novelas.
Telemundo es my facil pero Univision NO!!!!!!
Me puede decir si tengo que compare las?
Gilda Gon
cbhristiam osorio  - abismo de pasion   |2012-08-20 20:47:27
hloa abismo de pasion como va te quiero mucho yo mi parte es ploma ella es mejor amgia yo amo mi amgia ploma ellA te amo charle gangs amgia yo mi parte es elisa y gael va casera con elisa le ama tanto como un mujer grande que es . carino a todos
Gladys Lilian  - Abisimo de Passion   |2012-09-17 08:15:32
This telenovela is captivating, the twist in each incident keeps me on ma toes and eager for the next episode. How canI get it please!!!
maggie kyshie  - Abismo de passion   |2013-05-15 14:24:51
you guys got faces kwanza the girls are in there
win  - abismo de pasion   |2013-08-11 22:30:09
hw could damian ended with froleshia while he love elisa,
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