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Abrazame Muy Fuerte

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Abrazame Muy Fuerte telenovelaCristina is a young girl whose sweet disposition endears her to everyone at El Platanal, her father's beautiful hacienda. Her father, Don Severiano Alvarez, is a rugged, on-willed rancher. His foreman, Diego Hernández, is a strong, handsome, young man who is madly in love with Cristina. One day, she surrenders herself, body and soul, to his passion. Shortly thereafter, Cristina admits to her father that she is pregnant with Diego's child. Severiano banishes her to the city with her servant, Raquela. Federico Rivera, a cruel and greedy neighbor, takes advantage of this situation and arranges for the baby, María del Carmen, to be brought to his hacienda instead. In order to be close to her daughter, Cristina is forced to marry Federico and pass as María del Carmen's godmother. Federico causes an accident that leaves Cristina blind, and takes posession of her fortune.

Years go by and María del Carmen is now a beautiful young girl. Cristina has taken pains to provide her with a good education and everyone at the hacienda loves her, specially José María, a lowly ranch hand. Believing she is Raquela's daughter, he dreams of one day marrying her. The arrival of Federico's nephew brings him great joy. Carlos Manuel is now a handsome young doctor who has recently completed his studies abroad. Carlos Manuel falls in love with Deborah Falcon, not realizing that she is his uncle's lover When Federico finds out about their relationship, he looks for the way to drive them apart. María del Carmen falls in love with Carlos Manuel from the moment they meet. When Carlos Manuel begins to respond to her tentative overtures, Deborah intervenes and manages to separate them, but for all her scheming , she as well as Federico are unable to kill the budding romance between the young lovers.


Victoria Ruffo as Cristina

Cristina is a mature woman in her 40s. She has been brought up suppressed by her father, despotic and abusive. Cristina falls in love with Diego and gets pregnant with a daughter. Being abandoned, she decides to marry to Federico who causes Cristina get blind in a car accident.

Fernando Colunga as Carlos Manuel

Handsome and aristocratic-looking man in his late 30s. He is very intelligent and known for the sense of just. A son of Jacinta, he is sent to Federico to learn the life and get experience. He soon becomes the qualified and successful ophthalmologist and he puts high hopes to have Cristina healthy again. He is known to Déborah for a long time though he loves María del Carmen.

César Evora as Federico

Federico is very sensual, attractive and ambitious womanizer. He is a gambler in nature. With the purpose to save his reputation in the society he marries Cristina. He keeps relations with Déborah, however. He has intentions to separate Carlos and María del Carmen.

Aracely Arámbula as María del Carmen

María del Carmen is a tender woman who’s attractive, gentle and smart enough to evoke nice emotions in every man who meets her. When she was born, she was taken away from Cristina by the order of Severiano. She has been brought up next to Raquela beliving she is her mother and Cristina- as her Godmother. She falls in love with Carlos Manuel, but she faces obstacles to their love in person of Federico and Déborah.

Toño Infante as Eulogio

Eulogio is too cunning to reveal his true intentions. He is capable to behave properly according to circumstances to make good impressions to Frederico. He is insidious and troublesome. As a foreman at the farm El Platanal, he abuses his authority to treat workers poorly.

Nailea Norvind as Deborah

Deborah is an ambitious, sensual and sensitive woman in her 30s. She loves Federico but she is obsessed by Carlos Manuel who loves María del Carmen. She is willing to devote all the time and thoughts to separate Carlos and María del Carmen.

Abrazame Muy Fuerte - telenovela

(2000) - Aracely Arámbula, Fernando Colunga


Aracely Arámbula .... María Del Carmen Campusanos
Fernando Colunga .... Dr. Carlos Manuel Rivero
Victoria Ruffo .... Cristina Rivero Alvarez
César Évora .... Don Federico Rivero
Nailea Norvind .... Deborah Falcón de Rivero
Osvaldo Ríos .... Diego Hernández
Alicia Rodríguez .... Doña Consuelo
Joaquín Cordero .... Don Severiano Alvarez
Arnaldo André .... Dr. Angel Luis Robles
Lilia Aragón .... Efigenia
Rosita Quintana .... Eduviges
René Muñoz .... Regino
Pablo Montero .... José María Montes
Rossana San Juan .... Raquela Campusanos
Emilia Guiú .... Flora
Tina Romero .... Jacinta
Miguel Córcega .... Padre Ignacio
Aurora Clavell .... Vicenta
Toño Mauri .... Padre Moisés
René Casados .... Francisco José/Fernando Joaquín
Eduardo Noriega .... Pancho
Dacia González .... Candelaria
Mario Casillas .... Marcelino
Toño Infante .... Eulogio Rojas
Ignacio Guadalupe .... Benito
Alicia Montoya .... Gumersinda
Veronika Con K. .... Casilda
Dacia Arcaráz .... Gema
orge De Silva .... Abelito
Esther Rinaldi .... Nieves
Emely Faride .... Paquita
Paco Ibáñez .... Juancho
Sergio Reynoso .... Hernán
Manuel Capetillo
Eduardo de la Peña .... Casimiro
Carmen Salinas .... Celia Ramos
Helena Rojo .... Damiana / Juliana
Ernesto Alonso .... Padre Bosco
Carlos Amador .... Nicolas
Raúl Buenfil .... Dandy
Fabián Lavalle .... Dr. Anaya
Rosita Pelayo .... La Güera
Eduardo Rodríguez .... Max
Abril Campillo
Roque Casanova .... Dandy
Alberto Chávez
Ricardo Chávez .... Motor
Eduardo Cuervo
Humberto Helizonda .... Bernal Orozco
Oscar Eugenio .... Chiquilin
Luis Fernando Torres .... Domingo
José Antonio Ferral
Alma Rocío González
Ana Hally
Alejandro Hernández
Nelly Horsman
Alberto Inzua .... Porfirio
Fernando Nesme
Fidel Perez
Manuel Rafiela
Manuel Ravi
Patricia Ramírez
Libia Regalado
Pedro Romo
Gabriel Roustand
Rosy Safont
Dolores Salomon
Ruben Santana
Rocío Valenzuela
Patricia Villasana
Rocío Yaber

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
René Muñoz (adaptation)
Liliana Abud (libretto)
Dolores Ortega (script editor)

Song: Abrázame muy fuerte
Singing: Juan Gabriel

Song: Niña y mujer
Singing: Aracely Arámbula

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Manuel Barajas
Jesús Nájera (on location)

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Jorge Edgar Ramirez
Victor Manuel Fouilloux
Jesús Nájera (on location)

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Nathalie Lartilleux



"Abrázame muy fuerte" is a remake of telenovela "Pecado Mortal".
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 2001.

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Guest  - I like it   |2008-07-18 23:50:28
This novel I liked a lot even though I am not sympathetic much Aracely Arámbula think that was good novel, Fernando Colunga pike very well as did Pablo Montero, but definitely those who stole the show were Cesar Evora and Nailea Norvind. So I think that if and should re-unite the couple in another novel, whether good or better villains. Ah Victoria Ruffo as always wonderful and a great naturalness in her character.
Guest  - This soap opera was very good   |2008-07-18 23:50:58
Well suited and well directed. Jokes added some scenes of an exorcism in which the priest responsible for expelling the demon of Rachel's body was Ernesto Alonso, curious that this actor interpret the devil in "The curse." Indeed, in the DVD version of the novel, these scenes do not appear. It is also a fourth remake ... The first version was made on radio. The second version was in film and Silvia Pinal and starred Victor Junco as the unfortunate Federico.
bam  - super   |2011-02-15 14:15:13
Super! I like this telenovela a lot!! esp Cristina, she was really awesome!!
lovely  - Cristina   |2011-05-21 17:50:46
I so liked Victoria Ruffo as Cristina in this series... she's perfect!!
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