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Abuelo y Yo, El

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El Abuelo y Yo telenovelaJoaquin is a talented old man of a good family, at time he was a famous concert artist and painter. He is alone, he is grumbler and pessimist, he lives in a hospice and he dreams to reunion with his daughter and little grandson that he never knew. Daniel is a good boy, grown up in an orphanage, he is brave and courageous by nature and learns to face life's difficulties. He has an only friend: the dog Anselmo. When Daniel meets Joaquin, he finds in him the grandfather that he never had. Another personage is Alejandra: a good family girl, nice and studious. Her problem is that her parents, Gerardo and Fernanda, separate and she escapes from the house and meets Daniel. They become friends and with Joaquin's help they set up a fire balloon. The villains are: Don Lucas, the school caretaker who, at first, liked Daniel, but then he hates him because he is jealous of Joaquin. Mayra, who is Gerardo's secretary, is cool and calculating, she wants to seduce him. Yolanda, who is Alejandra's friend, hates her and she is vain and careerist. Yoya, who is Yolanda's daughter, is a little evil child because she wants Daniel. At the end Joaquin will succeed in adopting Daniel because his real daughter had died.


Jorge Martínez de Hoyos as Don Joaquín

Don Joaquín is a kind and sentimental old man who lost all his hopes in the life and he tends to wait for something dark and bad in future. He acts like the grandfather to a little Daniel who is left without a mother at the tender age. The only person who treats Daniel properly, tries to teach him how to live a good and honest life is Don Joaquín.

He lost his job for the matter of age and they have to live in an old house ready to be ruined. It stands on the land owned by the rich person. Due to that the old man and Daniel are left homeless because Don Joaquín refused to be led by the nose by Alejandra’s family and the other influential people.

Gael García Bernal as Daniel

Daniel is a young boy with the generous heart who tends to give a hand to anyone who is in fear or danger. He is free-swinging and he has never given up when faced problems despite of his age. He prefers spending his time with his dog talking and discussing things with it. Daniel lives with Don Joaquín. Due to insidious plans of other more influential people Daniel and his grandfather lost their place of living ruined mercilessly by the bulldozer operator while these two were in the house. Daniel was greatly unhappy to lose his mother’s photography during the messy demolishing act. He is very proud to take the charity from people who were the cause of his homeless life.

Ludwika Paleta as Alejandra

Alejandra is a cute girl from the wealthy family. She has beautiful hair which her friend likes trimming and combing (and stealing her things, either). Alejandra is away from all ambitions and prides of powers that be. She is humble and honest. She hates that her parents, Jerardo and Fernanda, get divorced. Her mother is the typical high society beautiful but snobby young woman and Alejandra dislikes being like her. She more likes common ordinary people since they are pure and diligent. She aspirs to be friends with Daniel and as the protest to all rich family restrictions to befriend with the poor, Alejandra escapes with Daniel. She likes the freedom with its sincere emotions and friendship and love instead of practical life with marionette people.

Evangelina Elizondo as Sofía

Sofía is a maidservant at Alejandra’s house. She is plain ordinary woman from the frmer’s family. She is not spoilt by the life in the rich family tough employed for many years she is used to be in comfort and lead a good life. She is the one to take care of Daniel bringing food and drink to the boy thanks to Alejandra. Sofia loves Alejandra as her daughter and she teaches her all kind things her real mother does not.

El Abuelo y Yo - telenovela

(1992) - Gael García Bernal, Ludwika Paleta


Jorge Martínez de Hoyos .... Don Joaquín
Ludwika Paleta .... Alejandra
Gael García Bernal .... Daniel
Adalberto Martínez .... Lucas
Evangelina Elizondo .... Sofía
Alfonso Iturralde .... René
Raúl Buenfil .... Damián
Beatriz Moreno .... Lola
Marcelo Buquet .... Gerardo
Ivette Proal .... Yolanda
Héctor del Puerto .... Don Lupe
Frances Ondiviela .... Fernanda
Wendy de los Cobos .... Mayra
Leo Rojo .... Raúl
Jesús Vargas .... Fonseca
Antonio Brillas .... Padre José
Josefina Escobedo .... Sra. Lizardi
Alan Gutiérrez .... Rosendo
Flor Eduarda Gurrola .... Yoya
Julián de Tavira .... Emiliano
Jorge Alberto Poza .... Perico
Osvaldo Benavides .... Paco
Eugenio Polgovsky .... Eugenio
Felipe Colombo .... Felipín
Billy Méndez .... Billy
Diego Luna .... Luis
Jorge Fegán
Bárbara Eibenshutz .... Teresa
Teresa Guízar .... Monja
Beatriz Olea .... Alicia
Marcela Figueroa .... Recepcionista
Keiko Durán .... Mirna
Elizabeth Zúñiga .... Rosa
Maya Mishalska .... Leticia
Lorena Shelley .... Maestra
Manolita Saval
Ana Ofelia Murguía
José Escandón .... Lic. Castillo
Jorge Salinas .... Ernesto
Gustavo Cosain .... Octavio
Alfonso Téllez .... Jefe del Instituto
Carmina Narro .... Irene

Writing credits
Lorena Salazar (original story)
Eduardo Quiroga (original story)
Xuitlaltzin Vazquez (script editor)

Song "El Abuelo y yo"
Singing: Ludwika Paleta

Original music
Amparo Rubin

Production manager
Paulina Viesca Azuela

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
Pedro Damián



Further remake of "El Abuelo y Yo" is telenovela "De Pocas Pocas Pulgas"

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Guest   |2008-07-19 01:02:57
Honestly, I too would charm this soap opera, and I would like to see it again, but this is the original, not the remake, not because I now had given them to do remakes of past novels, rather than return to the original
Guest   |2008-07-19 01:04:34
El Abuelo y Yo is a sentimental soap opera and very beautiful. I love that much and live by Gael Garcia who is a star today and always
Guest   |2008-07-19 01:05:49
"El Abuelo y Yo" was one of the best tween soaps in Mexico. I know that Gael Garcia Bernal went to play a priest in "El Crimen del Padre Amaro". He also appeared in "Y Tu Mama Tambien" alongside his best friend, Diego Luna, who also appears in "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights". Long before these, they play best friends on the show because Gael and Diego were more like Mexico's answers to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Yadi  - el abuelo y yo   |2008-09-26 08:54:47
Alguien sabe donde puedo conseguir o ver esta novela si saben porfis avisenme :cheer:
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