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Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma

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Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma telenovelaDavid Montalvo is his father's only heir and a successful businessman in Acapulco. His personal and business successes stir the hatred and envy of Marcelo de Maris, the son of Elena. Elena is the second wife of David's and Cinthia's father. Beautiful Lorena lives in Zihuatanejo. Marcelo wins her love and marries her claiming to be David. Then he plans David's death in a helicopter crash, after which he plans to marry Lorena again and take the wealth she inherited. But David survives the crash, meets Lorena and the two fall in love. The rest of the story follows David's and Marcelo's rivalry for business, wealth and Lorena's heart in the beautiful surroundings of Acapulco...


Saúl Lisazo as David

David Montalvo is a successful businessman holding a good reputation in the high society. He holds the majority of stocks in the business that he inherited from his father in Acapulco. When he took the reins of power in hands, he showed his competence in family business to increase assets. He is athletic and too manly to attract and date any woman he wishes.  He shows manners and instincts of the male to be good for women. He has lots of people around who envy him since David is handsome, kindly treated by women and too wealthy in the place to leave people cold-blooded.

David lives with his step-mother Elena with her son Marcelo and his sister, Cinthia. David is generous to help anyone who needs financial or other help, but he helps people as they need help- he has no intention to allow his assets spent for numerous cars and other attributes of high class life.

David knows nothing about the scheme created by Marcelo and when he is back home with amnesia, he tries to remember people around him. Finally, he falls in love with Lorena though his family folks involved tried to blacken her in front of him.

Guillermo García Cantú as Marcelo

Marcelo is David’s step-mothers’ son from her first marriage. He is the one who cannot live a quiet life for David’s success. He envies David and hates to dream to kill him. He is making the scheme to destroy David and take his wealth involving people who wish bad luck to him. Marcelo meets Lorena and gets to know her as David, businessman.  Lorena falls in love with him but Marcelo tends to wait until Lorena inherits the fortune from David and marry her again as Marcelo not David. They marry and soon Lorena is informed on his husband’s death and when he arrives to his place to inherit the assets of her husband, she finds Marcelo alive but he is ready to implement his own plots only. When Lorena finds it out, she refuses to help Marcelo, even though she feels she loves him, even under the threat of David’s death.

Patricia Manterola as Lorena

Lorena is a young and beautiful girl from the low class society. She happens to marry Marcelo though he pretends to be David when they get to know each other. Marcelo persudes his own scheme though he likes Lorena, either. When Lorena arrives to Marcelo’s house she finds out that her husband, Marcelo, is not the one who pretended to be. She has to inherit the fortune from David who is deemed dead during the accident. Lorena is against the plot that Marcelo made and implemented but she is threatened by him and is forced to help him to destroy David. Nobody knows David survived and when he is back Lorena is the one to support him to have memory back.

Elsa Aguirre as Elena 

Elena is Marcelo’s mother and second wife to David’s father. She is a woman typical to the high class ladies who tend to play around doing nothing but pretending they are the whole world. Elena raised her son Marcelo in the same principles and he is used to take advantage of people and situations no matter how bad or sad they are for concerned people.

Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma - telenovela

(1995) - Patricia Manterola, Saúl Lisazo


Saúl Lisazo .... David
Patricia Manterola .... Lorena
Guillermo García Cantú .... Marcelo
Chantal Andere .... Aidé
Karla Álvarez .... Julia
Elsa Aguirre .... Elena
Cecilia Gabriela .... Cinthia
Patricia Navidad .... Clara
Fernando Balzaretti .... Aurelio
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Teodoro
Rosangela Balbó .... Claudia
Leticia Perdigón .... Rita
Adriana Lavat .... Liliana
Tomás Goros .... Germán
Germán Gutiérrez .... Pablo
Eduardo Rivera .... Oscar
Julio Urreta .... Rosendo
Lucha Moreno .... Cleo
Julio Vega .... Félix
Marcelo Cézan .... Enrique - husband of Cinthia
Sofía Vergara .... Irasema - mistress of David
Juan Soler .... Humberto
Germán Bernal .... Raúl
Zamorita .... Goyo
Rosita Bouchot .... Dora
Edi Xol .... Arturo
Alfredo Leal .... Ricardo
Bodokito ..... Mariela
Claudia Vega
Kala .... Ronaldo
Lucero Reynoso
Uriel Chávez
Alejandra Espejo .... Elvira Torres
Adela Ayensa .... Aidé's friend
Ana Maria de la Torre .... Aidé's friend
Araceli Arámbula .... Aidé's friend
Andrea Noli .... Sandra
Jeanette Candiani
Mario Cimarro
Julio Mannino

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)
Eric Vonn (adaptation)
Valeria Phillips (free version)
Georgina Tinoco (script editor)

Song: Cuerpo y Alma
Written by: Fernando Riba and Kiko Campos
Singing: Patricia Manterola

Song: Búscale el modo
Singing: Chantal Andere, Edi Xol, Marcelo Cezán, Patricia Manterola

Production manager
Fausto Sainz

Production co-ordinator
Ernesto Hernández

Cinematography by
Fernando Chacón

Directed by
Aurora Molina
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
José Alberto Castro



"Acapulco, cuerpo y alma" is a remake of telenovela "Tu o nadie". There is an English version of this telenovela called Acapulco Bay.


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puertorriqueña  - remake..   |2010-01-08 18:27:48
esta novela es de 1995, yo la viene a ver hace como 4 años,por que cuando la dieron en tv, no me llamaba la atención.Al verla me gustó,pero ahora al ver el 2do remake que es, "sortilegio" no es tan buena nada.Las actuaciones, la adaptación son mucho mejores en sortilegio.
Yaw Boakye  - SHOWING ACAPULCO BAY IN GHANA   |2013-08-18 21:38:10
We will want to show ACAPULCO BAY again in Ghana, West Africa at a new Tv Station.
Please let me know the fees and how to get it. Thanks
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