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Acompañame telenovelaOnce upon a time Amanda, Raquel, and Esperanza were three happy-going young women growing up in Tacubaya. However, the three sisters' lives have become very different since marrying and forming their own families. Amanda is a middle class professional. She's had three children, all planned, and has raised them in a harmonious atmosphere. However, her happy family will soon be shattered when she learns her husband has terminal cancer. Raquel  is a spoiled rich woman who only has one son. She's refused to give her husband   more children in fear that they will destroy her body. Her only child grows unloved and neglected. Esperanza originally married a promising young man, but because she did not believe in contraceptives her family grew too large for comfort. Because her husband's salary is not enough to support them, Esperanza and her children, several of whom are psychotic and potential criminals, must move into a rundown shack where they cohabit in squalor and constant bickering.


Silvia Derbez as Amanda

Amanda is the typical representative of middle-class women who achieved certain heights in professional field. She is elegant, though with the touch of conservatism, and she prefers classic style in everything. Her preferences are strict and limited. Being responsible for people around her, Amanda tries to solve various problems, sometimes at the expense of her own work and leisure time.

Amanda is happily married to Esteban with three children. She is happy to live such a quiet and stable life but her happiness is clouded with the news that her husband is sick with cancer and dies. After she is left alone with children and other problems, Amanda realizes she is the one others could rely on. She devotes her life to helping others who need her support.

Kitty de Hoyos as Raquel

Raquel is the wealthiest of the sisters. She is proud of her achievements and she is prone to moneymaking. She is married to Octavio, a humble and honest person, with a child who is just born and raised without love and care. Raquel is not planning to have other kids since she is strongly against spoiling her shapes with every pregnancy. Her only child suffers from having a mother who is far away from him at such a short distance.

Raquel is very beautiful and well-cared woman. She cares of herself only and her selfishness invests in her lonely but wealthy future. She is not willing to help her sisters at all though she sees they are in tight spot.

Magda Guzmán as Esperanza
Esperanza is married to Efren. She believed the promising marriage will be beneficial for both of them at the early stage of dating and their married life started happily and cheerfully. They loved and enjoyed being together, Later on Magda found she failed to plan her family properly together with Efren and they faced significant financial problems. Her husband earns money insufficient to budget a good life with many children who require love and care and education. Finally the couple comes to the marginal edge of poverty when lack of money and lack of food and wear brings other social problems to add to the havoc condition. Efren is engaged in alcoholism and she spends more money for alcohol instead of bringing it home. The habit of bulling of the drunken husband reflected on psychic condition of her children making them unstable and nervous. All these inconveniences and necessity to think of food every minute make Magda exhausted. Trying to save her family and unite kids and her husband, Magda does lots of things she has never expected from herself.

Acompañame - telenovela

(1977) - Silvia Derbez, Kitty de Hoyos, Tony Carbajal


Silvia Derbez .... Amanda
Kitty de Hoyos .... Raquel
Magda Guzmán .... Esperanza
Marta Aura .... Angustias
Martha Zavaleta .... Yolanda
Elizabeth Dupeyrón .... Rita
Fernando Larrañaga .... Esteban
Raúl "Chato" Padilla .... Efren
Maria Rojo .... Martha
Carlos Monden .... Octavio
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo .... Federico
Silvia Mariscal
Luis Torner
Tony Carbajal .... Dr. Beltran
Octávio Galindo .... Alberto
Erika Buenfil
Maya Ramos .... María Luisa
Luis Vega
Alejandro Aura

Writing credits
Carlos Olmos
Miguel Sabido

Directed by
Miguel Sabido
Luis Vega

Produced by
Irene Sabido


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Anonymous   |2008-07-27 00:49:19
The message of this telenovela was purely educational.
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